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I got totally mistaken for a molester part 4

1 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 19:38:49 ID:L+OC2pNH
It all started with this...

Previous thread:
Second thread:
First thread:

2 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 19:39:20 ID:VpRe+uVS
Molester Man
Age: 20 years old
Occupation: I'm a third-rate university student and I live alone
Height: 163cm
Weight: 50kg
Looks: In the "Rate my face" thread, I was told I look normal. In aquariums, I can easily get in with a ticket for middle-schoolers, that's how much of a babyface I have.
Dating history: Ever since second grade in middle school, I've dated countless women, each more beautiful than the last.
         Amongst others, I've had relationships with maid robots, childhood friends and vampires... in dating sims.

Miss Understanding
Age: 20 years old
Occupation: Freelance part-timer, apparently works in a family restaurant and lives alone.
Height: Approx. 155cm? Quite a bit smaller than me and that's not easy.
Weight: Approx. 45kg? Very little in any case.
Looks: She'd probably get a standard score of 60 to 70 in the "Rate my face" thread. She's cute and has a babyface too.
Dating history: I only know bits here and there, but she seems to have dated a few guys already.
         That means, the stalker thing must have happened quite recently.

3 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 19:39:42 ID:L+OC2pNH
On the first day, Molester Man gets mistaken for a molester by Miss Understanding and they go to the police station together with Glasses who just happened to be passing by.
After that, Molester Man and Miss Understanding go to a coffee lounge where Molester Man explains himself and manages to clear her suspicion of him. They proceed to have lunch together and then go home.
That night, Molester Man starts the first thread and almost fucks everything up with his thoughtless e-mails, but somehow manages to arrange a meeting with her on the next day to accompany her to the police station.

On the second day, Miss Understanding calls Molester Man and picks him up. They then meet up with Glasses and head to the police station together. At the police station, Miss Understanding, Glasses and even the policemen apologize to Molester Man.
Later that day, he has omelets for lunch with Miss Understanding. She asks Molester Man for advice about getting too many annoying e-mails from Glasses, but he has to leave early because of his part-time job.
He tells her that he wants to contact her again and have lunch with her, but she doesn't seem too euphoric about it.

4 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 19:40:45 ID:F4Wb2Yro
Thank you.

5 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 19:41:03 ID:m1/MsPj3

6 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 19:41:03 ID:JpfLBmva
>>1 Thanks.

7 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 19:41:07 ID:L+OC2pNH
Age: In his twenties?
Occupation: Works in some trading company. Probably a salesman.
Height: Approx. 170cm? Didn't look that tall to me.
Weight: Approx. 60kg? Rather skinny.
Looks: I think he'd get at least a standard score of 60 in the "Rate my face" thread. He's what you'd call a young and attractive salaryman.
Dating history: Umm... most likely not a virgin.

8 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 19:41:21 ID:N/JLU5nH

9 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 19:41:36 ID:LRlM4zxa
>>1 Thanks.

10 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 19:41:44 ID:zLZyfWvB

11 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 19:41:54 ID:L+OC2pNH
☆Train Man/Molester Man comparison☆

■ Main protagonist:
- Train Man: A kind otaku with undying courage and a humble personality.
        Meets his fated love by saving her from being harassed in a train.
        Asks for advice on 2ch and manages to change completely by following the 2channers' advice.

- Molester Man: A servile and clingy otaku.
          Comes to like the woman that mistook him for a molester for some reason.
          Asks for advice on 2ch, but ignores their advice and jumps the gun when it counts the most.

■ Heroine:
- Hermes: Admires Train Man's courageous action and gradually falls for him. A very caring person.
       Her hobbies and tastes are far above those of an ordinary person. Has a sophisticated feel to her.

- Miss Understanding: Mistakes Molester Man for a molester because of a misunderstanding and gets the police involved.
              Has an emotional trauma since she suffered from stalking in the past.
              Might be somewhat paranoid. What she really thinks of Molester Man is still unknown.

12 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 19:42:09 ID:ODYmgT2s

13 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 19:42:47 ID:L+OC2pNH
■ Supporting characters
- Friend: Points out to Hermes that she might have feelings for Train Man and makes her realize she's in love.
      Undoubtedly plays the role of the love cupid.

- Glasses: Misled by Miss Understanding's misunderstanding, he drags Molester Man to the police station.
       A few days later, his attitude changes abruptly the moment he finds out that it was a misunderstanding.
       Sends crab to Molester Man as a token of apology.
       Seems to be in contact with Miss Understanding, but she's annoyed by his frequent contacts.
       Glasses is Molester Man's love rival. What he really thinks of Molester Man is still unknown.

14 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 19:43:54 ID:L+OC2pNH
Everything so far has just been copy-pasted from the previous thread.
I'll try to update and repost them before the next thread.

Though, I'd be very grateful if someone else could do it in my placew

15 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 19:44:14 ID:/3d5gaLb
I like how the characters in this are much more flawed than the ones in Train Man.

16 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 19:45:09 ID:hJTfzHqd

17 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 19:46:51 ID:VpRe+uVS
Seeing OP write "Fuck" at the end of his post reminded me of this website:

The Complete Punk Manual: "Your First Sex Pistols"

18 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 19:46:56 ID:hJTfzHqd
He should post anytime now!!

19 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 19:47:03 ID:L+OC2pNH
>1 Name:VIPPER Date:04/11/05 19:48:21 ID:w8ZHuVTS
>Everyone in VIP, no, in 2ch, please hear me out.
>The other day, I was totally mistaken for a molester.
>And I don't mean it as a joke, I was actually mistaken for one.

I forgot to add this to the end of the first post..... orz

20 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 19:50:26 ID:F4Wb2Yro
(ノ∀`) Whoops

21 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 19:50:51 ID:VpRe+uVS
Time to move to the new thread.

22 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 19:50:58 ID:B/XPKVjP
I posted >>3, so I'll update it when this party is over.

23 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 19:51:13 ID:LRlM4zxa
Waiting for Molester.

24 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 19:51:15 ID:VuG3lKpU

But a molester wouldn't be a molester if he gave up just like that!
Just when the police is about to get serious about the case, the molester vanishes into thin air.
The police is like "We knew it! She was just making things up!" and cancels the investigation.
Miss Understanding starts to think "Maybe he did give up..." and begins to relax, but...
a few weeks ago, the molester came back like nothing had happened. That's a molester for ya. Bravo.

She immediately contacted the police, but judging from their reaction, they're obviously not taking her seriously. They must be thinking
"Oh boy, it's the paranoid and overly self-conscious woman again..."
Driven further into a corner day by day, she runs into a suspicious midget on the street at night.
Panic. Misunderstanding. And at the same time, a new encounter.

25 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 19:52:15 ID:F4Wb2Yro
You're one unlucky bastard...

26 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 19:52:36 ID:LRlM4zxa
Miss Undie sure has had it tough.

27 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 19:52:39 ID:hJTfzHqd
Damn, I didn't expect the site in >>17 to be so entertainingw

28 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 19:52:40 ID:VpRe+uVS
Look, you're the molester because you're Molester Manw
And the one making Miss Understanding suffer is the stalker.

Though I guess you're only one step away from turning into a stalker too.

29 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 19:52:41 ID:rqVlubXY
Miss Understanding wanting OP's advice means there'll be a next time, right?

30 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 19:53:07 ID:L+OC2pNH

     FOR REAL NOW!!??

31 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 19:53:07 ID:/3d5gaLb
Wow, things got suddenly serious.

32 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 19:53:15 ID:hJTfzHqd
In other words, it was great timing on your side.

33 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 19:54:07 ID:68Y84B7I
There'll be no cheap B-grade novel tier twist like "I was her stalker after all!", right? Right?

34 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 19:54:30 ID:L+OC2pNH
That'd be great.
By the way, is it just me or are there two people in the thread today with that ID again?

35 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 19:54:45 ID:B/XPKVjP
Asking the guy you thought was a molester for advice on a molester...

Reminds me of that TV show where they asked a burglar about how to protect yourself from burglars.

36 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 19:55:40 ID:VuG3lKpU
Hence, she can't help being paranoid all the time.
Plus, she doesn't have any male friends (lies!) she could ask for advice.
Which is why she wanted to hear my opinion as a man on what to do about the stalker.

More than two hours had passed already.
It's not like we talked about her problem for the whole two hours, but still, we'd been at it that long.
We decided to take a small break. I thought I knew what it means to get stalked, but... boy, was I wrong! Damn you, stalker!!!

I think I left my seat saying I need to go to the restroom three times in total.
She probably thought I left to jerk off every time. Kansai, that is.

37 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 19:56:22 ID:LRlM4zxa
Dude, control yourself.

38 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 19:56:27 ID:ODYmgT2s
I lol'd.

39 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 19:56:33 ID:68Y84B7I
Fapping to the story of a stalker victim... She must think you're the worst, Molester Manw

40 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 19:56:37 ID:B/XPKVjP
For now, it seems like I'm the only one with this ID.
All posts with this ID in the previous thread were by me.

41 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 19:56:44 ID:L+OC2pNH
No wayw
Going to the toilet to fap three times...
My sidesww

42 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 19:57:38 ID:F4Wb2Yro
I'm curious now. What did the stalker do to her?w

43 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 19:57:36 ID:N/JLU5nH
Hey, I wanna fap to it too!!

44 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 19:57:48 ID:B/XPKVjP
What could the stalker have done to make OP want to fap to it?w

45 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 19:58:09 ID:/3d5gaLb
Kansai seems like the type of girl to have plenty of male friends though. Why would they ask Molester of all people?

46 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 19:58:09 ID:zLZyfWvB
Kansai must be very observant then!

47 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 19:58:17 ID:PDgIs1d7
No, people don't normally think you're fapping when you go to the restroomww

48 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 19:58:29 ID:93auLUc+
(;´д`) pant pant pant pant
I hope you weren't actually fapping...

49 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 19:59:07 ID:VpRe+uVS
Get mistaken for a molester by Miss Undie and make Kansai think you're fapping in the restroom.

50 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 19:59:11 ID:PwDMuLXG
Miss Kansai: "I bet the guy's fappingw"
Miss Understanding: "Why do you have to always make dirty jokes, Kansai?w"
Kansai: "No, I just know he's doing it! He looks like the type to do stuff like that! I'm not joking this time! I'm serious!"

51 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 19:59:13 ID:B/XPKVjP
Well, guess it means Molester is about the only guy she can talk to about stuff like that, huh?

52 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 19:59:28 ID:cipNhKQ0
That's why I told you!
I told you to jerk off before heading out!

53 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 19:59:30 ID:hJTfzHqd
They might even have been fucking in the restroom, for all we know.

54 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:00:06 ID:B/XPKVjP
You mean, the two girls were fucking while Molester had gone to the restroom?

55 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:00:31 ID:93auLUc+
Guys, look at OP's post again. He never said that he actually jerked off in the restroomw

56 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 20:00:34 ID:VuG3lKpU
To be honest, this is what I would have normally said without hesitation:

"You want to know what to do about the stalker? Since the police couldn't help,
the best you can do now, in my opinion, is hire a detective and let him stalk the stalker instead.
But I'm no expert. Don't blame me if it doesn't work out..."

as it probably is the best advice I could give her, but I wasn't sure if a girl like her who lives on her own can afford a private detective.
But how come she still hasn't said a word about her parents? I mean, their daughter is going through all this...
I figured that there must be some reason why she can't expect any help from them...

I was amazed at how fast my brain was working today, but it also kept me from saying something thoughtless, no, from saying anything at all.

57 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:01:48 ID:zLZyfWvB
So you went "I'm gonna protect you!" and won her heart, huh?
Well, aren't things going great for you. I didn't sign up for this! FUCK!!!!!!111111111111

58 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:02:13 ID:LRlM4zxa
"I'll be your bodyguard then!"

59 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:02:20 ID:B/XPKVjP
My wife's younger sister just moved out of her parents' home and came all the way out here to live alone. We've been worried sick about her...

So yeah, I think I know how you feel, >>1

60 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:02:32 ID:L+OC2pNH
It's getting late and I need to head home soon.
I'd appreciate it if you could post a little faster, OP.

61 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:02:49 ID:JpfLBmva
I got your back, >>1

62 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:03:02 ID:/3d5gaLb
"Okay, then I'm gonna stalk you so hard the police won't have a choice but to do something!!"

63 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:03:20 ID:68Y84B7I
OP would be a god if he brought up the crab topic next.
Asking Kansai if she watched Bakatono would be great too.

64 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:03:38 ID:B/XPKVjP
Did you suggest moving into her place to be able to protect her 24/7?

65 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:03:49 ID:6Ck7jMz2
Goku was pleased after receiving crab from Glasses Man
and hit it off with Glasses Man when he called him to thank him.
Without any calls from Miss Understanding for days,
it was starting to look like he was going to have an Uho end with Glasses,
until Miss Understanding finally gave him a call! What will become of Goku now!?

66 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:04:53 ID:Ms/crZ2J
Are you Meganesh!!!!??

67 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:05:05 ID:L+OC2pNH
I read it in the Dragon Ball narration voicew

68 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 20:05:12 ID:VuG3lKpU
I was still racking my brain when lunch was brought to us.

Let me warn you though: I'm not making this up.
It was:

Crab Pilaf

I fucking lol'd. "Pfff"
"Eh? Is something wrong?"
"No, sorry, just a coughing fit..."
Why did it have to be crab again... What are the odds?
Well, okay, it wasn't only Crab Pilaf. There was a Chicken Steak of sorts and some kind of Fish Sauté too.
It was three light meals with rice and coffee.
They probably brought three different meals because they didn't know what I like.

Fucking crab though, man...

69 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:05:59 ID:B/XPKVjP
Shit, it's dinnertime... And we're getting to the good part too...

70 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:06:07 ID:Ms/crZ2J
Isn't it because you mentioned crab yesterday?

71 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:06:09 ID:L+OC2pNH

72 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:06:29 ID:LRlM4zxa

73 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:06:35 ID:m1/MsPj3
It's cuz you kept going on and on about crab on the phone.

74 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:06:55 ID:PDgIs1d7
That's it!!

75 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:07:05 ID:F4Wb2Yro
It's Crab Pilaf━━(゚∀゚)━━!!

76 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:07:14 ID:L+OC2pNH
We'll keep the party going for you.

77 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:07:32 ID:hJTfzHqd
I'm glad we're having a lot of fun thanks to crab today too.

78 : ( ゚Д゚)y━・~~~pfff ◆pyoaFBTqck : 04/11/10 20:08:10 ID:02D0TiYZ
Eh? What?
Is this the beginning of Train Man Part II?

79 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:08:10 ID:93auLUc+

80 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 20:09:11 ID:VuG3lKpU
"Ah, that. That is my treat!!"
"No, it's not, Kansai!"

I was kind of impressed that she could crack a joke after talking about such a serious topic.
Maybe it was Kansai's way of cheering Miss Understanding up. Just my guess though.
And shortly after, their lunches were brought too.
I don't remember ordering anything, so I guess they ordered the lunches while I was on the john.
It was long past noon and there weren't any other customers left in the restaurant. As for employees, it was just Loli Jugs and two guys who looked like waiters.
There was probably at least one more person back in the kitchen though.

81 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:09:15 ID:1FZJxfdr
Introduce me to Kansai.

82 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:09:50 ID:/3d5gaLb
How much are you gonna drag it out?

83 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:10:37 ID:JpfLBmva
Funny how there's something crab-related in every single one of OP's episodesw

I can see it coming already. Lonely 2channers buy out all the crab on the market hoping the same thing will happen to them.

84 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:11:36 ID:FPkt5PFR
Who is Kansai?

85 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:11:53 ID:Bfuj0JC7
What's fascinating about this thread is the subtle lack of identification between Molester Man and the residents of his thread.

86 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:12:31 ID:L+OC2pNH
When I read "back in the kitchen", I had to think of the "get back in the kitchen" meme for a second there. Have I spent too much time on 2ch?

87 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:13:51 ID:93auLUc+
Yeah. Remember, you're here forever.

88 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:14:21 ID:68Y84B7I
Depending on how things go, the final title of this book might turn into "Crab Man". The comment on the back will be by Shimura Ken, Bakatono himself, of course.

89 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:14:35 ID:JOjDZp70
Wasn't Loli Jugs = Kansai?

90 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:15:01 ID:/3d5gaLb

91 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 20:15:35 ID:VuG3lKpU
That's it!!
I see. How come I didn't notice... You're absolutely right.
When I saw the Crab Pilaf, I seriously feared one of them had seen this thread or something. So that's why...

Thanks to Kansai's efforts(?), the mood had changed to a calmer one and we had a fun lunch (at least, I had fun).
I was even able to bring up the topics I had a hard time coming up with yesterday quite naturally this time. I did great, even if I do say so myself.
"Oh yeah! Did you watch Bakatono yesterday?"
"Ah... I didn't."
"I did."
"For real? They always do the same old skits, don't they? Just with different people each time, right?"
"But that's what makes Bakatono great."
"Ehh? But don't you get tired of it?"
You little... Don't you talk shit about my Bakatono...
"No, I don't! Wanna know why? People have been saying for years now that they're getting tired of Shimura Ken's skits, but look at him! He's still so popular.
Now look at all the other comedians with their running gags. Where are they now? They're gone!
Bakatono is about the only comedian who's still going strong after all these years of getting told that he's lame, a one-trick pony etc. He's that good!"

A heated discussion with Kansai about Bakatono followed.

92 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:16:02 ID:L+OC2pNH
No, no, no.

93 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:16:03 ID:H0m91PdG
>>89 Do you have any reading comprehension skills at all?

94 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:16:18 ID:u2MwoLfM
Poor Miss Undie must have felt left outw

95 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:16:51 ID:6Ck7jMz2

Kansai = The woman who came to pick up Miss Understanding on the first day and glared at Molester Man like he was a piece of trash

Loli Jugs = Miss Understanding's loli colleague with big boobs

96 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:16:59 ID:68Y84B7I
You didn't do great at all!

97 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:17:09 ID:L+OC2pNH
You're the worst, manw

98 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:17:11 ID:F4Wb2Yro
43 Name: VIPPER Date:04/11/05 20:36:49 ID:w8ZHuVTS
And when it started to rain, she thought "Even if I scream now, no one will hear me!!" and started running as fast as she could.
Seeing that, I started running as fast as I could too thinking "I must run away from the molester!". But she was like "No, man, you are the molester.". And then I was a molester.

In the meantime, a woman, probably a good friend of hers, arrived. The police decided to call it a day and continue on some other day.
Glasses kept worrying about the woman until the end. They were just like Train Man and Hermes while I was like the drunk old guy.
The salaryman had already left before I noticed.

Here you go.

99 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:17:21 ID:/3d5gaLb
Ever since you entered the restaurant, the only thing you talked about besides her stalker is Bakatono, you know that?

100 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:17:22 ID:LXvZBD3T
Hey, guys, I've returned from the barbershop.

Hey, >>1, welcome back.

Hey, >>ID:L+OC2pNH, thanks for making the thread.
I expected the party to be well underway, but I didn't expect you to be the one to start the threadw

101 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:17:53 ID:mKxv/GE0
".........................................He's only talking to Kansai. (in a very small voice)"

102 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:18:14 ID:N/JLU5nH
No, the big boobs girl is mine. Kansai is someone else.

103 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:18:41 ID:yOoD4SgU
How long until your report is finished?
I'm gonna go have dinner now if it's going to take much longer.

104 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:18:42 ID:empSvsJh
Kansai is the one who brought up Bakatono this time, right?
Guess it's not OP's fault that Miss Undie got left out...

105 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:18:46 ID:Bfuj0JC7
Not Bakatono again... _| ̄|○

106 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:19:13 ID:hJTfzHqd
You can't really blame her for talking shit about Bakatono. It's Bakatono after all.

107 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:19:31 ID:/3d5gaLb
No, Molester brought it up.

108 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:19:45 ID:68Y84B7I
Miss Undie must have been thinking "Could we please talk about something other than Bakatono...?".
Why would you leave the one who wanted advice hanging like that and have a heated discussion about something completely different anyway?

From the order of it, I'd say it was Molester's line...

109 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:19:45 ID:L+OC2pNH
Welcome back.
We've started the party without youw

None of the threads I've started on VIP so far reached 1000 posts, but this one looks promising, don't you think?
I'm a bit excited about thisw

110 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:19:57 ID:1FZJxfdr
Bakatono fan here. I don't know about you guys, but if someone had said that about him in front of me, I'd have probably socked them one.

111 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:20:23 ID:D43Y2WmX
All you've been talking about since yesterday is crab and Bakatono... Isn't there anything else?

112 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 20:20:23 ID:VuG3lKpU
Most of the time, Kansai kept talking to me about all kinds of things with Miss Understanding going along with it.
Kansai throws an endless series of questions at me and I try to answer all of them. That kind of exchange continued for quite a while.

"Which university do you go to, Mr. Molester?"
"XX University. It's not far from here."
"For real!? XX students go to mixers all the time, don't they?"
Shaddup! How should I know!? I don't even have any friends!
"Uh, I don't really know, but I don't think they do."
"Yeah, right... You do it all the time, don't you? Admit it!"
What a vulgar woman.
"No, no, I don't!"

Now that I think about it, I barely got to talk to Miss Understanding....... OTL

113 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:20:40 ID:68Y84B7I
Bakatono, crab, Bakatono, crab...

Always neglect what matters the most. That is Molester QUALITY.

114 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:20:48 ID:zLZyfWvB
Miss Undie

115 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:20:50 ID:93auLUc+
I'm getting sleepy...

116 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:21:07 ID:F4Wb2Yro
You went there to give Miss Understanding advice, but ended up having a fun chat with Kansai? What's wrong with you?ww

117 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:21:26 ID:/3d5gaLb
And Miss Undie gets left out againw

118 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:21:52 ID:empSvsJh
Kansai: "Oh yeah! Did you watch Bakatono yesterday?"
Miss Undie: "Ah... I didn't."
Molester: "I did."
Kansai: "For real? They always do the same old skits, don't they? Just with different people each time, right?"
Molester: "But that's what makes Bakatono great."
Kansai: "Ehh? But don't you get tired of it?"

Wasn't it like this?

119 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:22:04 ID:mKxv/GE0
Instead of
Molester Man x Miss Understanding
I want
Molester Man x Kansai
to happen.

120 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:22:08 ID:hJTfzHqd
Hey, things are going great for you.
Now you can write a casual e-mail to Miss Undie that goes like "Wow, that friend of yours talks like a machine gun.".

121 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:23:03 ID:m1/MsPj3
Suddenly, a great tactician appears.

122 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:23:29 ID:ZO/jjKzN
Molester, switch targets to Kansai.

123 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 20:24:25 ID:VuG3lKpU
Miss Understanding looked like she was having fun though. I'm only guessing, but she just didn't seem like the type to strike up a conversation.
She probably prefers letting others talk and throwing in comments here and there.

"Do you have a girlfriend?"
I've been waiting for this!
Depending on how I answer this question, Miss Understanding's opinion of me will change.
I have to use Kansai's question in a clever way and give an answer that makes me look honest and sincere in love matters...

"I don't have one. What about you, Miss Kansai?"

124 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:24:27 ID:L+OC2pNH
Describe what Kansai looks like. (Compare her to someone famous.)

125 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:24:58 ID:JOjDZp70
No, go after Loli Jugs.

126 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:25:19 ID:/3d5gaLb
Go for one of the male waiters instead.

127 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:25:20 ID:L+OC2pNH

Why would you ask Kansai!?
They'll think you're interested in her!

128 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:25:22 ID:zLZyfWvB
It's time for "Ehh, seriously? You're still a virgin? How creepy!", guys!

129 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:25:34 ID:68Y84B7I
Now all three of them started talking about a completely different topic. What happened to discussing the stalker problem?

130 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:25:37 ID:empSvsJh
Is Kansai asking Molester all these questions for Miss Undie's sake?

131 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:25:43 ID:mKxv/GE0
Slut Man of the Mysterious Seas

132 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:25:55 ID:mKxv/GE0
  (  ・ω・)
  _| ⊃/(___
/ └-(____/
 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
  ∧∧   grab
 (  ・ω・)
     |\`、: i'、

  <⌒/ヽ-、___ fap fap        That is VIP QUALITY.
/<_/____/       http://ex7.2ch.net/news4vip/

133 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:26:01 ID:ODYmgT2s
It was a bad idea to ask "What about you, Miss Kansai?" there. (゚д゚) Bad idea.

134 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:26:23 ID:Ms/crZ2J
Why did you return the question only to Kansai!?
Why didn't you ask both of them?
"What about you two?"

135 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:26:25 ID:/3d5gaLb
Ah, that makes sense. You're good.

136 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:26:58 ID:LXvZBD3T
Why ask Kansai?w
And what was Miss Undie's reaction to that?

137 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 20:27:07 ID:VuG3lKpU
"I'm not seeing anyone right now."
Hmm? Not the answer I expected...
"But you were seeing someone before, right? Like someone you got to know at a mixer?"
"No, I'd never go to a mixer. It has to be a man I can trust, a man I can depend on.
It's what's inside a person that counts. Looks are just icing on the cake."

Why did she have to give such a decent answer at a time like this...? OTL
Actually, my plan was to criticize Kansai's answer and show myself in a good light...

138 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:27:34 ID:L+OC2pNH
Ahh, man!!
Could you please up the tempo a little?

I won't be able to browse 2ch when I'm home!

139 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:27:41 ID:68Y84B7I
I lol'd so hard.

140 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:27:46 ID:D43Y2WmX
No, as someone who's more experienced in love matters than you guys, I think it was good that he returned the question to Kansai first.

141 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:28:15 ID:u2MwoLfM
What if OP gets together with Kansai?w

142 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:28:52 ID:F4Wb2Yro
Kansai's a clever girlw

143 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:28:52 ID:ZO/jjKzN
No, it wasn't really a bad idea to ask Kansai.
All OP did was return the question back to her.
That way, he can casually ask Miss Undie next.

144 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:29:19 ID:mKxv/GE0

   ∩_∩   ∩_∩
  (  ・(ェ)・) (・(ェ)・  )
- Is this bait, - Don't be too rash, bear!
 bear?      Things can become a real pain in the ass if you carelessly take baits like this, bear.

145 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:29:58 ID:LXvZBD3T
Don't go home tonight thenw

146 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:30:05 ID:F4Wb2Yro
Wasn't asking only Kansai the right thing to do?
I mean, if Miss Undie had a boyfriend, she wouldn't go through the trouble of asking Molester for advice.

147 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:30:24 ID:L+OC2pNH
Give me an excuse not to.

148 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:30:33 ID:hJTfzHqd
You're really hitting it off well with Kansai, aren't you?
The question now is what to say to Miss Undie when she goes
"You didn't say much when we were talking, but you seemed to be having so much fun with Kansai."

149 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:30:50 ID:/3d5gaLb
Huh, don't we already know that Miss Undie doesn't have a boyfriend?

150 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:30:59 ID:zLZyfWvB
"I'm going to be home late today because I got totally mistaken for a molester."

151 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:31:05 ID:ODYmgT2s
Miss Understanding isn't seeing anyone. Check the archive if you don't believe me.

152 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 20:31:33 ID:VuG3lKpU
While we were talking about love and relationships, Miss Understanding got up to go to the restroom.
"Ah, I need to go too!"
"Eh? But we have only one stall in the ladies' room."
"I'll just use the one for guests."
"Oh, right."
With that, Miss Understanding disappeared into the staff only toilet.

Kansai said
"Pull yourself together, man!"
and slapped me on the shoulder before she went into the guests' toilet...

To be honest, the animosity I had felt towards her and every word she said at first was gone. It turns out, Kansai is a bro!

153 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:31:36 ID:L+OC2pNH
Yeah, we figured out that Miss Understanding doesn't have a boyfriend, if I remember correctly.

But even with that in mind, I'm not sure if it was a good idea to ask only Kansai...

154 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:31:39 ID:Bfuj0JC7
"I put some documents I need for tomorrow in the shredder."

155 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:31:54 ID:LXvZBD3T
That's it!!

156 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:32:07 ID:93auLUc+
Since Miss Undie is a stalker victim and suffers from a psychological fear of men, isn't it better to ask Kansai first out of consideration?

157 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:32:10 ID:u2MwoLfM
Kansai is so cool!

158 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:32:37 ID:mKxv/GE0
Get a crush on Kansai! Do it!

159 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:32:46 ID:L+OC2pNH
I'm so using that.

160 : You can easily tell a VIPPER by their behavior ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/10 20:32:47 ID:o+rDlGUu
....Seems like Kansai knows.

161 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:32:53 ID:/3d5gaLb
A Kansai is fine too.

162 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:33:05 ID:zLZyfWvB
You are? Seriously?w

163 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:33:23 ID:hJTfzHqd
Go, Kansai!

164 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:33:30 ID:KRbFzKtN
Looks like the Kansai route has been unlocked.
As for Miss Undie...

165 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:33:52 ID:Bfuj0JC7
They had a meeting in the toilet, didn't they?

Seeing how OP's dragging this part out, I'm guessing something good must have happened?

166 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:33:57 ID:LXvZBD3T
"Pull yourself together, man!"

167 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:34:05 ID:L+OC2pNH
My wife might forgive me if it's a funny excuse, but I don't know about that one....

168 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:34:17 ID:mKxv/GE0
If this was an eroge, OP would be on the Kansai route now.

169 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:34:23 ID:/3d5gaLb
I feel like Kansai is only there to check OP out for Miss Understanding.

170 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:34:31 ID:N/JLU5nH
Hmm? You mean, Kansai knows how Molester feels about Miss Undie?

171 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:35:23 ID:ZO/jjKzN

172 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:35:35 ID:L+OC2pNH
Ahh, sorryww
You meant accidentally putting "documents needed for tomorrow" in the "shredder"w
Now I get it.

I'll use it tomorrow.

173 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:35:42 ID:ODYmgT2s
Kansai is a negotiator sent in by Glasses.

174 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 20:35:50 ID:VuG3lKpU
After a few minutes, Miss Understanding was back first. My chance to hit it off with her!
"Miss Kansai seems to be a lively person."
"Yeah, she isw Isn't she a good girl?"
"Ehh?w I don't know about that... but she's definitely cheerful."
"Yeah, Miss Kansai is always kind to everyone. She cheers me up when I'm feeling down too."
"Ahh... I guess her cheerfulness rubs off on those around her."
"I'm really glad to have her as a friend."
"Then you should probably take good care of her."
"Probably? You sure you didn't mean to say definitely?"

Wait, did she just talk to me in a more or less casual way...? I owe you a big one!! Kansai!!

175 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:36:07 ID:LXvZBD3T
How many nights are you planning on spending at work?w

176 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:36:17 ID:+anRIUpb
There was someone like that in Train Man too.

177 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:36:22 ID:Bfuj0JC7
Their conversation on the toilet:
Kansai: "Why am I doing all the talking? Pull yourself together, girl!"
Miss Undie: "But.... (in a somewhat small voice)"

178 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:36:24 ID:6Ck7jMz2
There's something about the Kansai route that reminds me of childhood friend routes.

179 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:36:33 ID:mKxv/GE0
The appearance of the good female friend of the love interest, much like in Train Man, is an indication that things are going well.
But the question is whether Miss Understanding can get her stalker problem resolved or not.
If not, we'll be heading straight towards a bad ending.

180 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:37:27 ID:/3d5gaLb
Guess we can expect a lot more ups and downs than in Train Man with this one.

181 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:37:52 ID:F4Wb2Yro
Well played, Kansai!

182 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:37:54 ID:QF+Oxf3t
Kansai reminds me of Tajima Aiko from Ciguatera.

183 : You can easily tell a VIPPER by their behavior ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/10 20:38:19 ID:o+rDlGUu
Am I the only one who can't see OP ending up with anyone but Miss Undie?
Tell her "I'll be the one to protect you and get your trust in men back!" and she's sure to fall for you.

184 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:38:25 ID:wMiHKfHM
Is this the thread about >>1's delusional fap fantasies?

185 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:38:41 ID:L+OC2pNH
With everything that happened so far, I wouldn't be surprised if they've really had that conversation.

186 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:38:46 ID:6Ck7jMz2
Molester protects Miss Understanding from the stalker and wins her heart → The enraged stalker stabs him to death → BAD END

187 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:40:07 ID:Bfuj0JC7
The same thing crossed my mind,
but it seemed so real I didn't dare post it.

188 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:40:16 ID:mKxv/GE0
Once Miss Understanding starts telling you about her childhood traumas, you've already won.
Just press the right buttons and you'll soon be at the finish line.

189 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:40:34 ID:empSvsJh
Add a little twist somewhere inbetween to make Glasses and the stalker stab each other to death.

190 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:40:36 ID:L+OC2pNH
For all we know, the stalker might have been watching the whole thing from somewhere today.

191 : bananan The Third : 04/11/10 20:40:50 ID:yBI2NDXq
Meganesh x Kansai is the secret OTP.

192 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:41:03 ID:mKxv/GE0
(((( ;゚Д゚))) shake shake

193 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:41:35 ID:/3d5gaLb

194 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 20:41:47 ID:VuG3lKpU
When Kansai was back, we had a great(?) time talking about stuff like hobbies, university life, love and fashion.
Loli Jugs came to join our talk from time to time, but let me skip that part.
Then it was finally time to get back to the serious stuff...

"So, what do you think I should do, Mr. Molester?"
"Hmm... It's difficult to say... The average stalker just continues the stalking even after the police was informed and gets arrested rather easily.
But this one is different. Seeing how he went into hiding as soon as the police started investigating the case, causing them to doubt your story, I'd say he's quite clever."
"You think?"
"Yes. Most criminals that get busted are stupid. Which is why they get busted in the first place. But I heard the cases you see in the news are just a small fraction of the total number of crimes.
There's a huge number of unsolved missing people cases here in Japan.
Most of them are assumed to be killed without anyone noticing."

The plan was to show off my intellectual side, but...

195 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:41:52 ID:68Y84B7I
I'm really worried about that.

196 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:41:57 ID:empSvsJh
Let me guess. He was watching from the kitchen.

197 : You can easily tell a VIPPER by their behavior ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/10 20:42:04 ID:o+rDlGUu
Glasses' emotion value would need to be over 150 for that event to be activated though.

198 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:42:36 ID:Bfuj0JC7
And if the stalker was stalking Miss Undie when she went to Molester Man's place, he also knows where OP lives....

199 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:42:42 ID:zLZyfWvB
You're a real idiot.

200 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:42:49 ID:6Ck7jMz2
_ _ _ _ is the stalker.

I see... So it was you...
With the last of my fading consciousness, I understood everything.

201 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:43:04 ID:68Y84B7I
What the hell are you spreading panic for?

202 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:43:06 ID:/3d5gaLb
Why are you trying to scare her!?

203 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:43:26 ID:1FZJxfdr
You're really earning yourself brownie points there.

204 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:43:42 ID:93auLUc+
You're scaring her...

205 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:43:44 ID:L+OC2pNH
The plan was....?

What do you mean? I'd say your plan was a huge success. It wasn't?

206 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:43:46 ID:LXvZBD3T
What's the point in scaring her?w

207 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:43:55 ID:Bfuj0JC7
Why would you want to scare her like that? orz

208 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:44:21 ID:L+OC2pNH
Ahh, I get it.
I'm an idiot too. orz

209 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:44:23 ID:OGiCaMVE
Glasses saves Molester from getting stabbed (because he happened to be stalking Molester), fights the stalker to death and dies in the process. They all go "We will never forget you, Glasses.".
I want a tear-jerking ending like this.

210 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 20:44:32 ID:VuG3lKpU
For some reason, Miss Understanding looked like she was about to cry.
Damn. This is not what I had in mind...

"Don't worry! He's just saying what if!"
"Y-Yeah!! I'm just saying that there are cases like that, so you better be careful!!"
".....................yeah. (in a really tearful voice)"


211 : You can easily tell a VIPPER by their behavior ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/10 20:44:33 ID:o+rDlGUu
The smart thing to do now would be to tell her "If something happens, call me and I'll come running right away!" to get her number.

212 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:44:38 ID:JOjDZp70
Who is best girl and why is it Loli Jugs?

213 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:45:10 ID:u2MwoLfM
It's all over.

214 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:45:12 ID:mKxv/GE0
  Give her honest and caring advice
rァ  Show off your intellectual side by giving her the "Criminals are dumb" speech
  Rape her all of a sudden

215 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:45:21 ID:Bfuj0JC7
Sorry, but I can't control my laughter right now.

216 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:45:41 ID:68Y84B7I
Did you just tell someone with a psychological trauma that they might get killed?

Man, you really do the stupidest things! And when it counts the most too!

217 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:45:54 ID:hJTfzHqd
She might think he's a stalker too if he seems too knowledgeable about them.

218 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:46:09 ID:LXvZBD3T
That's where you should go
"Don't worry, I'll protect you. (with a wonderful smile on your face)"

219 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:46:10 ID:mKxv/GE0
I see. The worst ending would be
OP getting stabbed by Miss Understanding.

220 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:46:25 ID:ZO/jjKzN
I too think Loli Jugs is best girl.
The others are a bit cringeworthy.

221 : bananan The Third : 04/11/10 20:46:32 ID:yBI2NDXq
Meganesh didn't send Miss Undie anything, but sent Molester expensive crab.
Therefore, Meganesh has romantic feelings for Molester.
The secret OTP is Meganesh x Molester.

222 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:47:11 ID:93auLUc+

223 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:47:18 ID:F4Wb2Yro
Oh boy...

224 : You can easily tell a VIPPER by their behavior ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/10 20:47:37 ID:o+rDlGUu
That event requires Miss Undie's emotion value to be very high too, much like in that event with Crabses.

225 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:47:42 ID:mKxv/GE0
................................I'll kill you. (in a very small voice)

226 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:48:05 ID:Bfuj0JC7
Don't tell me you left directly after that saying you gotta go to work or something.

227 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 20:48:47 ID:VuG3lKpU
That was when I finally realized that I was just scaring her.
I tried to calm her down with concrete advice based on wishful thinking.

"Since the police probably won't do much to find him, I'd say hiring a private detective would be best."
"But they're usually swindlers, aren't they?"
"Yeah, I hear many of them are. If it's a major private detective agency though, they can't afford doing a lousy job since they all have an established reputation to uphold.
You should also look for reviews in the Internet. That way, you won't fall for scams."
"But... they charge a lot of money, don't they?"
"Umm... I think it depends on the request, so I can't give you any advice on that...
Did you talk to your parents about this?"

I had completely forgotten about it... I had a feeling that something wasn't right since she didn't mention her parents at all when talking about her stalker problem...

228 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:49:13 ID:LXvZBD3T
This is more like it.
It wouldn't be >>1 if he didn't go berserk like this.

229 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:49:31 ID:zLZyfWvB
●ヽ( ・∀・)ノ● Stepping on one landmine after another!

230 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:49:42 ID:68Y84B7I
True that. Going berserk is part of the flawed persona that is Molester Man.

231 : You can easily tell a VIPPER by their behavior ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/10 20:49:43 ID:o+rDlGUu
Heh heh.

232 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:50:09 ID:L+OC2pNH
Oh well, you had to ask about her parents sooner or later anyway.
Let's just say you went with the flow this time.

233 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:50:21 ID:Ms/crZ2J
Damn, you're marching through a goddamn minefield.
Keep going like that and you might get featured in Project X: Challengers.

234 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:50:29 ID:93auLUc+
The crab's out of control!

235 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:50:57 ID:KRbFzKtN
Why didn't you tell her something like "Let me protect you!"?

236 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:51:02 ID:mKxv/GE0
rァ  "Aren't you going to talk to your parents about this?"
   "Leave the stalker to me, I can easily chase him away."
   "Let me fondle your boobs, Kansai."

237 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:51:11 ID:F4Wb2Yro
What happened? Why isn't your brain working as fast as before anymore? OTZ

238 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:51:17 ID:Bfuj0JC7
He's stepping on every single one of them thoughw

239 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:51:24 ID:ONUGkD6q

240 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:51:38 ID:1FZJxfdr
What a cliffhanger.

241 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 20:52:00 ID:VuG3lKpU
".......I can't turn to my father for help."
"Eh? Why not? Did you get into a fight with him?"

Stupid. So fucking stupid. It was the stupidest thing I said today.

Miss Understanding went silent and I realized I had touched on a subject I shouldn't have.
Everyone had gone silent. Even Kansai was looking left and right nervously. I didn't have a choice but to keep staring at the "Winter Special! Pumpkin Pudding!!" sign.

Until Kansai broke the silence.

242 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:52:10 ID:zLZyfWvB
He had so much to eat all the blood in his body went from his head to his stomach.

243 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:52:12 ID:68Y84B7I
Just a guess, but since she specifically asked for OP's advice, couldn't it be that she was expecting him to say something like
"I'll protect you" or "I'll do something about it"?

244 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:52:33 ID:mKxv/GE0
  (  ・ω・)
  _| ⊃/(___
/ └-(____/
 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
  ∧∧   grab
 (  ・ω・)
     |\`、: i'、

  <⌒/ヽ-、___ fap fap        That is VIP QUALITY.
/<_/____/       http://ex7.2ch.net/news4vip/

245 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:52:44 ID:0PhL037E
He's totally out of control, someone stop him...

246 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:53:08 ID:F4Wb2Yro
Why does all the blood in his body have to be in one spot?wwwwww

247 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:53:11 ID:VUkpRXHH
●ヽ( ・∀・)ノ● Stepping on one pile of shit after another!

248 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:53:15 ID:ODYmgT2s
The stalker is really her father.

249 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:53:57 ID:F4Wb2Yro
It's possible!

250 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:54:02 ID:L+OC2pNH
I have to head home in a few.

I won't be able to post, but I'll be watching from my cell phone.

Hang in there, >>Molester!

251 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:54:12 ID:N/JLU5nH
That's it!

252 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:54:12 ID:Bfuj0JC7
The sad thing is that OP's the only one who didn't get that.

253 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:54:16 ID:68Y84B7I
I can't expect a heavy twist like how she also suffered from sexual abuse in the past, can I?

254 : You can easily tell a VIPPER by their behavior ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/10 20:55:05 ID:o+rDlGUu
Molester Man asked Miss Understanding about her parents.
Unknowingly that his question would be the one thing to make everything go wrong.....

255 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:55:40 ID:Ms/crZ2J
And then, Miss Understanding started talking.

256 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 20:55:56 ID:VuG3lKpU
"Ahh... You see, Miss Understanding had a fight with her parents. She's currently living by herself. Did you know?"
"Yeah... I told him."
"Yeah, she told me."
"That's why... she can't expect any help from her parents except for minimum living expenses."
"Ahh, I see. I guess, hiring a private detective is out of the question thenw"

"A fight"? I doubt it's as simple as Kansai made it out to be.
I can't even begin to imagine, but it must have been pretty serious.
You normally don't make your 20-year-old daughter, who doesn't have a steady job, live alone by herself.
Plus, she said she's not even planning on talking to her parents about her stalker problem.

257 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:56:04 ID:mKxv/GE0
The reason she can't ask her father for advice is
because her father's been treating her like a human sex doll since she was small, obviously.

258 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:56:11 ID:zLZyfWvB
Hey, if you haven't noticed, you're the only tripfag in this whole thread. Get a fucking clue.

259 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:56:20 ID:F4Wb2Yro
That's a tad too heavy...

260 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:57:16 ID:hJTfzHqd
 *     +    巛 ヽ
            〒 !   +    。     +    。     *     。
      +    。  |  |
   *     +   / /   Yeeeeeehaaaaaawwww!
       ∧_∧ / /
      (´∀` / / +    。     +    。   *     。
      ,-     f
      / ュヘ    | *     +    。     +   。 +        
     〈_} )   |                                
        /    ! +    。     +    +     *     
       ./  ,ヘ  |
 bang ||| j  / |  | |||

261 : You can easily tell a VIPPER by their behavior ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/10 20:57:42 ID:o+rDlGUu
This is bait, right?

262 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:57:47 ID:lx5UWHi0
Her father committed suicide.

263 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:58:01 ID:1FZJxfdr
You forgot to mention that he's also a slowpoke.

264 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:58:26 ID:93auLUc+
"Ahh, I see. I guess, hiring a private detective is out of the question thenw"

He actually laughed... _| ̄|○

265 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 20:59:26 ID:mKxv/GE0
I seriously think >>1 should just move in with Miss Understanding.
The stalker will have a hard time stalking her with a man around all the time.
You get to live with her, which will make you happy. Your rent and living expenses will be halved, which will make your wallet happy.
If you're lucky, you might even get to touch her boobs, you know?

266 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 20:59:38 ID:VuG3lKpU
After that, Kansai and Loli Jugs shared their experience with molesters and dumb men in general with us.
By the time I looked at the clock, it had already passed five.
It seemed like it was almost time for dinner. There were more part-time workers and I could hear busy sounds from the kitchen.
My guess is that they had to prepare dinner for the many people who were about to start flooding in.

"Well, we can't stay here too long, so..."
"Ahh, okay."
"Then I'd say it's time to call it a day."

I felt I had to say something to help her or, at least, comfort her, but I didn't know what. Frankly, I was confused as hell.

267 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:00:32 ID:ZO/jjKzN
The way I see it, Molester's extremely bad writing skills are what make this thread so fascinating.

268 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:00:58 ID:1FZJxfdr
Damn, three love interests.

269 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:01:07 ID:KRbFzKtN
I agree with this.

270 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:01:33 ID:Bfuj0JC7
What did you go there for anyway?w
Just to stock up on molestation stories?
In that case, the least you can do is post them here.

271 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:01:48 ID:/3d5gaLb
Even though he's so eloquent when he's posting on 2ch...

272 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:02:08 ID:zLZyfWvB
I'd be like "What did he come here for anyway?"

273 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:02:54 ID:68Y84B7I
All OP did was hit it off with Kansai and rub salt in Miss Undie's wounds... He's the worst.

274 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:03:18 ID:empSvsJh
It'd be godly, if Kansai said

"You should be the one to protect her!",

wouldn't it?

275 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:03:23 ID:7STLvgni
I can't decide if I should ship OP with Glasses or Kansai.

276 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:04:13 ID:yOoD4SgU
Is this going to be the end?

277 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:04:19 ID:Ms/crZ2J
Even if Kansai were to say that now, I don't think Molester would be able to go with it.

278 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 21:04:38 ID:VuG3lKpU
In the end, we had to set off without having reached any conclusion or agreement.
I was so confused that I didn't notice then, but thinking about it now, I don't remember paying for the lunch I got.
I'm guessing Miss Understanding paid for me when I wasn't looking. I need to thank her in an e-mail later.

Since I couldn't stand seeing the worried look on her face when we parted ways, I added
"I'm sorry I wasn't able to be of any help today."

It's all I could come up with on the spot.

279 : You can easily tell a VIPPER by their behavior ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/10 21:04:43 ID:o+rDlGUu
After all the rubbing-salt-in-her-wounds today, I don't see any other option for Molester than to switch to the Kansai route.

280 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:05:08 ID:mKxv/GE0
OP's headed straight for a bad end.

281 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:05:35 ID:hJTfzHqd

That is NOT why you should send her an e-mail!

282 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:05:40 ID:Umv61eUA
My girlfriend was getting stalked too, but in her case, we had an idea who the stalker was, so we called him out and let the police talk some sense into him. We never saw him again.
If I was you, I'd try asking Miss Undie all kinds of questions to see if you can figure out the stalker's identity.
Besides, you get to know more about her which is always a good thing.

Just don't start stalking her yourselfw

283 : bananan The Third : 04/11/10 21:06:03 ID:yBI2NDXq
OP, I'm disappointed in you.

284 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:06:09 ID:/3d5gaLb
Well, he got an excuse to stay in contact with her out of it, so I guess it's not as bad as it could have been.

285 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:06:38 ID:OGiCaMVE
Tell her "I've decided to pick up Karate." to show her indirectly that you're up for the job.

286 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:06:45 ID:yOoD4SgU
What excuse?

287 : You can easily tell a VIPPER by their behavior ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/10 21:06:55 ID:o+rDlGUu
You're a genius!!

288 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 21:07:33 ID:VuG3lKpU
"No... That's not true."
She must have been disappointed, no matter how you looked at it.

"I might not be able to be of much help, but if there's anything I can help you with, contact me anytime."
"........................................Yes. (in a pretty small voice)"
"No, I mean it. I can't say something as irresponsible as 'I'll save you', but I'll do all I can."

Huh... Did I mess up again?

289 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:08:17 ID:KRbFzKtN
>I'm sorry I wasn't able to be of any help today.
You probably shouldn't have said this.

290 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:08:25 ID:N/JLU5nH
Ohhhhh boy...

291 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:08:28 ID:Bfuj0JC7
"No, I mean it. I can't say something as irresponsible as 'I'll save you', but I'll do all I can."
This part was unnecessary.

292 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:09:04 ID:ZO/jjKzN
So what is it that you really wanna do, Molester?
I can't figure it out from your posts at all.

293 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:09:07 ID:F4Wb2Yro
You're starting to sound more and more like a stalker.

294 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:09:16 ID:1OgC7mDx
Couldn't you have at least said something like "I will do everything in my power to help you."!?

295 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:09:25 ID:/3d5gaLb
He's now officially someone she can ask for advice, isn't he?
Whether she wants to ask him for advice again after today or not is a different question though.

296 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:09:31 ID:D43Y2WmX
E-mail the following to her now!

"Tell me if you're scared of walking home alone. I'll gladly accompany you.
It's the least I can do for the person I [NullPointerException]"

297 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:09:33 ID:7STLvgni
You guys are fucking pansies.
So what if he scared her a little? It doesn't mean shit.

298 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:10:00 ID:68Y84B7I
I don't get why you couldn't tell her something a little more dramatic-sounding like "Whatever happens, I will be there to protect you" to calm her down.
Saying "I might not be able to help you" is like telling her "I won't do shit", you know?

299 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:10:06 ID:hJTfzHqd
Dude, you're so punk.

300 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:10:12 ID:mKxv/GE0
Ever since then, I never heard from her again.
I'm sure Miss Understanding is living happily somewhere out there, but I don't know.
All I know is that the cold night winds are telling me that a long winter is coming.

Would you like a hint on how to clear this route?
rァ NO

301 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:10:28 ID:LXvZBD3T
I, for one, adore the completely irresponsible >>1.

302 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:10:32 ID:N/JLU5nH

303 : You can easily tell a VIPPER by their behavior ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/10 21:11:39 ID:o+rDlGUu
What's the name of that eroge and where can I buy it?

304 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:11:43 ID:z5888bQX
It'd be weird to say something like "I'll be there to protect you!!" at such an early stage. I think OP handled it perfectly.

305 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:11:56 ID:eKP5HfT+
Here's a serious reply.

The way I see it, there are two types of stalkers:
1. Ones that stalk women they're acquainted with
2. Ones that stalk anyone, be it acquaintance or stranger

I personally know two people that fall into the first category. They're dangerous.
Seriously dangerous.
They beat up women, abduct them and even beat up their new boyfriends.
They don't quit stalking until they start seeing someone new.

Stalkers of the second category, on the other hand, are quite simple to get deal with, or so I hear.
All you have to do is tell the police and let them catch them. And usually, it's just some poor mentally-handicapped fellow.

Guess I should've told you all this yesterdayw

306 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 21:11:57 ID:VuG3lKpU
".......Yes. I'll be counting on you then, Mr. Molester."


Don't worry! I will protect you!! From behind a telephone pole! From inside a ventilation duct! From under your bed!!
Okay, time to take up a correspondence course in Karate. Learn in a dojo? I don't have the balls for that.

In any case, I was really happy because I felt like she was really counting on me.

"Yeah, it'll be alright! We'll do something about it together!"

Looking back now, I sure said some pretty embarrassing things there.

307 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:11:59 ID:eBwaMDOv
Doesn't matter if it's a lie, just tell her "Count on me!".

308 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:13:47 ID:68Y84B7I
She called you over to the restaurant with the express purpose of telling you about her problem, so she probably wanted to hear more encouraging words from you as a man.
Otherwise, she would have just asked her friends and co-workers.

309 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:13:54 ID:Bfuj0JC7
"Yeah, it'll be alright! We'll do something about it together!" ← GJ

310 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:14:01 ID:z5888bQX
Nice! You did well. Now, for starters, order a pepper spray by mail for her!!

311 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:14:14 ID:/3d5gaLb
Protip: She was just being polite.

312 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:14:16 ID:/m/3hSf0
How's it going? Is OP going berserk again?

313 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 21:14:23 ID:VuG3lKpU
After having some more small talk and exchanging e-mail addys with Kansai and Loli Jugs, we tried to cheer up Miss Understanding as we headed home together.
That's all.

314 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:14:25 ID:mKxv/GE0
Can you even tell the difference between her saying something out of politeness and actually meaning it?
You sure you're not just imagining things, OP?

315 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:14:45 ID:hJTfzHqd

316 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:14:52 ID:LXvZBD3T
>>1 What are your plans now, Molester?
It seems like, for Miss Undie, you're the only guy she can rely on now.

317 : You can easily tell a VIPPER by their behavior ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/10 21:14:56 ID:o+rDlGUu
Okay, let's not rush it, and take it nice and slow.

318 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:15:03 ID:1FZJxfdr
>we went home together

319 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:15:13 ID:hJTfzHqd
Why are you such a lucky bastard?

320 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:15:29 ID:/m/3hSf0
He even got Loli Jugs' e-mail addy...

321 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:15:30 ID:ZO/jjKzN
There really are hardcore stalkers who seriously come to your fucking house.
They try to break in at night and stuff.
So if it's not her imagination and the things she told you about really happened, you better pull your shit together.

322 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:15:34 ID:mKxv/GE0
Are you stupid?
Don't be satisfied with just that!!!
Write "Can we meet up now?"! Right now!
To Loli Jugs!

323 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:15:36 ID:hJTfzHqd
Hey! What happened to giving her crab!?

324 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:15:46 ID:vL87ielu
Please tell me Loli Jugs' e-mail addy. I promise I won't tell anyone.

325 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:15:53 ID:7STLvgni
>exchanging e-mail addys with Kansai and Loli Jugs

326 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:16:01 ID:Bfuj0JC7
Things seem to have gone so well today I can't imagine it was just politeness.
He got himself two new e-mail addys toow

327 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:16:10 ID:N/JLU5nH
Buy Miss Undie a stun gun.

328 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:16:11 ID:ONUGkD6q
Does the poor girl not have the money to move away from the stalker?

329 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:16:15 ID:xIxX52hO
Someone please post the copypasta about the guy missing his head.

330 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:16:16 ID:D43Y2WmX
As someone who's more experienced in love matters than you guys, I think that

Miss Understanding wants to be protected by Molester Man.

I happen to be an expert on this subj-

331 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:16:25 ID:1OgC7mDx
Okay, first of all, tell us more about what the stalker did to Miss Undie.
And then we'll see what we can do about it.

332 : bananan The Third : 04/11/10 21:16:33 ID:yBI2NDXq
The crab holds the key to this case.

333 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:16:49 ID:F4Wb2Yro
Your collection of girls' e-mail addys has suddenly grown exponentiallyw

334 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:16:57 ID:uHWPmv+Y
Let me have Kansai.

335 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:17:29 ID:68Y84B7I
What do you need Loli Jugs' e-mail addy for!?

336 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:17:30 ID:kuQ6aqsv
Congrats! This is definitely more interesting than Train Man. Such an exceptional love story.
Hang in there, >>1!

337 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:17:32 ID:N/JLU5nH
Okay, first of all, tell us more about what the stalker did to Miss Undie.
And then we'll see if we can fap to it or not.

338 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:18:10 ID:eBwaMDOv
Here's a selection of crabs

339 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:18:15 ID:hJTfzHqd
What's wrong? Crab got your tongue?

340 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:18:46 ID:1OgC7mDx
Oh, give me a break. I try my best to write a helpful post for OP and you turn it into a stupid copypasta.

341 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:18:49 ID:/3d5gaLb
If you have any too direct questions to ask Miss Undie, it might be better to ask Kansai instead.

342 : You can easily tell a VIPPER by their behavior ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/10 21:18:57 ID:o+rDlGUu
Somehow or other, OP manages to catch the stalker.
As it turns out, the stalker was Crabses all along.
But having received crab from him, OP can't find the heart to turn him over to the police....

343 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:20:00 ID:LXvZBD3T
Tell her "Trust me, this will protect you." and give her a Realtek network card.

344 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:20:49 ID:Bfuj0JC7
Good point.
Plus, show Kansai you're really worried about Miss Undie and Kansai will probably tell her about it.

345 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:20:55 ID:T/IjmMee
What hairstyle did you get? Describe it by comparing it to ManaKana's hair.

346 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:21:20 ID:68Y84B7I
Why don't you go to a self-defense dojo together with her?

347 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 21:21:38 ID:VuG3lKpU
Wow, wait, guys! Exchanging e-mail addys wasn't my idea!
On our way home, Kansai suddenly asked me like the university student she is
"Ah, give me your e-mail addy!!"
"While you're at it, give me too."
"Sure, sure."

This is what happened!!

348 : You can easily tell a VIPPER by their behavior ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/10 21:21:42 ID:o+rDlGUu
Show Kansai you're really worried about Miss Undie and you will probably just end up clearing the Kansai route.

349 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:21:46 ID:Umv61eUA
Time to invite Miss Undie, Kansai and Loli Jugs over for a crab party.
The topic will be, of course, how to get rid of the molester.

If you hang in there long enough, there are three big events waiting for you, Christmas, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day...

350 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:22:01 ID:vL87ielu
I downloaded the zip-file in >>338, but I'm too scared to open it.

351 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:22:35 ID:mKxv/GE0
Now you got three different routes to clear.
So it's like Air in that matter, I guess.
I'd start with the left one and proceed to clear all three.

352 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:22:56 ID:/3d5gaLb
It's scary stuff. I wouldn't recommend opening it.

353 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:23:09 ID:Umv61eUA
My bad, I meant "get rid of the stalker". orz

354 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:23:22 ID:z5888bQX
A party with crab and liqour! Woohoow Okayyyy

355 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:23:48 ID:vL87ielu
Please elaborate.

356 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 21:23:49 ID:VuG3lKpU
Get rid of me!?

357 : bananan The Third : 04/11/10 21:23:56 ID:yBI2NDXq
If this was Air, Molester would die in the end though.

358 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:24:19 ID:1OgC7mDx
It was the most erotic thing I've seen in my life.

359 : You can easily tell a VIPPER by their behavior ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/10 21:24:30 ID:o+rDlGUu
Did you just admit that you're a molester!?

360 : &rlo;!!Muzuitanhe (・ω・ 彡э )∈&lro; : 04/11/10 21:24:41 ID:1LlniAve
+   +
  ∩_∩  +
 (0゚・(ェ)・) ba-dump ba-dump bear bear
 (0゚つ旦O +
 と__)__) +

361 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:25:01 ID:sV++MzEq
Let's go back to the details of what the stalker did to Miss Undie...

362 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:25:28 ID:/3d5gaLb
Now, what should be Molester's next move?

363 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:25:52 ID:1OgC7mDx
Seriously now, what did the stalker do to her?
It's fine if you can't tell us the details, but did he break into her place or what?
What if he planted something inside? Shouldn't you check her apartment for listening devices and stuff...?

364 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:26:10 ID:F4Wb2Yro
My sides hurtww

365 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 21:26:38 ID:VuG3lKpU
Breaking into her place is the most harmless thing he did.
If we trust Miss Understanding's story, that is.

366 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:27:16 ID:vL87ielu
Yeah, it was all smooth and silky... ('A`)

367 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:27:38 ID:JOjDZp70
Are Kansai and Loli Jugs cute?

368 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:27:45 ID:lx5UWHi0
OP has to give her the dick all the time because his dick is the only dick her poor stalked misanthropic pussy can trust.

I wish this would happen.

369 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:27:49 ID:mKxv/GE0
Uhh, you mean she got molested and raped and shit?

370 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:28:06 ID:1OgC7mDx
I get that you can't get specific about it, so just give us a rough description. We'll try to come up with a counter plan then.
Was it a rape attempt?

371 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:28:26 ID:hKzUnxZp
So it was basically rape?

372 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:28:33 ID:OGiCaMVE
Maybe Miss Undie has Munchausen syndrome.

373 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:28:58 ID:isXjtX6t
If she's really getting stalked, the stalker might be already aware of Molester Man.

374 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:29:07 ID:/3d5gaLb
Rape. Everyone's favorite topicw

375 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:29:09 ID:1FZJxfdr
Was the stalker sitting in the bathtub when she came home?

376 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:29:47 ID:9djblWdd
I seriously can't forgive guys who do stuff like that.
OP, if I was you, I'd try to catch the fucker and beat the shit out of him.
But I'm not you and you are the only one who can save Miss Undie now.
It's not even a matter of whether you like her or not, you know? Stalkers deserve a good beating, is all.

377 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:30:28 ID:LXvZBD3T
Add Mana and Kana's hairstyles together and divide them by two.

378 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 21:31:05 ID:VuG3lKpU
Well, fairly cute, I guess.
No, he didn't lay a finger on her.
He sneaked into Miss Understanding's place when she was sleeping... and stuff.

379 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:31:36 ID:ZO/jjKzN
I can't picture Miss Undie taking advice from an undependable guy like Molester.

380 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:31:48 ID:wMiHKfHM
What is IOBI?

381 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:31:56 ID:1OgC7mDx
Well, the stalker can croak for all I care, but Molester Man shouldn't get violent.
In the worst case, he could get arrested for excessive self-defense.

382 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:31:59 ID:26FbrZGT
How about we give Molester a crash course in law, disguise him as a private detective and make him confront the stalker head-on?

383 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:32:13 ID:LXvZBD3T
Me neither.

384 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:32:58 ID:Umv61eUA
Let's see. Miss Undie, who doesn't have any male friends, is asking Molester for help, who doesn't have any friends. Guess you're going to have to do this one by yourself, Molester.
By which I mean, put your life on the line and stop that stalker!

385 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:33:04 ID:68Y84B7I
Stalker = Glasses would be the greatest twist ever.

386 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:33:08 ID:/3d5gaLb
That's harsh... I'd cry too if that happened to me.

387 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:33:19 ID:LXvZBD3T
I bet Kansai knows about Train Man.

388 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:33:30 ID:1OgC7mDx
So he sneaked into her place and watched her sleep or what? Is that all?
Or did he steal something?

389 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:33:45 ID:vL87ielu
Dude... Loli Jugs... pant pant...

390 : You can easily tell a VIPPER by their behavior ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/10 21:34:01 ID:o+rDlGUu
I agree wholeheartedly.

391 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:34:06 ID:IPDX5fcg
Hey guys, did OP get arrested yet??

392 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 21:34:10 ID:VuG3lKpU
He took..... her used products.

393 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:34:16 ID:8jD3ORyY
Isn't it because Molester doesn't have any hard feelings and treats her kindly
even though she mistook him for a molester and caused him lots of trouble?

When I saw >>1's posts in the first thread, I thought it was just another shitty thread, but look at it now.
I didn't think it'd grow so much.

394 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:34:55 ID:mKxv/GE0
(ノ∀`) Oh boy.

395 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:35:35 ID:Bfuj0JC7
Only in VIP can seemingly shitty threads grow this much.

396 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:36:06 ID:1OgC7mDx
Oh God, what a sick fuck...

397 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:36:12 ID:LXvZBD3T
(ノ∀`) Oh boy.

398 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:36:13 ID:pG7qtfPM
(((( ;゚д゚))) Oh shit oh shit oh shit

399 : &rlo;!!Muzuitanhe (・ω・ 彡э )∈&lro; : 04/11/10 21:36:15 ID:1LlniAve

+   +
  ∩_∩  +
 (0゚・(ェ)・) I bet the zip-file is full of seafood bear bear
 (0゚つ旦O +
 と__)__) +

400 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:36:48 ID:D43Y2WmX
Molester Man VS Stalker
The optimal outcome of this fight for Miss Understanding is probably Molester and the stalker stabbing each other to death at the same time.

401 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:36:56 ID:Bfuj0JC7
Does the stalker have a duplicate key or how did he enter her apartment?

402 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 21:36:57 ID:VuG3lKpU
I think it's full of Raoh.

403 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:36:57 ID:9djblWdd
I mad.
Even VIPPERs wouldn't stoop that low.

404 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:37:15 ID:Umv61eUA
He sneaked in? Does that mean he has a key for her place?

405 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:37:34 ID:1FZJxfdr
Take this shit to the News Live board.

406 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:37:39 ID:9djblWdd
You don't need a key to get in. Picking a lock is easy as hell.

407 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:37:53 ID:/m/3hSf0
He must have borrowed a key from the apartment manager.

408 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:38:22 ID:v5dkUjT0
Are the stalker's motives still unclear?

409 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:38:25 ID:1OgC7mDx
Wow, this thread is going places.
Since you can't go into detail about what the stalker did, just tell us this:
Are the stalker's charges theft, burglary, stalking and obscenity? Or is there more?

410 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:38:31 ID:pG7qtfPM

411 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:38:41 ID:vL87ielu
...Is it okay for you to be lurking in this thread and doing absolutely nothing?
What if something was happening to Miss Undie right now?
Stalker: "*pant pant* Miss Undie, I saw you today *pant pant* having fun with some guy at your workplace *pant pant*
      I can't forgive you for hanging out with some other guy when you got me *pant pant*"
What if this was happening right now?

At least, send her an e-mail like "I can't stop worrying about you after everything you told me today. Are you all right?" before she goes to bed every night.
Don't take it too far and get on her nerves though.

412 : You can easily tell a VIPPER by their behavior ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/10 21:39:15 ID:o+rDlGUu
I can't believe the police aren't taking her case seriously after all he did to her.

413 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:41:16 ID:9djblWdd
What do you think?

414 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:41:18 ID:7STLvgni
The one thing those useless dimwits we call cops hate the most is wasted effort.
They're dumb and lazy.

415 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 21:41:24 ID:VuG3lKpU
No, I agree with you, but what can I do?
You don't need to tell me that reporting today's events in some 2ch thread like it was my blog isn't really what I should be doing right now...

"Thanks for lunch today. It was fun talking to you."

I guess, all I can do for now is send her an e-mail like this...

416 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:41:39 ID:1OgC7mDx
I heard they're a lot more hesitant to take action than you'd think. It's because they don't want to meddle in private affairs or something.
Even if you stress that it's serious, they tell you it's not their job to solve your muddled love problems, or so I hear.

417 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:42:38 ID:68Y84B7I
She probably hasn't shown the police any actual physical evidence yet.
But lately, there have been more and more cases that are, by their nature, hard to prove, so I doubt the police would completely ignore her case like that.

418 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:42:55 ID:vL87ielu
You can't tell her it was fun. You should be worried about her...

419 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:43:09 ID:hKzUnxZp
It was fun? Isn't it a bit tactless to write that?

420 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:43:23 ID:hJTfzHqd

421 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:43:28 ID:68Y84B7I
I don't think you should write something like "It was fun".

422 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 21:44:26 ID:VuG3lKpU

423 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:44:41 ID:/3d5gaLb
Heh, I bet you'd enjoy talking to her stalker too.

424 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:44:52 ID:LXvZBD3T
Man, you're really something else, you know that?

425 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:45:13 ID:D43Y2WmX
Why can't you get a single e-mail right by yourself?

426 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:45:46 ID:7STLvgni
OP would make a great troll.

427 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:46:07 ID:hJTfzHqd

428 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:46:21 ID:pG7qtfPM
Everyone's already said what I wanted to say.

"I had a wonderful time today, but I'm very worried.
I think I also understand now why I was mistaken for a molester."

Did I nail it?

429 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:46:25 ID:hKzUnxZp
That's not the point though!
What do you think Miss Understanding called you over and spent half a day with you for?

430 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:46:44 ID:xIxX52hO
So, who is your main target anyway?
Not saying you shouldn't just go for all of them.

431 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:46:46 ID:mKxv/GE0

Thanks for lunch today...

   I'm sorry I wasn't able to help. I'll try to do better next time.
rァ  It was fun talking to you.
   It was fucking boring. You better let me fondle your boobs next time.

432 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:46:46 ID:hJTfzHqd
If OP turns out to be a troll, I swear I'll down a whole cup of methanol in one gulp.

433 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:47:39 ID:4yM/zXg7
Instead of "I'll protect you.",
you should have just said "Let me protect you.".

434 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:47:43 ID:KRbFzKtN
>1 is such a spineless coward.
But it's also what I like about him.

435 : You can easily tell a VIPPER by their behavior ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/10 21:47:50 ID:o+rDlGUu
Molester Man -  You couldn't give any advice concerning Miss Undie's stalker problem.
          All you did was scare the poor girl who can't even talk to her parents about it.
          After all that, you have the nerve to write her that it was fun today.
          Sorry, but are you a sadist?

436 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:48:59 ID:ZO/jjKzN

Keep in mind that women who have suffered from stalking and the like are usually left heavily traumatized for life.
Unlike Train Man, this doesn't seem like the kind of thread where I can just sit back and watch it unfold.

If you're not doing this just for shits and giggles, but actually planning on staying acquainted with her, you better get your fucking act together, Molester.
Because if something were to happen to her, it wouldn't be only the stalker's fault, everyone around her would be to blame too for letting it happen and that includes you.

437 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:49:29 ID:hKzUnxZp
Guys, we can discuss this later. Let's discuss what to write her tonight.

438 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:49:41 ID:mKxv/GE0
>you better get your fucking act together, Molester

Okay, this doesn't sound right out of context.

439 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:49:42 ID:4yM/zXg7
Is this thread in any way related to this?

[CRAB] Paolo Di Canio [MAN]

440 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 21:49:46 ID:VuG3lKpU
No, I wasn't going to send only that one line, obviously!!

I was planning on including the following three things in my e-mail:

- Thanks for lunch
- It was fun today
- As for the molester problem, don't give up

441 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:50:38 ID:l5YsU4i3
"I got really worried after hearing your story today, Miss Undie.
Shall we go looking for anti-lockpicking and self-defense products together in the next few days?"
Write her this.

442 : You can easily tell a VIPPER by their behavior ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/10 21:50:39 ID:o+rDlGUu
"Don't give up".... Is that all you got? It's like you don't even give a damn.

443 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:50:44 ID:/3d5gaLb
You just admitted that the stalker molested herw

444 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:51:01 ID:vL87ielu

445 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:51:13 ID:ZjhaWTUi
I get that you had fun today,
but it's not what Miss Undie wants to hear from you...

446 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:51:32 ID:hJTfzHqd
Something like "Please let me know if I can be of any help.".
How about putting some of OP's clothes into her laundry basket to make it look like she's seeing someone?

447 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:51:49 ID:Umv61eUA
What is she thinking, confiding in some guy she got to know only a few days ago? And it's not just some ordinary guy, it's the guy she thought was a molester.
She could have at least picked Glasses, but no, she chose Molester!

I'm so worried about her, and I don't even know her. (´д`lli)

448 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:52:12 ID:1OgC7mDx
Think it over some more. Then give her a call. Sending an e-mail won't cut it this time.
Let her hear your voice and show her you mean it.

Btw, I've been thinking long and hard about this, and here's what I'd do. Feel free to add stuff, guys.

Go to the police with Miss Undie. Stress how serious her situation is, and that it's not just her being paranoid.
In case they still don't seem like they're going to do anything about it, get their names, ranks and station number (if a civilian asks, they have to tell them these three things)
and report it to the committee for the inquest of prosecution or whatever it is called now.

Miss Undie should get her door lock changed, and she should make sure that she locks the door whenever she leaves, even if it's only for a minute etc.
The next one might be difficult. She should write down everything the stalker has done to her so far on a piece of paper and take it to the police.
If she has any proof for any of the deeds, she should, of course, include it.

She seems to trust you more than you deserve, OP, so it might be a good idea to suggest going home together everyday.
I don't think she'd say no to that. And you'd get to see her everyday.

449 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:52:36 ID:zLZyfWvB
I'm glad I didn't miss out on much while I was off watching Trivia.

450 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:52:41 ID:7STLvgni
you could write something like "Let's meet up again soon and come up with a concrete plan.".
Also, thank her for the crab lunch, while you're at it.

451 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:52:50 ID:hJTfzHqd
There's no need to tell her that you had fun, is there?
I'm sure she noticed by herself.

452 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:52:52 ID:ZjhaWTUi
Doesn't matter if it's a lie, tell her
"Let me know if something happens, I'll hurry to your side!"

453 : You can easily tell a VIPPER by their behavior ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/10 21:52:53 ID:o+rDlGUu
That might end up exposing Molester to danger though.

454 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:53:08 ID:4yM/zXg7
Train Man changed his trip to "Train Man" after a while.
Why won't Molester Man change it?

455 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:53:18 ID:68Y84B7I
All you did today was uselessly scare the bejeezus out of her, rub salt in her emotional wounds by asking her about her parents (seriously, don't underestimate the damage this one might have done), without being able to give her any helpful advice.
And now you're like "It was fun.". What would you think if you were in her shoes?

456 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:53:53 ID:D43Y2WmX
Well, I don't think Molester Man wants to date Miss Understanding.
Cuz if he really did, he wouldn't write an e-mail like that.

457 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:54:03 ID:ZjhaWTUi

458 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:54:27 ID:hKzUnxZp
Yeah, time to prove to her that OP isn't just talk.

459 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:54:46 ID:/m/3hSf0
"Please contact me when something happens."

460 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:54:47 ID:hJTfzHqd
Well, maybe they really did have a lot of fun and OP just decided to leave it out in his report,
but there's no need to mention it in this case.

461 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:55:04 ID:JskRmOJ8
You don't get what VIP QUALITY is all about.

462 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:55:22 ID:ZO/jjKzN
I don't get it either.

463 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:55:40 ID:xIxX52hO
Use Miss Undie's stalker problem as a pretense and clear Loli Jugs' route first, then Kansai's.

464 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:55:43 ID:mKxv/GE0
Why don't we go for the bad end and I take over as OP's successor?
If you fail, OP, make sure to introduce me as a good friend of yours.
Got it?

465 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:55:53 ID:1OgC7mDx
True that. I too think that OP should give her a call.
You can't convey any emotions in an e-mail.

But well, I suppose, if OP could give someone a normal call like normal people do, he wouldn't be on VIP. That's VIP QUALITY for ya.

466 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:56:14 ID:ZjhaWTUi
Ah, I know!
OP should just move in together with Miss Undie!

467 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:56:17 ID:tqgFGndU
I see you're on a run, but you can't hide your nature as a stalker and molester anymore.
It was all part of your plan from the start, wasn't it? Reported.

468 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:56:24 ID:68Y84B7I
All Molester Man wants is to have seicross with Miss Undie, right? If we're perfectly honest.
Didn't he say something to that effect in the first thread?

469 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:56:39 ID:hKzUnxZp
The laundry tactic might be a good idea to prevent stalking, but in case of a seriously sick stalker, it might make things a lot worse. I wouldn't do it.

470 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:57:11 ID:/3d5gaLb
She probably doesn't know how seriously worried you are about her.
Use this as an opportunity to show her how much you care. Feel free to lay it on thick if you have to.

471 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:57:43 ID:pG7qtfPM

If you're gonna call, just don't blurt out that it was fun today, okay?

472 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:58:40 ID:mKxv/GE0
Wow, the VIPPERs' advice is so spot-on, I wonder why they always act like they're pants on head retarded.

473 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:58:41 ID:hJTfzHqd
Ahh, damn, he's so gonna say it.

474 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:58:56 ID:HGLgSQMy
How insensitive can you be!?
Even if you enjoyed yourself today, it's not what you should be stressing.
What you really want her to know is that you were listening to her when she told you about her problem and that you're seriously trying to come up with a solution.

At least say something like "I want to protect you, if you let me.".

475 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:59:08 ID:D43Y2WmX

The VIPPERs are starting to irritated at Molester Man's indecisive attitude.

476 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:59:09 ID:hJTfzHqd
That is true VIP QUALITY.

477 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 21:59:13 ID:1OgC7mDx
Oh yeah, he did say that, didn't he?
What do you really want, OP? You can cut ties with her if she's carrying too much baggage for you,
but this may be also your once-in-a-lifetime chance to get a girlfriend.
I'll decide depending on your answer whether to root for you or not.

478 : You can easily tell a VIPPER by their behavior ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/10 21:59:44 ID:o+rDlGUu

479 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:00:21 ID:/3d5gaLb
Considering all the bullshit he's spouted so far, I guess it'd be wiser to send an e-mail.

480 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:00:51 ID:mKxv/GE0
Don't give up until you at least get to fondle her boobs, Molester Man!

481 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:01:01 ID:ZjhaWTUi
Subject: "Today..."
Body: "Thank you for treating me to lunch.
     I couldn't find the right words on our way back,
     but please call me whenever you need help.
     I'll hurry to your side 24/7.
     I would die for you."

482 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:01:17 ID:7STLvgni
I, for one, like the OP who loves to talk about crabs and Bakatono.

483 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:01:44 ID:vL87ielu
For now, >>1 is someone Miss Undie can ask for advice, not more and not less. I don't think she really expects you to save her from the stalker.

But that's all the more reason to rise to the challenge, >>1

484 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 22:01:47 ID:VuG3lKpU
Like I said, I want a girlfriend and I want to have seicross too!!
It's my ultimate goal.

But let me be clear, I'm not planning on becoming a criminal to achieve it.

485 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:02:44 ID:mKxv/GE0
Molester Man will masturbate today.
But while doing so, he won't be thinking of Miss Understanding or Loli Jugs. It'll be Kansai instead...
Because he still can't forget how she slapped him on his shoulder today.

486 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:02:52 ID:C36xU/+Z
Let me sum everything up: Molester is a retard.

487 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:03:02 ID:dwTrxiku
Here's what I'd do if I was OP.
I'd give her a call a bit later today than I normally would. It obviously depends on who I want to call,
but if it's someone I'd normally call sometime between 11pm and midnight, I'd do it between 1:30 and 2:00 am instead.

Miss Undie: "Is something the matter, Mr. Molester?"
Molester: "No, nothing really... I got a little worried about you and figured I'll just call to see if you're okay."
Miss Undie: "Thank you, I'm fine... But please don't worry about me."
Molester: "Guess you're right. It's pointless to get suddenly worried at night, huh?w" and get a laugh out of her.

It'll make her think "Ahh... He really is worried about me...".

This won't lead to the kind of ending VIP is hoping for though.

488 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:03:03 ID:ZjhaWTUi
Oh shit! My post makes me sound like a stalker!w

489 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:03:05 ID:hJTfzHqd
Even after hearing Miss Undie's desperate cry for help,
you still only care about what you want, huh?

490 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:03:06 ID:pG7qtfPM
In that case, do what everyone's telling you!
Put on your coolest act and go knock her socks off!

491 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:03:44 ID:/3d5gaLb
Your ultimate goal is supposed to be "I want to protect her!"!!

492 : You can easily tell a VIPPER by their behavior ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/10 22:04:11 ID:o+rDlGUu
If he doesn't pull off something like that anytime soon, I don't see this going anywhere.

493 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:04:34 ID:hKzUnxZp
She'll already be sleeping if he calls her that late.

494 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:05:19 ID:Umv61eUA
(゚∀゚) RUB IT!!

495 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:05:45 ID:1OgC7mDx
We got that already. What we wanna know is what you wanna do after that.
Look, you're at a crossroad in life. Getting involved with Miss Undie probably means getting involved in her stalker case.
And it's okay if you wanna quit, you know? Miss Undie isn't the only girl out there, there's enough fish in the sea. Just tell us what you really want.
Let's say you somehow manage to make Miss Undie your girlfriend. Will you be able to protect her? You might as well quit now if you're in this with a half-hearted resolve. You're up against a criminal, after all.

496 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 22:06:22 ID:VuG3lKpU
Alright then! You guys tell me what to do!!
And I'll do whatever gets the most votes!!

497 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:06:26 ID:vL87ielu

498 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:06:32 ID:1FZJxfdr
OP should camp in front of her place and keep watch from now on.
Until one of her neighbors reports him to the police.

You guys keep saying he should hurry to her place if something happens, but does he even know where she lives?

499 : You can easily tell a VIPPER by their behavior ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/10 22:07:17 ID:o+rDlGUu
First of all, be more subtle. Everything you do just screams "I wanna fuck you".

500 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:07:19 ID:F4Wb2Yro
If that's what you want, then you better start putting yourself in her shoes and giving her some real advice.
I know you had fun today and I can see why you'd want her to know about it, >>1.
But you should ask yourself if it's what she really wants to hear right now.
The way I see it, you should be saying something to ease her worries instead.

501 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:07:24 ID:1OgC7mDx
By the way, Capcom seems to have sold off their rights to Street Fighter.

502 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:07:40 ID:YBYKOfOI
Isn't a phone call rather risky?
What if the stalker has wiretapped Miss Undie's room... What if he listens in on their conversation and loses his shit...? shake shake

503 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:08:37 ID:pG7qtfPM
Oh shit, you're right! ((( ;゚Д゚))) shake shake

504 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:08:44 ID:1OgC7mDx
I, for one, want a pure love end with plenty of VIP QUALITY.

505 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:08:48 ID:dwTrxiku
I was just giving an example, but it's okay even if she's already in bed.
In fact, the most optimal time would be right before she falls asleep.
If she's asleep, she'll ask you on the next day "Did you call yesterday?".
The main goal is to pass off your late night call as something you only did because you heard about her serious stalker problem.
Something you only did because you were worried. Something you wouldn't have done otherwise.
She must feel uneasy when she's lying alone in bed trying to fall asleep. Your call will distract her and calm her down.

506 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 22:09:25 ID:VuG3lKpU
Hehehe... Actually, when we were standing in front of my place, I thought I'd say
"I'll walk you home today.",
and find out where she lives, but before I could say it, she said:
"Ah, here we are. Thank you very much for today. It was funw"
"Please don't mention it. I had a great time too."
"See you then."
"Yes, see you."

She beat me to the punch!!

507 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:09:58 ID:vL87ielu
Send her this:

"I'm sorry I kept you from your work today.
    I think, we should meet up on a holiday next time, so we can take our time and talk without any interruptions.
    And as for the stalker, I might not be of much help, but
    feel free to ask me when you need help. I'll do whatever I can to help you.
    Well, I wish you a good night. See you next time!"

Might make you sound like a creep though.

508 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:10:04 ID:6Ck7jMz2
It might be a good idea to point out >>502 to her. You could go to Akiba with her and buy a wiretap detector for her!

509 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:10:11 ID:1OgC7mDx
He can't listen in if he calls her cell phone. Though it'd be a serious crime if he really wiretapped her room.
Couldn't the police at least check her room for bugs?

510 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:10:52 ID:ZjhaWTUi
After receiving an SOS call from Miss Undie, Molester Man hurries to her place
only to find Crabses there....
When you feel like the stalker is near you, try calling Crabses' number.

511 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:10:58 ID:KRbFzKtN
Why don't you give her a call?

512 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:11:15 ID:HGLgSQMy
Read the posts between >>441 and >>495 again. Read them 12 times.

Besides, Molester, if the real stalker attacked you, can you even put up a fight?
Have you ever done any sports?

513 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:11:57 ID:pG7qtfPM
The sad truth is that the police won't do shit until something actually happens.

514 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:12:16 ID:9djblWdd
Send her an e-mail really late at night.
Write something that makes her think you couldn't stop worrying about the stalker even after you came home.

Miss Undie → "Wow, he was worried about me that late at night" → Brownie points UP

515 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:12:21 ID:F4Wb2Yro
I think it'll be a nuisance if she's already sleeping though.
She had to work today, and there's her stalker problem too.
It could be pretty scary for her to get a call late at night when she's already in bed. (Plus, >>1 probably edged the stalker on with his visit today...)
Add all that up and I think it'll be more detrimental than beneficial.

516 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:13:00 ID:mKxv/GE0
Dude, you're smart.

517 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:13:20 ID:vL87ielu
Seriously though, the police are so useless when it comes to cases like this.
In our neighborhood, there's like a huge outbreak of molesters every summer, but all the police ever does is send some guy on a moped who drives around honking twice a day.
Once it gets a little cooler, they stop doing even that.

I wonder when I'll be the next to get assaulted by a molester. I can't wait.

518 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:13:25 ID:Umv61eUA
Forget having sex with her for now!
You have to get rid of her stalker first.

But as long as we don't have a clue what the stalker is doing right now, how are we VIPPERs supposed to give you advice anyway?

519 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:13:29 ID:1FZJxfdr
Every once in a while, >>1's post gets completely ignored by the people in his threadw

520 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:13:40 ID:tqgFGndU
Posting in epic bread.

521 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:14:11 ID:/3d5gaLb
The important part is what to write to her after that though, isn't it?

522 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:14:40 ID:zLZyfWvB
Before writing an e-mail to her, I'd jerk off once to clear my mind and come back to my senses.

523 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:15:17 ID:9djblWdd
That's exactly the problem. I tried to come up with something, but failed.

524 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:15:37 ID:F4Wb2Yro
Maybe a stupid question, but has she really been to a "police station"?
I'm just afraid she might have misunderstood something and only been to a "police box" so far.

525 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:16:10 ID:ZO/jjKzN
OP is such a useless guy.

526 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:16:11 ID:hKzUnxZp
Do you even know the stalker's identity to begin with?

527 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:16:31 ID:dwTrxiku
Well, I was just saying what I'd do if I was OP.
I don't think Molester has the conversation skills to make a girl, that's worried to death, laugh anyway.

528 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:16:58 ID:1OgC7mDx
We need more information to come up with a plan against the stalker.
Making empty promises won't help anyone, after all.

That sounds like something she'd actually do.

529 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 22:17:06 ID:VuG3lKpU
Okay, I'll go fap at the speed of light then. Luckily, I got more than enough material to fap to now!!

530 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:18:23 ID:vL87ielu
I'll never forgive you if you fap to Loli Jugs or Kansai.

531 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:18:27 ID:dwTrxiku
How long will it take? 4 to 6 minutes?

532 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:18:30 ID:/m/3hSf0
And so >>1 left to masturbate.
However, the words he posted, when he was done masturbating, hit us completely unprepared.

533 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:18:34 ID:7STLvgni
This fucking guy...

534 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 22:19:09 ID:VuG3lKpU
Huh, but I can't possibly fap to Miss Understanding's stalker story, can I?

535 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:19:19 ID:ET4Zqfid
I say he'll be back after 2 minutes.

536 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:19:38 ID:F4Wb2Yro
No, you don't need any conversation skills to make her laugh.
It doesn't take much to calm down a girl her age.

537 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:19:48 ID:9djblWdd
You got it backwards, idiot. You don't fap to your real love interest.
You keep her pure and untouched the time comes.

538 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:19:58 ID:vL87ielu
Unforgivable. I'll never forgive you. At least, until you post pics of them.

539 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:20:57 ID:7HcnCWGo
Am I the only one who wants to hear about Loli Jugs' and Kansai's experience with molesters?

540 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:21:09 ID:1FZJxfdr
Would it be okay to ask her if the date this weekend still stands?

541 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:21:39 ID:F4Wb2Yro
It also depends on when she went to the police.
If it was before the anti-stalking law was introduced, for example, she didn't even have to bother...

542 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:22:34 ID:F4Wb2Yro
Good pointw
I wonder what happened to it.

543 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:22:46 ID:YBYKOfOI
I think OP should write her at least once a day.
Just imagine she gets offed by the stalker and the thread ends before OP finds out about it... That'd leave a bad aftertaste. And it'd all be because of OP's half-assed attitude. (´・д・`)

544 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:23:26 ID:1OgC7mDx
OP's avoiding all the crucial questions...
I feel like this is just one big trolling attempt.

545 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:24:31 ID:vL87ielu
Sorry, but >>1 is in the middle of fapping right now, fantasizing about a threesome with Loli Jugs and Kansai.

546 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:24:36 ID:/3d5gaLb
She went 2 months ago IIRC.

547 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:24:40 ID:HGLgSQMy
- I came to the conclusion that you don't have a choice but to protect yourself
- Seems like Kansai has been looking out for you so far, but she's still just a woman
- I'm seriously worried about you, Miss Understanding
- Is there something I can do for you? ("I'll protect you no matter what!" sounds too much like a lie.)

It should be fine if you include these points.
Just don't write shit like "I had so much fun today".

548 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:24:43 ID:1FZJxfdr
No way, right...?

549 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:27:56 ID:F4Wb2Yro
I'd feel like crying if OP was like "I just made everything upw" after four and a half threads.....
I feel like it'd leave me emotionally traumatized for life. (´・ω・`)

550 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:28:36 ID:hJTfzHqd
I like the fourth one.
Shouldn't he just ask her directly "Is there something I can do for you? It doesn't matter what it is, please tell me honestly."?

551 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 22:28:47 ID:VuG3lKpU
If you could write down all those "crucial" questions in one post, I'll gladly try to answer them as honestly as possible.

552 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:29:49 ID:wMiHKfHM
Eh, but OP is a troll, right?
I bet 1000 Kansai that he goes like "I just made it all up♪ Hehe" after his final report about how he had sex with her.

553 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:30:13 ID:xIxX52hO

The VIPPERs are starting to suspect Molester Man of being a troll because of his wishy-washy answers.

554 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:30:15 ID:1OgC7mDx
Please no, I couldn't take it.
I'm depressed enough as it is with my cute little sister (probably still a virgin) seeing some new guy and all...
It's obvious that they're not going to stay together for very long because of their differences in academic backgrounds, but all I can do is watch over her.
I wonder if this is how a father feels when giving away his daughter...

555 : You can easily tell a VIPPER by their behavior ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/10 22:31:02 ID:o+rDlGUu

556 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:31:28 ID:hJTfzHqd
Are you the guy that made the thread with the title "Don't you wish you had a cute little sister like mine?" yesterday?

557 : &rlo;!!Muzuitanhe (・ω・ 彡э )∈&lro; : 04/11/10 22:31:31 ID:GPK0DiU7
Couldn't she just move away and change jobs?

Is the stalker someone Miss Undie knows?

558 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:31:40 ID:vL87ielu
Post a pic of her! Do it!

I must seem so desperate right now, but I can't find anything to fap to... Sorry, guys.

559 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:32:10 ID:YBYKOfOI
(´-`).。oO( What if OP only acts like a loser in this thread, but is actually already lovey-dovey with Miss Undie...? )

560 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:32:11 ID:1OgC7mDx
First, the questions in >>495, then the question about the stalker's motives, and finally, when she went to the police the first time.
Answer these first please.

561 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:34:09 ID:1OgC7mDx

If I were to compare my little sister to a 2D character, it'd be Ayu from Kanon.
Soon, she'll get turned into a woman by some guy I don't even know. I get depressed just thinking about it...

562 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:34:47 ID:Umv61eUA
- When the stalker sneaked into her apartment, did he use a duplicate key, pick the door open, or had she forgotten to lock the door?
- Once inside, what did he really do to her? Did he steal her underwear, or leave semen-soaked tissues behind or something?
- You said she asked the police for help. What did the police do, if anything?
- Does she have a clue who the stalker could be?

This is about all I can come up with right now.

563 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:34:48 ID:7STLvgni
By the way, the Internet says the anti-stalking law was enacted in November, 2000.

564 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:34:53 ID:vL87ielu
Sorry, I don't know Kanon. But it's okay, I'm sure she's quite the cutie.

565 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:35:24 ID:F4Wb2Yro
"probably still a virgin"?w
But I know that feel, bro. It's like someone suddenly takes your cute little sister away from you...
There's no guarantee that they'll break up just because they have different academic backgrounds though, you know?

566 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:36:18 ID:6Ck7jMz2
Your little sister's gonna get deflowered.

567 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:36:28 ID:/3d5gaLb
The second and third question have already been answered.

568 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:36:53 ID:ZjhaWTUi
I'm sorry, big bro.

569 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:37:50 ID:1OgC7mDx
She said she had a boyfriend in high school. And she said they only kissed.
In the end, I don't care who she dates as long as she's happy... But the thing is, the new guy seems to lack any kind of ambition.
Sooner or later, it'll drive them apart from each other. I just hope I won't have to see her tears when it happens.
Well, enough about me. I don't wanna derail the thread.

570 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:38:07 ID:ZO/jjKzN
I owe you an apology too...
I'm really sorry for what I did.

571 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 22:39:34 ID:VuG3lKpU
To be honest, I don't really feel like I'm in danger at all.
All I've done so far is listen to her problems, after all. But I do want to protect her if I can.
And it won't be just for the seicross either.
As for when Miss Understanding asked the police for help, she said it was about two months ago.
- No clue. She didn't go into that much detail.
- In the unlikely event that one of the involved people is reading this thread, I can't possibly answer that question, can I?
- It's as I wrote in my report. I don't know the details, but she said they increased the patrols in her neighborhood, paid her a visit several times a day and stuff.
- I don't think she does. I don't know though, I haven't asked her.

572 : You can easily tell a VIPPER by their behavior ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/10 22:39:39 ID:o+rDlGUu
Just when the VIPPERs were starting to get tired of Molester Man's incompetence, Molester Man starts to speak.

573 : &rlo;!!Muzuitanhe (・ω・ 彡э )∈&lro; : 04/11/10 22:40:13 ID:GPK0DiU7

          The thread suddenly turned into a little sister thread.

574 : You can easily tell a VIPPER by their behavior ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/10 22:40:24 ID:o+rDlGUu
I was 5 seconds too late.


575 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:41:59 ID:RPfZAQsd
Why don't we just make her move away?
To Molester's place, that is.

576 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:43:44 ID:1FZJxfdr
The stalker knows her workplace though.

577 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:44:43 ID:/3d5gaLb
I guess the scariest thing would be if the stalker was watching this thread, huh?

578 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:45:05 ID:YBYKOfOI
So, did OP write an e-mail to Miss Undie now or not?

579 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:45:57 ID:ZjhaWTUi
Use the crab as bribe!

580 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:46:30 ID:F4Wb2Yro
Reasons why moving away isn't an option:
- Make one wrong move and you'll just end up pissing the stalker off and making everything worse
- >>1 and Miss Undie don't know each other well enough to live together

581 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:46:39 ID:/m/3hSf0
I feel like it's about time Glasses makes his move, whatever it may be.

582 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:46:51 ID:RPfZAQsd
The stalker might be among us VIPPERs then, huh...

583 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 22:47:37 ID:VuG3lKpU
Oh crap! I still haven't written her an e-mail!!
What should I do!?

584 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:49:03 ID:1OgC7mDx
You seem like a good guy, alright. You can count on my support. Hang in there, OP.
It's nice that you wanna protect her, but don't forget to protect yourself too.

The first thing she should do now is ask the police for help one more time.
The police may not trust her because of her recent misunderstanding, but she should still give it a second try.
When she does, she should take every piece of evidence she has with her. If there is none, she should compile a chronological list of all the things the stalker has done to her so far.
If possible, you should accompany her for some major brownie points.

Hiring a private detective is a no-go unless you can afford them.
But you should really consider checking her room for listening devices. Make up some excuse if you have to.
Beware though that any form of countermeasure against the stalker might backfire on you.

But first things first: Write her an e-mail.

585 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:49:07 ID:zLZyfWvB
Make sure to thank her for lunch today.

586 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 22:50:08 ID:VuG3lKpU
So, do I write an e-mail or give her a call?

587 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:50:35 ID:/m/3hSf0
E-mail. Who knows what kind of stupid shit you might say on the phone.

588 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:51:25 ID:ZjhaWTUi
Write an e-mail for now.

589 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:51:46 ID:ONUGkD6q
Cheer her up with a phone call.

590 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:51:49 ID:vL87ielu
Sending an e-mail is probably wiser...

591 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:52:21 ID:1OgC7mDx
I think a phone call would be better, but the stalker might have tapped her line...
If you can talk to her on the phone without mentioning a thing about wiretaps, it's definitely better to call her.
Write her an e-mail if you can't. I'd call her if I was you though.

592 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:52:30 ID:Umv61eUA
Thanks for answering the questions.

I don't think the police will help as long as there's no evidence, so you should gather evidence first.
Recordings of the stalker's calls (if there were any), for instance.
Other than that, all you can do for now is give her mental support.

593 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:52:30 ID:HGLgSQMy
The police doesn't give a damn until it's too late.
In most cases, they only do shit when someone's dead or something similar has happened.
Even if they did something, it'd just be patrolling the area once a day or something like that.
You can't expect them to guard you 24/7 anyway.

594 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:52:50 ID:ZjhaWTUi
"Thanks for treating me to lunch today.
 But after hearing about your problem, I got suddenly so worried.
 Is everything alright?"
Send an e-mail like this and give her a call depending on her reply.

595 : You can easily tell a VIPPER by their behavior ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/10 22:52:51 ID:o+rDlGUu
1. Write an e-mail and post her reply
2. Discuss with the VIPPERs what to reply
3. Send reply

This should be the most fun for all of us.

596 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:53:15 ID:YBYKOfOI
"Thank you for the meal today.
I enjoyed having lunch together with so many people after a long time.
It also made me want to talk to you more, Miss Undie.
As for the stalker, let's discuss it seriously with everyone else and come up with a solution together.
If you should get scared, feel free to write an e-mail or call me anytime.
Thanks for today."

How's this?

597 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:54:51 ID:pNEQHNMk

598 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:55:21 ID:pG7qtfPM

599 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 22:55:34 ID:VuG3lKpU
Alright! Sending this!!

600 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:55:36 ID:1OgC7mDx
I'm aware of that.
The idea is, if they don't take her problem seriously even after asking them for help a second time,
she could file a report to the committee for the inquest of prosecution. I don't really expect them to hear her out anyway because of the false alarm last time.
It's just to not leave anything undone and maybe to calm her down a little.
It's for the brownie points too, I guess.

601 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:56:00 ID:9djblWdd
Subject: Good evening
Body: "Thanks for today. I realized only after I got home that you paid for my lunch... Thank you very much.
     I enjoyed talking to you all about all kinds of things.
     And as for the matter you wanted my advice on... How should I put it...
     I'll try to help you with all I have.
     Please contact me anytime you want. I'm really worried."

602 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:56:23 ID:zLZyfWvB
Don't be hasty.

The committee for the inquest of prosecution doesn't have anything to do with it though.

603 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:56:58 ID:HGLgSQMy
OP is so worried about Miss Undie that he even forgets to thank her for treating him to lunch today.
Wouldn't this be even better?
He can thank her for lunch later when the stalker problem has been taken care of.

604 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:57:30 ID:YBYKOfOI
(´-`).。oO( Is OP gonna send my e-mail...? I'm posting on 2ch for the first time today and I'm so happy that so many people are replying to my posts♪ )

605 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:57:42 ID:1OgC7mDx
It doesn't? I was sure there was a committee you could report incompetent cops to.
But well, what do I know? Ahaha. Pardon my ignorance.

606 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 22:58:59 ID:VuG3lKpU
Body: "Thanks for today. I realized only after I got home that you paid for my lunch... Thank you very much. It was delicious.
      It was fun talking to you all about all kinds of things.
      And as for the matter you wanted my advice on... How should I put it...
      I'll try to help you with all I have.
      Please contact me anytime you want."


607 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 22:59:21 ID:HGLgSQMy
Wasn't there a 2ch board where you could ask about stuff like that?
Please don't tell me it's the Military boardw

608 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:00:32 ID:1OgC7mDx
Did you send it?
What a waste. You could've written something nice like you want to repay her for the lunch today and gotten a date this weekend out of it...
You're really something, OP.

609 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:00:36 ID:F4Wb2Yro
From a woman's point of view, I find >>596 to be more reassuring.

610 : You can easily tell a VIPPER by their behavior ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/10 23:00:45 ID:o+rDlGUu
Why don't you try starting an "I want to save a girl from a stalker" thread in the Police board?

611 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:00:47 ID:ZjhaWTUi
I can't believe it. After all we said, you wrote "it was fun" anyway....
Can't you write something more like "I swear I'll protect you no matter what happens!"?

612 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:01:04 ID:zLZyfWvB
Damn you, >1! I was still thinking!

613 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:01:23 ID:HGLgSQMy
Me too.

614 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:01:37 ID:+anRIUpb
"I'M sorry for not realizing this earlier, but you only got so scared of me when I was walking
BEHIND you that night because you can't trust others anymore, right? Let me fix that for
YOU. Will you move in together with me? Then I can protect you 24/7."

Send it.

615 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:01:54 ID:7DFjBuff
Body: "Thanks for today. I realized only after I got home that you paid for my lunch... Thank you very much. It was delicious.
      It was fun talking to you all about all kinds of things.
      And as for the matter you wanted my advice on... How should I put it...
      I'll try to help you with all I have.
      Please contact me anytime you want.

616 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:02:03 ID:zLZyfWvB
The name speaks for itself though. The committee for inquest of prosecution is a committee that holds inquests on a prosecutor's decisions, not a policeman's.

617 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 23:02:20 ID:VuG3lKpU
Hey! You guys were all saying it was good, but as soon as I send it, it's not good anymore... This is so unfair!
I tried to listen to you guys' opinions this time!

618 : You can easily tell a VIPPER by their behavior ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/10 23:02:35 ID:o+rDlGUu
Reminds me of the creepy e-mails threads.

619 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:02:51 ID:dwTrxiku
The stalker was trespassing when he sneaked into her room, so the police must have at least checked her room and found his fingerprints.

While it may seem like Molester Man is off the hook, since they didn't arrest him, he's probably still a suspect.
I bet they compared the stalker's fingerprints with OP's.

620 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:03:19 ID:zLZyfWvB
Only two people replied to your post and both were against sending it!!

621 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:04:08 ID:1OgC7mDx
I don't know if it's still on 2ch, but I once read a thread where someone contacted the committee for inquest of prosecution because of a stalker.
Google Niku-Hannya in case you're interested.
In short, it's about a doujin artist that gets stalked by some freaky fujoshi.
The story is a bit crazy, but still quite informative.

622 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:04:16 ID:HGLgSQMy
I'll be honest. >>606 doesn't sound serious enough. Not even close.
To her, it'll probably sound like: "It's not my problem. Ain't like the stalker is after me.".

623 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:04:17 ID:pG7qtfPM
No one said you should directly send it though!!!!!!!!

624 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:04:18 ID:dwTrxiku


625 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:04:37 ID:9djblWdd
Oh! σ(゚∀゚ It was my idea!! Did OP send my e-mail?

626 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 23:04:51 ID:VuG3lKpU

627 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:04:59 ID:6Ck7jMz2
Miss Undie: "Sorry to disappoint you, but worrying about me won't get you anything."
Molester: "Yes, it will. It'll get me into your pants. (lol)"

628 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:05:05 ID:hKzUnxZp
Here's what you should do.
Show her that she can depend on you by giving her concrete examples of how to fend off a stalker.

629 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:05:47 ID:1OgC7mDx
Need I remind you that you're in VIP?

630 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:06:08 ID:F4Wb2Yro
I think I'll go take a bath... (´・ω・`)

631 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 23:06:20 ID:VuG3lKpU
You're right... Whew, you guys almost got me. Guess I still have to lurk more.

632 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:07:06 ID:YBYKOfOI
Huh... My e-mail didn't get used after all?
The next one! The next e-mail will be mine!

633 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:07:13 ID:l23akCUA
This is getting out of hand.
I beg you, OP, could you please calm down a little?

634 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:08:05 ID:wMiHKfHM


635 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 23:08:11 ID:VuG3lKpU
She replied.

But that's not all, guys!
When I checked e-mails, there was one from Kansai too. Looks like she sent it sometime around 9 o'clock.

636 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:08:15 ID:Umv61eUA
Oh well, what's done is done.

I bet she thinks you're a weirdo who likes to suddenly talk about crab and Bakatono anywayw

637 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:08:52 ID:hJTfzHqd
"How should I put it..."
            ↑ What's this part for..? And you'll "try to help"?
You sound way too undependable!!
Miss Undie is relying on your help, you know!?

638 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:09:00 ID:dwTrxiku
You see, people can be quite resentful. They tend to remember things someone said to them they didn't like.

Miss Undie must be thinking "He told me I could get killed if I'm not careful earlier today, but now he's like 'It was fun', huh...
He doesn't seem to be taking my problem very seriously.".

Though it's possible that she doesn't mind at all because she's Miss Undie.

639 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:09:00 ID:9djblWdd
Things are getting exciting again.

640 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:09:00 ID:/m/3hSf0
Wait. So you didn't notice Kansai's e-mail for two whole hours?

641 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:09:17 ID:pG7qtfPM
What'd Kansai write?
What'd Miss Undie write?

642 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:09:21 ID:I5o9W447


Got their little meeting today on tape.

643 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:09:25 ID:N/JLU5nH
I had a nice hot bath, played with my dog for a while, and now I'm back.
Looks like OP is doing whatever he wants againw

644 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:10:03 ID:Umv61eUA
It's kinda like Molester to be stuck with a bad connectionw

645 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:10:17 ID:pG7qtfPM
Hey, Stalker Man.

646 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:10:28 ID:zLZyfWvB
Shouldn't you have noticed Kansai's e-mail when you sent the one to Miss Undie?

647 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:10:48 ID:hJTfzHqd
It was probably stuck at the e-mail center.

648 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 23:11:11 ID:VuG3lKpU
Miss Understanding:

"I'm relieved that you liked what I ordered for you. I enjoyed myself too.
Today, I wanted to introduce you to Miss Kansai.
I'm glad that you two seem to get along."

"Heya!! Write back if you get this pls!"

649 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:11:36 ID:dwTrxiku
I lol'd.
So the stalker is a VIPPER, huh... Wait, that means, the stalker is already after Molester!!

650 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:11:47 ID:zLZyfWvB
Ahh, I see.

651 : You can easily tell a VIPPER by their behavior ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/10 23:11:47 ID:o+rDlGUu
Kansai route, it is.

652 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:11:56 ID:9djblWdd
Okay, this is unexpected. Kansai fell in love with OP at first sight, huh...

653 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:12:02 ID:dwTrxiku
Is she telling you to go after Kansai instead?w

654 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 23:12:21 ID:VuG3lKpU
Okay, guys, what should I do now?
Miss Understanding's reply didn't touch on the stalker subject at all... What does this tell us?

As for Kansai... Do I ignore her?

655 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:12:23 ID:zLZyfWvB
We're heading for a Kansai endw

656 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:12:38 ID:pG7qtfPM
Alright, everyone, time to think hard about what to reply to the two ladies.

657 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:12:54 ID:zLZyfWvB
Hold on.

>Today, I wanted to introduce you to Miss Kansai.

I thought she wanted his advice...?

658 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:12:58 ID:hJTfzHqd
There goes the Miss Undie route, huh?
Or she wrote this because she wants to hear "You're the one I'm worried about though." from you.

659 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:13:10 ID:I5o9W447
No purikura?

660 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:13:17 ID:N/JLU5nH
Kansai seems to have the same role as Hermes' friend in Train Man.
Reply to her e-mail too. We might be able to get information about Miss Undie out of her.

661 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:14:34 ID:6Ck7jMz2
Just settle for Kansai already. Don't aim too high.

662 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 23:15:01 ID:VuG3lKpU
Nah, I'm sure she meant it like "I wanted to introduce my male adviser to my female adviser."...

663 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:16:00 ID:9djblWdd
To Kansai:

"Hey☆ I got your e-mail. You know, I had so much fun todayw
Could it be that we get along great, Miss Kansai?
Why don't we meet up sometime?w I want to talk to you about what to do about Miss Undie's stalker too.
We could have lunch together☆ Are you free this weekend?"

It's perfect.

664 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:16:11 ID:pG7qtfPM
Which one of them is gonna be your target, OP?
You should make that clear first.

665 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:16:34 ID:HGLgSQMy
>Miss Understanding's reply didn't touch on the stalker subject at all... What does this tell us?
That she doesn't think you meant what you saidw
She completely ignored it.

666 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:16:50 ID:7STLvgni
Kansai is great.

667 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:16:58 ID:RPfZAQsd
OP can't help it. The one he likes is Miss Understanding.

668 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:16:58 ID:dwTrxiku
Loli Jugs didn't even bother writing an e-mail to you. So cold of her.
Let me have her, okay?

669 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:17:14 ID:7DFjBuff
To Kansai:

"Wanna do it?"

This should do it.

670 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:17:24 ID:LXvZBD3T
A: Miss Undie likes Molester. (Her stalker problem is just an excuse to get to know him.)
B: Miss Undie really wants Molester to get rid of the stalker for her. (Her stalker problem is quite serious.)
C: Miss Undie and Kansai want to sell a weird pot to Molester.

671 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:17:35 ID:YBYKOfOI
I'll leave the reply to Miss Undie to you guys.
To Kansai:
"I got your e-mail.
Did you get home safely?
Let's all seriously think about what to do about Miss Undie's problem.
And then let's all meet up again soon to discuss it.
It's getting quite cold lately, so please make sure to dress warmly."
How's this?
(´-`).。oO( This is OP's chance to have a taste of both Miss Undie and Kansai... or is it? )

672 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 23:18:23 ID:VuG3lKpU
Guys, guys, wait.

Kansai is a normal university student, isn't she?
Isn't it normal for normal university students to write e-mails to people they got to know only a few hours ago?

But then again, I have no idea what I'm talking about because I don't have any friends.

673 : You can easily tell a VIPPER by their behavior ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/10 23:18:25 ID:o+rDlGUu
I admit that's a clever e-mail that nets him brownie points from Miss Undie, while keeping his options open with Kansai at the same time.

Experienced women will be able to tell that you're flirting with her though.

674 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:19:07 ID:Umv61eUA
Is it just me or does Miss Undie's e-mail seem awfully formal?
But well, I guess it's normal since she doesn't know you very long.

>Miss Undie
"I love crab.
Would you and Miss Kansai like to have a crab party with me?
It just so happens that I got my hands on crab a few days ago."

"Sorry for the late reply.
Let me make it up to you with a crab party for you and Miss Undie!
It just so happens that I got my hands on crab a few days ago."

675 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:19:22 ID:LXvZBD3T
Ah, why don't you try asking Kansai all kinds of stuff about Miss Undie?

676 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:19:50 ID:I5o9W447
All signs seem to be pointing to a final showdown between you and the stalker.
You can do it, OP.

677 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:19:54 ID:pG7qtfPM
From what OP has done so far...


678 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:20:11 ID:ODYmgT2s

There are two OP's in this thread!

And they're both robots!

679 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:20:19 ID:hJTfzHqd
I'm so glad I'm not a faggot who uses shit like ☆ in e-mails.
Actually, I used to use them until recently, but now I'm glad I quit.

680 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:21:00 ID:hJTfzHqd
No, the other one is a crab.

681 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:21:18 ID:N/JLU5nH
"I just read that an anti-stalker law was enacted in November, 2000. Would you like to have lunch with me this weekend and later go ask the police for help one more time?"

Send an e-mail like this.

682 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:21:32 ID:Bfuj0JC7
It's not just university students.
It's good manners to write an e-mail after exchanging addresses with someone.

683 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:22:05 ID:7STLvgni
OP, the reason you're not popular isn't your looks, but your character, right?
Why don't you take this opportunity and work on your character a little? Think of it as your debut into the world of university students.
Your debut as Molester.

684 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:22:36 ID:hJTfzHqd
It doesn't feel right to suggest having lunch together imo.
Change it to "Let's go ask the police for help one more time.".

685 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:23:47 ID:9djblWdd
I don't use any smileys and stuff either when I'm writing e-mails to a guy.
But girls use smileys, ☆ and hearts all the time when they send me e-mails.
Why can't I use ☆ when replying to them...? OTL

686 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 23:23:49 ID:VuG3lKpU
To Miss Understanding:
"Miss Kansai seems like a very dependable person.
I don't know what I can do for you, but I'll do what I can, so there's no need to be so worried."

To Kansai:
"Sorry, looks like your e-mail was stuck at the e-mail center. But now I got it."

There shouldn't be any big problems with these, should it?

687 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:24:45 ID:ZjhaWTUi
Looking at those replies, it's like you don't even wanna be a one-timer.

688 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:24:52 ID:ODYmgT2s
>I'll try to help you with all I have.
>I'll do what I can

Don't say important phrases like this twice...!

689 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:24:53 ID:N/JLU5nH
I figured it'd feel more natural to have lunch together.

690 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:25:16 ID:pG7qtfPM
The one to Kansai is okay.

Wait with the one to Miss Undie though.

691 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:25:27 ID:Vuv2g2A6
Molester debut cracked me up so hard.

692 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 23:25:29 ID:VuG3lKpU
Seriously now, guys, what should I do? The ones in >>686 weren't any good?
It's not good to make them wait too long for a reply, is it?

693 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 23:25:56 ID:VuG3lKpU
Okay, I'm sending the one to Kansai then.

694 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:26:29 ID:/m/3hSf0
>Miss Kansai doesn't seem like a very dependable person.
Do we really need this part?

695 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:26:43 ID:Umv61eUA
I recommend ending your e-mails with a question or a suggestion. Keeps the conversation going.

696 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:26:44 ID:LXvZBD3T
>I'll do what I can
Try to be more concrete here.

697 : You can easily tell a VIPPER by their behavior ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/10 23:26:48 ID:o+rDlGUu
Don't worry, I hear women prefer e-mails with smileys, unless you're talking about an extremely serious topic.
Once, I was chatting with a woman, who kept using smileys even when we were talking about a serious topic, so I did the same, but then she started crying.

698 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:27:08 ID:hJTfzHqd
True, women use smileys all the time.
But would it do any good to put on a "cute guy" act now?
Shouldn't OP's current goal be to present himself as a "serious, dependable guy"?
At least, that's what I think.

699 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:27:12 ID:Fvb5vqAd
Never forget that Kansai is Miss Undie's best(?) friend.
Whatever you reply to Kansai will eventually reach Miss Undie's ears.
I'm pretty sure that Miss Undie and Kansai talk a lot about you when you're not around.
So don't handle Kansai carelessly!
Just remember, thing are rarely as simple as they seem.

700 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:27:29 ID:9djblWdd
He wrote "Miss Kansai seems like a very dependable person." though.

701 : You can easily tell a VIPPER by their behavior ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/10 23:28:07 ID:o+rDlGUu
That gets pretty annoying after a while though, so don't overdo it.

702 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:28:23 ID:/m/3hSf0
Oh wow... I totally misread it... Brb hanging myself...

703 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:28:24 ID:YBYKOfOI
It's time to write an e-mail to the Crab Man.
To Crabses:
"Good evening.
The crab you sent me was delicious.
Thank you very much for that.
I'd love to talk to you again. When are you free next?
It would be great if you could teach me the rules of society and give me advice on finding employment... But only if you're not busy.
I'm sorry for sending you an e-mail this late at night."
How is it?
(´-`).。oO( If he says "Okay", is it going to get the ball rolling? )

704 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 23:28:49 ID:VuG3lKpU
I don't see any posts against my e-mail to Miss Understanding. Does that mean it reflects the thread's opinions? Can I send it?

705 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:29:09 ID:pG7qtfPM

706 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:29:15 ID:KRbFzKtN
It's not a good idea to send e-mails without any smileys to women you know well.

I often get a "Are you angry?" in response.

707 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:29:25 ID:hJTfzHqd
It's gonna get a couple of balls rolling, if you catch my drift.

708 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:29:38 ID:9djblWdd
I see, I'll keep it in mind.

709 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:29:51 ID:HGLgSQMy
>Miss Kansai seems like a very dependable person.
↑ Get rid of this line.

"I don't know what I can do for you, but I'll think about it seriously.
I'm really worried about you.
I'll do what I can, so please ask me about anything."

How's this?

710 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:30:53 ID:zmp32Mxy
You should tell Kansai that you've fallen in love with Miss Undie and ask her to give you a push.

711 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:30:55 ID:ZjhaWTUi
It's quite good!

712 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 23:31:06 ID:VuG3lKpU
I think I've made her wait too long already. I'm sending the one in >>709, okay? It's okay, right?

713 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:31:24 ID:hJTfzHqd
I agree with getting rid of the line about Kansai.

714 : You can easily tell a VIPPER by their behavior ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/10 23:31:23 ID:o+rDlGUu

715 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:31:31 ID:mKxv/GE0
From what I've seen so far,
Molester Man seriously lacks experience in love and composing e-mails.
Take me for example. I'm a 26-year-old guy and I have more than 50 e-mail contacts.
Well, I'm a public official, so I guess it comes with the job in my case.
But students should be able to make 100, no, 200 e-mail friends easily. Get to that level first.

716 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:31:31 ID:Umv61eUA
You've said stuff like "I'll do what I can" way too many times already.
Now it's time for more concrete suggestions, e.g. "Let's go to the police again." or "Let's meet up for lunch again to discuss what to do next.".

717 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:32:24 ID:LXvZBD3T

 "I've been informing myself on how to protect yourself from stalkers. Contact me if something happens though."

718 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:33:10 ID:mKxv/GE0
I'm afraid Molester Man already sent that one.

719 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:33:22 ID:7HcnCWGo
Let me address the biggest issue right now: You take way too long to reply.
Incorporating the opinions in the thread is important too, but you can't make her wait more than 10 minutes for a casual e-mail like that...

720 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:33:22 ID:9djblWdd
If only OP was a great Karate master, this problem would be solved so easily.
Reality is a bitch.

721 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:33:39 ID:LXvZBD3T
Your ID is hawt.

722 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:34:22 ID:N/JLU5nH
"I don't know what I can do for you, but I'll think about it seriously.
I'm really worried about you, Miss Undie.
Would you like to meet up for lunch again to discuss what to do next? I'll do some research on the subject until then."

723 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:34:24 ID:1OgC7mDx
Why did you not suggest going to the police again to decide what to do against the stalker? That would've secured you the next date.

724 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:34:37 ID:mKxv/GE0
          /           ヽ\ /
        //  /  /      ヽヽ ヽ〈
        ヽ、レ! {  ム-t ハ li 、 i i  }ト、
         ハN | lヽ八l ヽjハVヽ、i j/ l !
         /ハ. l ヽk== , r= 、ノルl lL」
        ヽN、ハ l   ┌‐┐   ゙l ノl l
           ヽトjヽ、 ヽ_ノ   ノ//レ′
    r777777777tノ` ー r ´フ/′
   j´ニゝ        l|ヽ  _/`\
   〈 ‐  That is   lト、 /   〃ゝ、
   〈、ネ..         .lF V=="/ イl.
   ト |    VIP   ニヽ二/  l
   ヽ.|l.        〈ー-   ! `ヽ.
      |l  QUALITY  lトニ、_ノ    ヾ、    http://ex7.2ch.net/news4vip/

725 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 23:34:39 ID:VuG3lKpU
Got a reply from Kansai.

"Man, you're slow!! E-mail center!? At this time and age!?
Do you even use your cell phone?"

Damn, why does she always sound so carefree?w

726 : You can easily tell a VIPPER by their behavior ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/10 23:35:09 ID:o+rDlGUu
A quick, but inappropriate reply wouldn't be any better though.

When discussing a serious topic, rather than a thoughtless e-mail,
she's bound to be happier about a slower but more considerate reply.

727 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:35:13 ID:4yM/zXg7
Maybe, after hearing Miss Undie talk about Molester Man,
Kansai felt like talking to him in person?

728 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:35:23 ID:mKxv/GE0
Reply as quickly as you can!
Don't take 5 minutes to reply when doing small talk!

729 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:35:44 ID:4yM/zXg7
>>771 Hang in there.

730 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:35:45 ID:Bfuj0JC7
"Let's try to come up with a plan against the stalker next time.
I'm happy if I can be of help to you, Miss Understanding.

I'll try to make some time and inform myself on how to protect you from a stalker."

Guess I'm a bit too late thoughw

731 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:35:55 ID:9djblWdd
I'm so jelly.
Kansai is seriously my type of girlw
Girls like her seem pretty carefree on the surface, but are actually very deep inside.

732 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:36:10 ID:YBYKOfOI
As >719 said, it's really bad if OP takes too long to reply. (´・д・`)
We could try to guess what their reply will be and come up with replies for all kinds of scenarios beforehand... but it'd be too much work, huh?

733 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:36:17 ID:mKxv/GE0
You've played too much ToHeart.

734 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:36:25 ID:ZjhaWTUi
We might as well just go for a Kansai end now...

735 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:36:28 ID:pG7qtfPM
Send an equally carefree reply then.

736 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:36:42 ID:CuowXFk6
Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. They're actually very delicate inside.

737 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:36:42 ID:LXvZBD3T
The bigger issue is that OP doesn't notice incoming e-mails.

738 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:36:49 ID:HGLgSQMy
He can still write that in response to Miss Undie's reply to >>712, can't he?

739 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:37:17 ID:7HcnCWGo
That's only true when talking about a serious and difficult topic though.
Making someone wait when it's just a normal topic is just off-putting.

Don't worry about reporting each of Kansai's e-mails and focus on replying quickly. Then report the whole conversation afterwards.

740 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:37:46 ID:Bfuj0JC7
"Sorry, sorry. (lol)

I wasn't able to give any good advice today,
so let's meet up again soon and continue where we left off."

741 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:37:51 ID:SJLNSu2E
This is so lame.

We don't need another thread of this.

-------------Thread over-------------

742 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:38:08 ID:N/JLU5nH
Eh!? Did OP already send >>709?

743 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:38:19 ID:9djblWdd
Looks good.

744 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:38:21 ID:O4GkZPGY
He's back after a long time *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・゜(n‘∀‘)η゚・*:.。..。.:*・゜゚・* !!!!

745 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:38:41 ID:Umv61eUA
"Sorry, sorry, I was masturbating."


746 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:38:47 ID:mKxv/GE0
"Oh, shut up.(#^^) I'm a busy man, okay?
 But I'm really grateful for today's lunch. Let's meet up again and talk.
 I'm going to bed now. See ya!☆"

747 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:39:10 ID:SJLNSu2E
How many threads do you guys think it took Train Man to become a legend....
Five measly threads don't prove shit.

Shit thread.

748 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 23:39:09 ID:VuG3lKpU
"I really don't use it much.
Like I said before, I don't have many friends... I don't have any use for my cell phone!!"

is what I replied.
Also, I do use smileys to a moderate extent. They're cell-phone-specific smileys though, so I don't include them when I post my e-mails here.

749 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:39:18 ID:LXvZBD3T
I've had it!!
Hand Kansai over to me now!!

750 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:39:25 ID:6Ck7jMz2
I'm sure Miss Undie would feel a lot safer when her two advisers, Kansai and you, were together.
It'd be a happy end for all three of you.

751 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:39:48 ID:mKxv/GE0
Oh boy, I think we just lost the Kansai end toow

752 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:40:07 ID:6Ck7jMz2
"Oh, shut up. Why do you always have to be so adorable?"

753 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:40:31 ID:O4GkZPGY
Oh fuckwwwwwww That's creepywwwwwwwwwwww

754 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:40:39 ID:SJLNSu2E
Don't you feel empty samefagging up your thread like this?ww
>1 ◆FYqCtG1B42

There must be something fundamentally wrong with your brainw
Just keep fapping your life awayw

755 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:40:53 ID:9djblWdd
Try checking your e-mails again.
An e-mail from Loli Jugs might be stuck at the e-mail center this time.

756 : ura2fushianasan : 04/11/10 23:41:09 ID:KENJHXX0

757 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:41:19 ID:T/IjmMee
Damn, this thread reeks of virgins and shut-ins.

758 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:41:20 ID:8jD3ORyY
Everyone here unanimously agrees that your brain must be a lot more messed up though.

759 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:41:28 ID:JOjDZp70
I can't believe it. Tabuse got placed on the injured list.

760 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:41:41 ID:mKxv/GE0
                │  Episode  │ 
                │  - 25 -  │ 
                │  "AIR"   │
                          That is VIP QUALITY.

761 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:41:47 ID:O4GkZPGY
You do realize that Miss Undie relies on Kansai a lot and that you shouldn't write any rude things to her in your e-mails that could show you in a negative light, right?

762 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:42:07 ID:JOjDZp70
>>759 You can't blame them though. He can't hold a candle to Steve Nash.

763 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 23:42:08 ID:VuG3lKpU
Miss Understanding replied:

"Thank you for worrying about me...
It's really encouraging to hear that as I have been very anxious lately. I'll directly ask you if there's anything."

Just as I was typing out her reply,
Kansai replied too.
"Then just make some friends! Join a club or something!!"

764 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:42:12 ID:pG7qtfPM
>>754 No, you keep fapping your life away.

765 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:42:39 ID:9djblWdd
Kansai is so greatww

766 : You can easily tell a VIPPER by their behavior ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/10 23:43:05 ID:o+rDlGUu
Once it comes to love and other serious matters, Kansai gets really tender and caring. She's pure like that.

It's just a hunch though.

767 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:43:06 ID:mKxv/GE0
OP's brownie points after the last reply:
Miss Understanding: -1
Kansai: -5

768 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:43:06 ID:JOjDZp70
Miss Understanding seems like a good girl.

769 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:43:19 ID:ZjhaWTUi
Reply to Kansai:
"Me Molester, you friend."

770 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:43:28 ID:6Ck7jMz2
>Then just make some friends! Join a club or something!!

Wahaha, Kansai is the best.

771 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:44:07 ID:hJTfzHqd
Miss Understanding seems very understanding.

772 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 23:44:16 ID:VuG3lKpU
Here's what I replied to Kansai:

"No way! A man among men like me doesn't belong in such frivolous groups of people.
Tonight, I'm going to fall asleep listening to Kai Band's 'Vagabond'!!"

But what do I write to Miss Understanding!? Is it just me or do her e-mails read like she wants to go to bed already...?

773 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:44:20 ID:9djblWdd
It's hilarious how utterly different your replies to Miss Undie and Kansai arew

774 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:44:27 ID:1OgC7mDx
To Miss Understanding:
"Why don't we discuss this further during lunch this weekend? Then I could repay you for the lunch today.
Or would you prefer having crab at my place?"

To Kansai:
"It's too late to join a club now. I'm extremely shy around strangers anyway.
Psych! Yeeeeeehaaaaaawwww!"

775 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:44:42 ID:Umv61eUA
"I'd rather make babies with you. (lol)"

776 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:44:52 ID:Bfuj0JC7
"Feel free to e-mail me about anything.
Writing e-mails can help you calm down and be a nice distraction too."

777 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:44:55 ID:mKxv/GE0
  Kai Band's "Vagabond"

   ∩_∩   ∩_∩
  (  ・(ェ)・) (・(ェ)・  )

778 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:45:08 ID:hJTfzHqd
Your e-mail doesn't even make any sensewwwww

779 : You can easily tell a VIPPER by their behavior ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/10 23:45:13 ID:o+rDlGUu
This one is good.

Make sure you become good friends with Kansai, OP.
Remember: No Kansai, no Miss Undie.

780 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:45:25 ID:6Ck7jMz2
Template creepy e-mails to send to Kansai:

781 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:45:47 ID:mKxv/GE0
Follow the Kansai route for a while and
you'll unlock a secret character, Kansai's friend.

782 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:46:13 ID:O4GkZPGY
I have this feeling that Kansai and Molester are on the same wavelength... Just look at how quickly they're sending e-mails back and forth.
OP, go sex Kansai up.

783 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:46:16 ID:Bfuj0JC7
You mean Loli Jugs?

784 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:46:16 ID:LXvZBD3T
Don't you guys think OP is better off switching to the Kansai route?

785 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:46:22 ID:7STLvgni
>frivolous groups of people
Interesting choice of words, OP.

786 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:46:31 ID:JOjDZp70
Let me give you a serious piece of advice, OP.
Tell Miss Undie you're worried about her and go to her place now.
Then have seicross with her.
If she rejects you, give up on her.

787 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:46:34 ID:HGLgSQMy
(・∀・) Good!!

788 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:46:39 ID:N/JLU5nH
I approve.

789 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:46:50 ID:6Ck7jMz2
 Baby, I
 Won't let you sleep! Dan dan da dan!
 Because I am a robot!
 Because I am a machine! Dan dan da dan!
 So let me raise
 My crotch drill.

790 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:47:18 ID:+anRIUpb

791 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:47:25 ID:ODYmgT2s
I bet 10000 VIP that Kansai and Miss Undie will show your e-mails to each other at work tomorrow and wonder why your replies are so different.

792 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 23:47:46 ID:VuG3lKpU
Kansai's reply:

"Kai Band of all bands!? That's ancient, Molester.
I know you're child-faced, but you must be a lot older than you look!"

So I replied:

"How come you know them then!? You must be really old too!"

793 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:48:19 ID:ZjhaWTUi

794 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:48:23 ID:hJTfzHqd
Wow, you're totally hitting it off with her.

795 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:48:24 ID:mKxv/GE0
If you hit on Kansai too much, Kansai will tell Miss Understanding about it.
As a result, you'll lose the Miss Understanding route forever.

796 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 23:48:38 ID:VuG3lKpU
Okay, I'm sending >>776 then!!

797 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:48:50 ID:Bfuj0JC7
Why are you having more fun exchanging e-mails with Kansai than with Miss Undie?w

798 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:48:51 ID:OFIS+8rA
For now, just keep replying quickly to Kansai's e-mails.

799 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:49:03 ID:HGLgSQMy
If I was OP, I'd definitely send this one, but I don't see this getting anywhere if you don't reply like in >>774.

800 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:49:10 ID:9djblWdd
To Miss Undie:

"Aren't you tired from working today?
You should probably rest for today. I'll contact you again before long.
We two could meet up for lunch this weekend, for example, to come up with a concrete plan on how to deal with the stalker."

801 : You can easily tell a VIPPER by their behavior ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/10 23:49:22 ID:o+rDlGUu
This man speaks the truth.

802 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:49:59 ID:JOjDZp70
I read "I know you're child-faced" as "I know you're a virgin". OTL
I bet it's because I am a virgin. OTL

803 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:50:08 ID:mKxv/GE0

"...Tell me how you really feel!!!"
Kansai shouts at you with tears in her eyes. You answer...

"The one I like is..."

rァ "...Kansai."
  "...Miss Understanding."

804 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:50:28 ID:D51B+fs8
I can't help but feel that Kansai is a 2channer. It's probably just me though.

OP, you'd be a god if you started writing e-mails to Loli Jugs now too.

805 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:50:31 ID:zLZyfWvB
I read Tabuse as Tashiro. I guess I've been on 2ch way too long.

806 : You can easily tell a VIPPER by their behavior ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/10 23:50:47 ID:o+rDlGUu
Don't forget to be casually nice to Kansai.
Write her something like "It's cold out today, please be careful not to catch a cold.".

807 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:51:01 ID:N/JLU5nH
Forget about asking her out for lunch again for now. Do that tomorrow or the day after.
For today, talk to her only about the lunch you had today.

808 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:51:12 ID:F4Wb2Yro
So much happened while I was afk taking a bath...
I'll try to catch up as quickly as possible. (;´Д`)


809 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 23:51:38 ID:VuG3lKpU
From Kansai:

"I know the band, but I've never heard of the song 'Vagabond'. What kind of song is it?
It's probably really depressing, right?"

And here's what I replied:

"Depressing as hell. You should check it out. For some reason, I got one of their albums at home and I like to listen to it every once in a while."

810 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:51:59 ID:4yM/zXg7
Ask Kansai for advice on Miss Understanding!

811 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:52:23 ID:T/IjmMee
Write her you love her and report results.

812 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:52:45 ID:7STLvgni
That's an odd reply.
If I was Kansai, I wouldn't know what to reply to that.

813 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:52:49 ID:mKxv/GE0
OP seems to be having more fun talking to Kansai.

814 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:53:07 ID:pG7qtfPM
Don't overdo it with the e-mails to Kansai.

815 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:53:18 ID:Bfuj0JC7
I get that you're enjoying yourself, OP, but it's time you started talking about Miss Understanding.

816 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:53:44 ID:mKxv/GE0
Reply to Miss Understanding:

"The truth is, I love you. See ya."

To Kansai:

"Oh, shut up and die, you idiot. I love you. See ya."

817 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:53:45 ID:YBYKOfOI
You should write an e-mail to Miss Undie's dad... (After somehow getting his number from Miss Undie)
E-mail to Dad Undie:

"Hello, I'm Molester, I'm friends with your precious daughter♪
I'm writing to you todday because I have a favor to ask of you (゚Д゚)y─┛~~
Your precious daughter seems to be dealing with a serious problem, unable to tell you about it, so I figured we could meet up this weekend and talk about it? (屮゚∀゚)屮pant pant
It'd be great if you could be so understanding and help your daughter out (ノ*´∀`)ノ"

What do you think, guys? I even tried inserting some smileys. Is it any good?
(´-`).。oO( If her dad agrees to meet up with OP, we'll have unlocked a completely new route... )

818 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 23:53:48 ID:VuG3lKpU
From Miss Understanding:

"Thank you very much. Hearing that is very will-strengthening (← She actually wrote this. I guess, she really is a bit dumb after all.)
It's already late, so I think I'll go to bed now."

She cut me offーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー!!!

819 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:53:57 ID:F4Wb2Yro
Replace "before long" with "soon"w
Also, I'd get rid of the "two" in "we two" in the last line.

820 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:54:09 ID:hJTfzHqd
How come OP is only able to have a fun casual chat with the one girl that isn't relevant?

821 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:54:25 ID:+anRIUpb
Move aside, Mr. Molester! I can't kill Miss Undie if you're in the way!

822 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:54:50 ID:9djblWdd
Reply from Kansai:

You should listen to more upbeat music, Molesterw
You seem gloomy enough as it isw"

823 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:55:07 ID:hJTfzHqd
Relax, she's just going to bed. It's almost midnight, you know?w

824 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:55:09 ID:LXvZBD3T
By the way, OP.
Have you ever considered the possibility that Kansai and Miss Undie are showing your e-mails to each other?

825 : You can easily tell a VIPPER by their behavior ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/10 23:55:29 ID:o+rDlGUu
OP seems way too fired up about talking to Kansai that he forgot all about Miss Undie.
We're 100% on the Kansai route now.

826 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:55:39 ID:O4GkZPGY
It's like your cell phone only exists to send e-mails to Kansai or something.

Let me warn you one last time. Miss Undie relies heavily on Kansai's friendship.
So if she finds out that Kansai knows things about you that she doesn't (like how you like listening to Kai Band),
she's bound to think that you and Kansai are hitting it off and will eventually start dating.
Then she won't be able to see you as an object of romantic interest anymore.
Oh yeah, one more thing. Treat Kansai like shit and Miss Undie is bound to distance herself from you too.

Keep these two things in mind.

827 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:55:52 ID:JOjDZp70
Lolis with big bewbs are awesome!
I wish I knew a girl like that...
Now add short hair to the mix and you get the perfect girl.

828 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:56:04 ID:zLZyfWvB
More like

"m9(^Д^) Pfffhahaha
You should listen to more upbeat music, Molesterw
You seem gloomy enough as it isw"

829 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:56:28 ID:QF+Oxf3t
I can't believe Mr. Molester is exchanging e-mails with two girls at the same timeww
Honestly, I'm jealous as fuck.

830 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 23:56:28 ID:VuG3lKpU
From Kansai:

"Every once in a while?w You're one lonely guy, Molester. Get yourself some friends already. And get yourself a girlfriend too while you're at it!"

My reply:

"I can't get a girlfriend because I'm not popular with girls!"

831 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:56:38 ID:hJTfzHqd
"Good night. If there's anything, just give me a call whenever you want!"
How's this for a reply?

832 : You can easily tell a VIPPER by their behavior ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/10 23:57:17 ID:o+rDlGUu
She's saying she could be your girlfriend and you didn't even get itーーーー!

833 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:57:25 ID:hJTfzHqd
Get your shit together, Molester, you're losing it.

834 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:57:28 ID:CuowXFk6
Oh man...
Normally, you'd follow up with
"You be my girlfriend then.".
What is wrong with you?

835 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:57:34 ID:ryWi+Odo
Why don't you ask Kansai about Miss Undie already?

836 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:57:35 ID:ZjhaWTUi
Don't get greedy now. It was enough e-mails for today.

837 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:57:46 ID:D51B+fs8
Do normalfags use "w" too?

838 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 23:57:47 ID:VuG3lKpU
So, how do I reply to Miss Understanding's e-mail?

"Good night. Sorry I kept you up this late. Sleep tight!!"
Like this?

839 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:57:49 ID:mKxv/GE0
Just let OP continue the e-mail exchange with Kansai.
He'll fuck up and it'll be over before you know it.

840 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:58:09 ID:Bfuj0JC7
You don't realize how important Kansai is for the Miss Understanding route, do you?w

841 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:58:20 ID:zLZyfWvB
>Sleep tight!!


842 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:58:23 ID:LXvZBD3T


843 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:58:26 ID:9djblWdd
>Sleep tight!!
The fuck is this!

844 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:58:28 ID:pG7qtfPM
Yeah, and Kansai will just tell Miss Undie about it.

845 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:58:33 ID:mKxv/GE0
Boy, am I glad to see a VIPPER with common sense.

846 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:58:36 ID:N/JLU5nH
>>831 is okay.

847 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:58:43 ID:LRlM4zxa
I'd change the "Sleep tight" linew

848 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:58:57 ID:D51B+fs8
Writing "Sleep tight" to a girl you've only met is... creepy.

849 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/10 23:59:09 ID:VuG3lKpU
It's actually a laughing smiley. I figured it wouldn't come out right if I left it out, so I replaced it with a "w".
Also, this may be obvious, but I change the names in the conversations and e-mails before I post them.

850 : VIPPER : 04/11/10 23:59:44 ID:9djblWdd
To Kansai:

"Ehh, then, do you know any nice girls?w
I don't have any connections, so why don't you introduce me to one?w"

851 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:00:04 ID:lKVanHkK

852 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:00:31 ID:iSqvbR2M
In that case,
"Sorry I kept you up this late. Good night."
would be better.

853 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/11 00:00:48 ID:D50puFV/

"That's just sad, Molester!! I'll send you an e-mail or two when I don't have anything to do, so cheer up, okay?"


"Only when you don't have anything to do!? It's alright, I get it! I feel like listening to 'Basement melody' now!!"

854 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:01:02 ID:9fgfueST
Has >>1 already given up on the Glasses route?

855 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:01:06 ID:Q7UhNqcw
"Sleep tight"w

What are you, a middle schooler?

856 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/11 00:01:19 ID:D50puFV/
So, do I send >>831 to Miss Understanding or what?

857 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:01:51 ID:a5MhklY4
OP's totally lost itw

858 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:02:11 ID:EvJnsIzy
Send >>852 instead.

859 : You can easily tell a VIPPER by their behavior ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/11 00:02:08 ID:3mxc5AtY
Don't overdo it or even Kansai will get tired of you.....

860 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:02:16 ID:iSqvbR2M
4 seconds earlier and it'd have been perfect...!

861 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:02:25 ID:ynPNxCmz
Make it sound a bit less intrusive.

862 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:02:19 ID:mADQIluX

863 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:02:22 ID:USRt5uSn
Oh, fuck it, just make it a simple "Good night."w

864 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:02:23 ID:Vmc4MNS4
Taking too long to reply won't make a very reliable impression on her, so hurry the fuck up.

865 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:02:48 ID:LK9rghNn
Kansai is hilarious.

866 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:02:41 ID:RVmWEXG7
Don't get carried away, man. Don't you see how she just turned you down gently?

867 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:02:56 ID:Q7UhNqcw
You really don't know when to stop, do you?w

868 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/11 00:03:16 ID:D50puFV/
From Kansai:

"You can throw song titles at me all you want, I won't recognize them anyway.
Lend me the CD next time, okay? I'll put the songs on my MD player."

"OK, I'll lend you as many CDs as you want!!
So you can listen to them and get depressed with me!"

869 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:03:17 ID:2sgNxnGL
To Miss Undie:

"By the way, the clock just passed 12 am, which means it's Pocky Day!"

870 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:03:37 ID:USRt5uSn
Why don't you write to Kansai

"Which reminds me, I didn't pay for today's lunch, did I?"

and change the topic?

871 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:04:07 ID:EvJnsIzy
OP just secured himself an excuse to see Kansai again...

872 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:04:18 ID:O2EUv8mx
Kansai seems like a good girl. Can't OP do something about his dumb replies though?
And to think that Kansai is going out of her way to e-mail him.

873 : You can easily tell a VIPPER by their behavior ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/11 00:04:17 ID:3mxc5AtY
I don't think Molester will listen to anything we say right now.

874 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:04:26 ID:177iwhOI
Why is OP not asking Kansai about Miss Undie?
When Kansai shows his e-mails to Miss Undie tomorrow,
she'll think he's not worried about her at all.

875 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:04:43 ID:SH5NOilb
Where is this? Who am I?

876 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:04:45 ID:a5MhklY4


877 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/11 00:04:49 ID:D50puFV/
Here's what I sent:

"Good night. If there's anything, just call me whenever you want!"

878 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:05:16 ID:8BOi0NgQ
You have to ask Kansai if she has an idea who the stalker could be. Also, ask her about Miss Undie's hobbies etc.

879 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:05:36 ID:LK9rghNn
I have blood type AB.
>>1 Are you AB too?

880 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:06:05 ID:ynPNxCmz
Looks okay to me.



881 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:06:14 ID:mADQIluX



882 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:06:34 ID:t2nt+Ip6
   ♪   ∧∧      ♪
         (  へ)   
          く      ♪

883 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:06:36 ID:SH5NOilb
Ask her about Miss Undie's father.
Just say you're worried because Miss Undie's reaction was a little strange when you mentioned her parents.

884 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:06:43 ID:bohshWUj
She'll think OP was just pretending to be serious about helping her.

885 : You can easily tell a VIPPER by their behavior ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/11 00:06:49 ID:3mxc5AtY
It's decided. If they ever turn this into a novel, this is what will be written on the wraparound band.

886 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/11 00:06:50 ID:D50puFV/

"So they're all depressing, huh...
Not good, not good at all, Molester. You have to listen to more upbeat stuff."

I replied with this:

"Lyrics like 'Where is this? Who am I?' keep repeating endlessly...
Great, isn't it?"

887 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:06:54 ID:lKVanHkK
Kansai seems like a much more fun person to hang around with.
I'd take Kansai over Miss Understanding any day, but what about you, Molester Man? Are you still after Miss Understanding?
Because if you are, things could get very complicated later on if you keep flirting with Kansai like that.

888 : Matatabi Pokke ◆CAT//d2lZo : 04/11/11 00:06:55 ID:wKi8Z1Ex
OP isn't Molester Man anymore. He's Berserker Man. Grin(´・∀・`)

889 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:07:08 ID:Fth/G5Xq
Aren't you going to ask Kansai about Miss Understanding??

890 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:07:08 ID:aEmy54ZV
That's it!
Like that, OP could switch topics to Miss Undie and it wouldn't feel forced.
If OP is interested in Miss Undie, then it's not a good idea to get chummier with Kansai than necessary.

891 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:07:32 ID:RVmWEXG7
Thanks for using my suggestion.
The idea was to send an e-mail that starts out polite but ends with a slightly stronger tone.
It's supposed to show off both your gentlemanly and manly side. Hope it worked.

892 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:07:45 ID:lKVanHkK
But man...
You're hopeless, OP.

893 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:07:54 ID:iSqvbR2M
From what I've seen so far, I don't think Kansai would mind if you suddenly switched to a different topic like in >>870.
After >>870, you could ask her something about Miss Undie like
"I don't want to remind her of things she'd rather forget. So, if it's okay with you, could you tell me more about her and her parents? It doesn't have to be much."

894 : You can easily tell a VIPPER by their behavior ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/11 00:08:04 ID:3mxc5AtY
Kansai is a bro.

895 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:08:05 ID:0qAVtloj
Who's your target, Molester Man? Kansai or Miss Undie?

896 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:08:07 ID:lKVanHkK
 | |            | |            |┃| :|
 | |            | |            |┃|i | / ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
 | |            | | rattle rattle |┃| <  Hey, it's me...
 | |            | |______|ミ | .i.| | Huh? Can't open the door...
 | | ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄| |            |┃|:. ,| \____________
 | |            | |            |┃| i|
 | |            | |            |┃| :|
 | |            | |            |┃|i |      That is VIP QUALITY.
 | |            | |            |┃|, :.|      http://ex7.2ch.net/news4vip/
 |_|====――●==|_|______|┃| i|_______

897 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:08:14 ID:USRt5uSn
.....Try to calm down a little, OP....

898 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:08:20 ID:yYVaGBeN
OP is like the typical protag of one of those games...
They always rely too much on the kindness of others and say weird things like OP does.

899 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:08:25 ID:ynPNxCmz
Did Kansai say she likes to watch the Drifters?

If she did, you should invite her to a Drifters DVD evening!
Forget Miss Undie.

900 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:08:27 ID:Q7UhNqcw
When will you realize that Kansai is just testing you?
She's basically Hermes' BFF in Train Man, you know?

Even if you tell Miss Undie the coolest things,
it'll all be for naught if Kansai tells her that you're a dumbass.

901 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/11 00:08:45 ID:D50puFV/
"No, it's not great! But now you got me really curious. Don't forget to bring it with you the next time we meet!!"

"Gotcha. Prepare for the worst.
By the way, is Miss Understanding okay?"

902 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:08:51 ID:a5MhklY4

903 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:08:57 ID:Uq9lIIRp


904 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:08:57 ID:lKVanHkK
    ┌┌┌┌┌┏━━┓ ┃  
    │││││┃━┏┃ ┃ 
    │││││┃  ┛┃ ┃   
    └└└└└┗┳┳┫ ┃
  ┌┌┌┌┌┏━┻┻┛ ┃
  │││││┃         ┃
  │││││┃  ┃   ┏┛
  │││││┃  ┗━━━┓
   │││││┃     ┃
   │││││┃     ┃
   │││││┃  ┃ ┃ 
   │││││┃  ┗━┓
   │││││┃      ┃        That is VIP QUALITY.
   └└└└└┗━━━┛        http://ex7.2ch.net/news4vip/
      │││││┃  ┃         

905 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:09:20 ID:ZGqONl53
Many have told him so far that he's never going to make it.
But fuck them because he somehow manages to do it anyway.

906 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:09:22 ID:t2hc934c
Hoodlum Man

907 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:09:40 ID:Fth/G5Xq

908 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:09:43 ID:lKVanHkK

909 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:09:45 ID:a5MhklY4
Hey! ( ゚∀゚)人(゚∀゚ ) Hivemind!

910 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:09:47 ID:NSATg1EN
:::::::,-‐、,‐、ヽ.  ">>1 is really hopeless."
:::::_|/ 。|。ヽ|-i、 
/. ` ' ● ' ニ 、   
ニ __l___ノ
/ ̄ _  | i 
|( ̄`'  )/ / ,..  
`ー---―' / '(__ ) 
====( i)==::::/  
:/     ヽ:::i     

911 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:09:49 ID:LK9rghNn
You finally asked about Miss Undie... Took you long enough.

912 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:09:58 ID:EvJnsIzy
>>950 starts the next thread.

913 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:09:59 ID:ZErmuMgz

I can't get over how creepy >>1's e-mails are.

914 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:10:07 ID:Uq9lIIRp
>>902 Will you marry me?

915 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:10:07 ID:rvquPAxW
I, for one, prefer the name

Berserker Molestermon.

916 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:10:17 ID:Q7UhNqcw
He finally asked if Miss Understanding is okay━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!!

917 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:10:27 ID:USRt5uSn
I agree.
There's no doubt that Miss Undie and Kansai will talk about your e-mails the next time they meet.
If you show Kansai in your e-mails that you're worried about Miss Undie,
she'll be more inclined to believe that you were serious about what you wrote in your e-mails.

918 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:10:50 ID:ynPNxCmz
OP suddenly asked out of the blue if Miss Understanding is okay━━━━(Д゚(○=(゚∀゚)=○)Д゚)━━━━━!!!

919 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:10:56 ID:iSqvbR2M
She called you over for lunch today because she is not okay...

920 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/11 00:11:01 ID:D50puFV/
"What do you mean?"

"Well, I heard quite a bit about the stalker case by now, but not so much about her relationship with her parents.
I don't think I should touch on that matter for now though."

You guys!
I'm not the same Molester I was before!!

921 : You can easily tell a VIPPER by their behavior ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/11 00:11:02 ID:3mxc5AtY
You fags keep complaining about Molester going berserk, but you actually love it when he does it, don't you?

922 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:11:08 ID:lKVanHkK
Add Train Man and the creepy e-mails threads together, divide it by 300 and make it VIP-like.
This is what you'll get.

923 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:11:23 ID:BX9Vg+Kl
The one you like is Kansai, OP, you just don't know it yet.
You'll realize it when you start going out with Miss Undie. When it's already too late.

924 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:11:26 ID:USRt5uSn
Whoa.... He asked her straight up all of a sudden...
I can't predict his next movew

925 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:11:27 ID:aEmy54ZV
Can't you ask in a more natural way?w
There's like no transition between your sentences!
Don't ignore us when we're desperately trying to help you out! (;´Д⊂)

926 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:11:53 ID:Fq5jxfzG
Like someone already said, you're heading down the Kansai route right now, you know?

927 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:12:22 ID:USRt5uSn
I would have asked about her parents last. _| ̄|○

928 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:12:22 ID:EvJnsIzy
No use crying over spilled milk now, is there?w

929 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:12:23 ID:lKVanHkK
After all these wild pitches you've been serving,
you suddenly throw a straight one? Really?


930 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:12:30 ID:N9Fhu7iM
Molester Napoleon's Regime

931 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:12:31 ID:rvquPAxW
I come back after a bath and what do I see? OP's gone berserk and stopped listening to reason again...

932 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:12:32 ID:177iwhOI
No, don't ask about her family.

933 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:12:40 ID:ynPNxCmz

934 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/11 00:12:48 ID:D50puFV/
Ehh!? I admit it was a bit forced, but you see, the idea was to make a quick sharp turn using my nice handling skills...

935 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:12:49 ID:0qAVtloj
You have to take our advice more into consideration.
I'm sure you're not doing it on purpose,
but if you keep ignoring us like that, there'll soon be no one left to give you advice.

936 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:12:51 ID:lKVanHkK

937 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:12:54 ID:LK9rghNn
From Kansai:

"Oh, that. That's all just lies.
The truth is, I've been in love with you ever since I saw you the first time.
So I asked Miss Undie to mistake you for a molester on purpose and act as a matchmaker.
Do you understand how I feel about you now?"

938 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:13:00 ID:CcJ1Gv/G
I don't think it's a good idea to touch on that subject yet!

939 : Matatabi Pokke ◆CAT//d2lZo : 04/11/11 00:13:03 ID:wKi8Z1Ex
Are you on some heavy drugs or something? (´・∀・`)

940 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:13:05 ID:iisAYKK1
The topic switch didn't feel forced to me.

941 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:13:25 ID:EvJnsIzy
More like you tried to dodge a traffic pylon, but ended up hitting it anyway.

942 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:13:29 ID:mADQIluX

943 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:13:56 ID:ynPNxCmz
I think Kansai will take some time to reply this time.

944 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:14:25 ID:a5MhklY4
There is no reply from Kansai.

Seems to be just a corpse.

945 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:14:41 ID:0qAVtloj
It's time for a new thread.

946 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:14:56 ID:N9Fhu7iM



947 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:15:03 ID:lKVanHkK
Hey, I'm sacrificing precious time I would normally spend playing eroge for this!
Why'd Kansai go silent all of a sudden!?

948 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:15:19 ID:Zzvl7xOm
Molester Man, you're actually funny when you're talking to Kansaiw
Why are you not always like that?

949 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/11 00:15:20 ID:D50puFV/

"She didn't tell me about it in detail either and I don't think it'd be right to talk about it without her permission anyway.
AFAIK she had a pretty bad fight with her parents."

"I guess you're right. It wouldn't be right to talk about it behind her back.
But she should really try to make up with her parents."

950 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:15:21 ID:USRt5uSn
Did your quick sharp turn send you right into a landmine?

951 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:15:36 ID:EvJnsIzy
↑ You start the next thread.

952 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:15:50 ID:RVmWEXG7
I dunno, but you just stepped on the next thread landmine.

953 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:15:58 ID:ynPNxCmz
>It wouldn't be right to talk about it behind her back.
You say that after you tried to do just that?
Whoawwwwwwww OKwwwwwwwwwww

954 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:16:19 ID:Q7UhNqcw
No, you just stepped on onew

955 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:16:23 ID:lKVanHkK

       Excuse me... You dropped this.




                            That is VIP QUALITY.
956 : You can easily tell a VIPPER by their behavior ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/11 00:16:24 ID:3mxc5AtY
Well, one thing's for sure. Kansai will tell Miss Undie that he asked about her parents.
The question is what Miss Undie will make of it...

957 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:16:46 ID:LK9rghNn
People use this expression outside of 2ch? ( ´・∀・`) I had no idea.

958 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:16:49 ID:RVmWEXG7
That last line about her parents wasn't necessary.

959 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:16:51 ID:t2nt+Ip6
You say you're worried about her, but all you're doing is just snooping behind her back.

960 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:17:14 ID:lKVanHkK
Speaking of eroge, are there any with a mentally unstable girl like Miss Understanding as the main love interest?

961 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:17:30 ID:iSqvbR2M
That's why you should have sent what I wrote in >>893.... (´・ω・`)

962 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/11 00:17:53 ID:D50puFV/
Like they say, you never miss your parents until they're gone."

You're using that proverb incorrectly though."

Guys, what do I ask Kansai next?

963 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:17:55 ID:RVmWEXG7
I submitted >>958 too early. I meant to write

That last line about her parents wasn't necessary.
Her family issues might be a lot more complicated than we think.

964 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:18:18 ID:O2EUv8mx
This reminds me more of Kosaku-tan than Train Man.

965 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:18:21 ID:RVmWEXG7
Ask her about her measurements.

966 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:18:26 ID:8BOi0NgQ
You should write Kansai something like
"I really want to help Miss Undie."
before it's too late...

967 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:18:30 ID:3qxNpHAk
You've come this far, you might as well go all out and ask her to introduce you to Miss Undie's parents.

968 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:18:42 ID:ynPNxCmz
Ask Kansai if she likes crab or not.
Oh, and ask her if she likes the Drifters or not.

969 : You can easily tell a VIPPER by their behavior ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/11 00:18:57 ID:3mxc5AtY

970 : Matatabi Pokke ◆CAT//d2lZo : 04/11/11 00:18:57 ID:wKi8Z1Ex
>But she should really try to make up with her parents.
I guess >>1 was blessed with a loving family. Only people who get along with their family would say stuff like this... (´・∀・`)

971 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:19:03 ID:lKVanHkK
Confess your love to Kansai.

972 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:19:11 ID:rvquPAxW
Don't forget Miss Undie.

973 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:19:11 ID:bohshWUj
This thread used to be about giving advice to Molester, but now it's just about watching Molester do stuffw

974 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:19:16 ID:USRt5uSn
Since I stepped on that landmine, I went and started the new threadw

I got totally mistaken for a molester part 5

975 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:19:34 ID:LK9rghNn

976 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:19:40 ID:2sgNxnGL
You reply way too quickly to Kansai's e-mails.
Take it more slowly.

977 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:20:40 ID:O2EUv8mx
Let's find out how big Loli Jugs' jugs really are. Ask her about her cup size.

978 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:20:50 ID:ynPNxCmz
What can we do? He never listens to us when it matters the most.

979 : 1 ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/11 00:20:57 ID:D50puFV/
From Kansai:
"Never mind that. Stop caring about little things or you'll never become a big guy!"

Any suggestions on what to reply to this?

980 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:21:02 ID:NSATg1EN
Btw, is the remaining crab alright?

981 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:21:32 ID:lKVanHkK
"My dick is big though! I ain't even joking."

982 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:21:33 ID:ynPNxCmz

"But I AM a pretty big guy. Wanna take a look?"

983 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:21:38 ID:a5MhklY4
To Kansai:
"Whoawwwwwwwww OKwwwwwwwww"

984 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:21:42 ID:Q7UhNqcw
(・∀・) Good!!
Add this:
"So you help me help her out!"

985 : You can easily tell a VIPPER by their behavior ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/11 00:22:08 ID:3mxc5AtY

986 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:22:09 ID:t2nt+Ip6
"Careful now. Shorter guys are bigger down there."

987 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:22:10 ID:2sgNxnGL
Get married already.

988 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:22:14 ID:LK9rghNn
(・∀・)人(・∀・) Get married!

989 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:22:19 ID:RVmWEXG7
"I may be small in stature, but other things about me are big.

My attitude, for example."

990 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:23:04 ID:CcJ1Gv/G

991 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:23:16 ID:O2EUv8mx
Replace "attitude" with "dick".

992 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:23:18 ID:QRzKmdmY

993 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:23:29 ID:Gu15nGr5

994 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:23:38 ID:2sgNxnGL
If this is 1000, I'll confess my love to the girl that sits behind me in class.

995 : You can easily tell a VIPPER by their behavior ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/11 00:23:38 ID:3mxc5AtY

996 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:23:41 ID:BX9Vg+Kl

997 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:23:41 ID:iSqvbR2M
>My attitude, for example.
I fucking lol'dww

998 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:23:43 ID:N9Fhu7iM

999 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:23:42 ID:LYdhGA6r
But you know...
I can't stop worrying about her...

1000 : VIPPER : 04/11/11 00:23:46 ID:ql2P7f42
If this is 1000, commit double suicide with her.

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