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I got totally mistaken for a molester part 25

1 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:23:35 ID:nnbAYHWX
     Everyone in VIP, no, in 2ch, please hear me out.
     The other day, I was totally mistaken for a molester.
     And I don't mean it as a joke, I was actually mistaken for one.

It all started with this...

Previous thread:
I got totally mistaken for a molester part 23 (actually part 24)

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2 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:23:47 ID:cHLi0j0F
(゚∀゚ )

3 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:25:17 ID:iWvgMLFx
Canned crab.

4 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:25:46 ID:Ru7PvnVT
Whoawwww >>1 Thxwwww Pfffwwww

5 : (・ω・ ミ 3 )∋ : 04/11/29 03:25:47 ID:W9Zb6KO4
+   +
  ∩_∩  +
 (0゚・(ェ)・) ba-dump ba-dump bear bear
 (0゚つ旦O +
 と__)__) +

6 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:25:48 ID:KVORh+vg

7 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:25:55 ID:ZpqVDNiI

8 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:25:56 ID:pHg4/a0F

9 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:26:25 ID:kJ6CAmnp
I suddenly feel this urge to convince everyone in the thread to give crab sticks a try.

10 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:26:48 ID:QCRlcOsN

11 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:27:09 ID:wrw/IBb/

12 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:27:23 ID:7EbNMO4k

13 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:27:28 ID:6JlxFTt5

14 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:27:30 ID:0E9/ecbe
(ノ∀`) Oh boy

15 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:27:57 ID:nnbAYHWX
The other day, I started the new thread in the live watch board.
It's not like I didn't care which board. It was an accident.
I still regret it now.

16 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:28:51 ID:W9Zb6KO4
1000 Name: VIPPER [sage] Date: 04/11/29 03:28:25 ID:7EbNMO4k
If this is 1000, I get the Kansai end.
Molester gets the Loli titfucking end.

17 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:29:01 ID:nnbAYHWX
We got another batshit crazy 1000 GETw

18 : Previous thread's 1000 : 04/11/29 03:29:03 ID:7EbNMO4k

19 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:29:07 ID:YT0aIUKG

This is going to be another long night.

20 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:29:20 ID:Ru7PvnVT
You're that guy!?
Sorry for the harsh words that time.
I still regret it now.

21 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:29:21 ID:0E9/ecbe
1 Name: VIPPER Date: 04/11/05 19:48:21 ID:w8ZHuVTS

You forgot to include this. Well, not that I have any right to complain as the one who failed to start part 20.

22 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:29:32 ID:f9S7kT+X
That was you! Crab.

23 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:29:35 ID:KqwZ3wkz

24 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:29:36 ID:pHg4/a0F
Your wish was unexpectedly kindw

25 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:30:08 ID:oUkmD3rX

26 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:30:26 ID:JxE6T2u6

27 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:30:54 ID:nnbAYHWX
It was an important lesson that reminded me of the responsibility that comes with making a thread,
an act that is often taken too lightly when you're used to VIP.
I still feel grateful now.

28 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:31:07 ID:YT0aIUKG
Molester has vanished once again.

29 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:31:14 ID:r6IcnLF2
I know I'm being annoying, but what does
>>I tried it out just now on a completely unrelated board and it was a completely different tripcode, you fraudw
even mean?
Of course, I know that tripcodes are the same on all boards,
but what did he exactly try out?

30 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:31:26 ID:kJ6CAmnp

31 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:31:34 ID:KVORh+vg
There are still more than 15 people ITTw

32 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:31:37 ID:ZpqVDNiI
I wonder if Molester is thinking deep and hard about what to do next...
Or he's watching anime right now.

33 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:31:57 ID:i/rkqjAF
I feel like masturbating again. Discuss.

34 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:32:02 ID:Ru7PvnVT
You're a good guy. Your post had me tearing up and shit.

Molester tried making a tripcode using Kansai's real family name,
but it was completely different than the guy in the previous thread was using.
And with that, it was proven that that guy was just bluffing.

35 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:32:04 ID:f9S7kT+X
Umm... I'm going to make crab hot pot. Do you want to come to my place?

36 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:32:15 ID:KVORh+vg
( ゚Д゚)っ● EAT SHIT

37 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:32:35 ID:WSltLQ5R
Do you know your multiplication tables?

38 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:32:36 ID:wrw/IBb/
...so is he going for the Kansai route now?
Hmm... Am I the only one who thinks it's going to be a piece of cake?

>>33 You know that it decreases your life expectancy, right?w

39 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:32:37 ID:KqwZ3wkz
He must have made a tripcode from Kansai's real family name in some test thread or something.

40 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:32:40 ID:oUkmD3rX
Let me simplify things a little.

Loli likes Molester.
Kansai either likes Molester or is indifferent towards him.
Molester likes Kansai more than Loli.

That is all there is to it.

41 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:32:42 ID:0E9/ecbe
How many semen do you have to kill until you're satisfied!?

42 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:33:06 ID:Ru7PvnVT
Well, even if you say "it was proven that that guy was just bluffing"
we have no way of knowing whether Molester really tried it out or not,
nor is there any need to, I dare say.

That's because this is News Flash VIP.

43 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:33:07 ID:YT0aIUKG
>Is her family name Sakamoto?

I'm really curious about this post from the previous thread.

44 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:33:11 ID:QCRlcOsN
He did a tripcode test using Kansai's family name.

Are you trying to say that you can do a tripcode test without actually making a post?

45 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:33:14 ID:WuG56WEj

I feel like masturbating after seeing this.

46 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:33:14 ID:f9S7kT+X
The shrine maiden pic didn't really do it for me.
I am hard now though.

47 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:33:31 ID:pHg4/a0F
If she likes him, she's sure to be interested in what he's into.

Loli: "Oh yeah, I wonder what VA means... Let me google it."
Loli: "Is this that website called 2ch? Don't tell me Mr. Molester is a..."

is what I thought at first, but when she actually googles it,
Loli: "What is this? Yoshida Sensha? He reads manga like this...?"
is how it might go.

48 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:33:57 ID:KVORh+vg
Loli and Kansai are pretty good friends.

This little detail complicates everything.

49 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:34:07 ID:Ru7PvnVT
That's nothing. Go back to the previous thread and check out the URL in post 953.

50 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:34:30 ID:tHCDh01u
That's a love triangle if I ever saw one.
I guess, Miss Undie is the odd one out now, huh?

51 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:34:37 ID:r6IcnLF2
Ahh, now I get it.
Seems like my brain has completely stopped working.

52 : Previous thread's 1000 : 04/11/29 03:35:10 ID:7EbNMO4k
Uhh, it was just a name that caught my eyes in the google search results.

53 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:35:16 ID:VqVtLcim
I'm in the Loli camp, but I feel like even if we managed to get him back on the Loli route,
it won't really go anywhere anyway...

I don't think we have to worry about the ABC story. There are too many uncertainties.

Take a chance and go for Kansai!
Even if you get turned down, you don't have anything to lose.
You'll just be back to your previous lifestyle.
 If anything, you'll have gained something valuable.

You might not get to have any seicross either, but you'll want to get yourself a girlfriend first anyway.

54 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:35:24 ID:f9S7kT+X
Moleeeester, don't be embarrassed and come out.

55 : Molester Man ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/29 03:35:30 ID:OHOnsYLn
I feel like doing it too now.

56 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:35:42 ID:7EbNMO4k
So, where is Molester?

57 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:35:44 ID:WSltLQ5R
Hokkaido bros are shaking right now.

58 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:35:45 ID:KVORh+vg
Earthquake with seismic intensity of 5 in Kushiro. Discuss.

59 : &rlo; : 04/11/29 03:36:21 ID:kJ6CAmnp
On nights when the moon is this blue, strange things can happen

I'd love to try out strange masturbation.

60 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:36:25 ID:f9S7kT+X
O-Oh no, someone save the crabs!

61 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:36:39 ID:nnbAYHWX
Is Kushiro going to be okay!!!!?? Wasn't there a guy from Hokkaido in the thread earlier!?

62 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:36:50 ID:KqwZ3wkz
Don't you have a heart?

63 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:36:56 ID:vFXnLHrJ
It woke me up.

64 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:37:06 ID:7EbNMO4k
I wonder whose jugs are bigger. Loli or Jessica from DQ?

65 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:37:13 ID:pHg4/a0F
get a girlfriend → seicross
Just seeing someone advocate for this order of things makes me happy somehow.
I was starting to wonder if I'm the only one. Or if I'm considered old-fashioned now.

66 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:37:53 ID:wrw/IBb/
I see...
When a guy gets involved, friendship between women becomes thinner than paper.
It's extremely rare that a woman gives up on a guy for her female friend.

Loli's behavior is a great example of thisw

67 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:37:57 ID:YT0aIUKG
My homeroom teacher in third and fourth grade of elementary school had the same name.
Let's just leave it at that.

68 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:38:04 ID:WuG56WEj
I'm hungry. I think I'm going to bed.

69 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:38:11 ID:vFXnLHrJ
(・∀・)I live in Kushiro.

70 : ◆wS2fCa8rNY : 04/11/29 03:38:24 ID:fT02Bc6c
It's just lowercase Latin letters, huh?

71 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:38:33 ID:KqwZ3wkz
Are VIPPERs immortal or something?w

72 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:38:46 ID:QCRlcOsN
Are you okay?

73 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:38:48 ID:nnbAYHWX
Are the crabs safe?

74 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:38:53 ID:f9S7kT+X
Hold on, Kansai isn't supposed to be anything like that (seen through Molester's lens).

75 : &rlo; : 04/11/29 03:39:11 ID:kJ6CAmnp
It's the birth of another Kuril Island. (((( ;゜Д゜))) shake shake

76 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:39:31 ID:oUkmD3rX
A model VIPPER.

77 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:39:31 ID:KVORh+vg
A tsunami warning has been issued. (・∀・)

78 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:39:40 ID:TJvwh6Au
I've finally caught up...
What the hell, Molester!? You didn't do it!?
I left my girlfriend hanging, making her all suspicious just to get home asap
and this is what I get? *angry*

79 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:40:05 ID:KqwZ3wkz
According to the ETA of the tsunami, you have 20 minutes left.

80 : &rlo; : 04/11/29 03:40:11 ID:kJ6CAmnp
Everyone's ignoring >>55 for some reason. Discuss.

81 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:40:13 ID:YT0aIUKG
The swaying of Loli's heart and boobs has caused the northern lands to shake.

82 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:40:35 ID:QCRlcOsN

83 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:40:43 ID:f9S7kT+X
You should go to a sandy beach after the tsunami.
There'll be tons of crabs there for the taking.

84 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:40:44 ID:pHg4/a0F
I'm not one to talk, but what in the fuck are you doing? LOLww

85 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:41:05 ID:KVORh+vg
She also caused quite the stir in Molester's heart.

In my crotch too.

86 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:41:06 ID:nnbAYHWX
And the emotions and tears she wasn't able to hold back anymore are closing in on us now in the form of a tsunami.

87 : &rlo; : 04/11/29 03:41:23 ID:kJ6CAmnp
TBS, what happened to the south of Kantou?wwwwwwwww

88 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:42:00 ID:vFXnLHrJ
Well, you get used to earthquakes after a while.(・∀・)
But I'm glad I fastened my bookshelf to the wall after it almost killed me in an earthquake two years ago.
It's so cold out I don't feel like going out to see the tsunami.

89 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:42:07 ID:KVORh+vg
I guess Western Japan has submerged.

90 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:42:38 ID:WSltLQ5R
My sides hurtw

91 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:42:42 ID:P5qNE6Y2
Before I go to bed, let me repost this.
Molester, I want you to really consider this direction.
Well then, good night, everyone.

Why don't you just ask Kansai for advice about Loli?
She's like the leader of the family restaurant gang, so I feel like it could actually work.

Here's how it would go in my imagination:
Molester: "The other day at Loli's place, ..."
Kansai: "Seriously!? So, how do you feel about her?"
Kansai: "I know I'm a wuss, but I don't, umm, do that kind of thing with a woman I don't love."
Kansai: "Huh, are you still in love with Miss Undie or what?"
Molester: "What? I'm notw"
Kansai: "Who is it then?"
Molester: "Didn't I tell you that only you can be my partner?"
Kansai: "(∩ ゚д゚) Ahh! Ahh! I can't hear you!"

92 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:42:57 ID:uAdAVsoH
Guess I'll be rotting at the bottom of the sea soon...

93 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:43:24 ID:KVORh+vg

94 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:43:25 ID:pHg4/a0F
It's already half past 3!?
As always, the hours fly by when I'm here.

95 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:43:32 ID:wrw/IBb/
Loli's boobs are so gigantic they can cause earthquakes, huh?w That's terrifyingww

96 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:43:38 ID:KqwZ3wkz
Yeah, it's always a good idea to shut your brain off for a while.

                                Like hell it is, you dumbass.

97 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:43:49 ID:7EbNMO4k
In that case, how is TBS still broadcasting?w

98 : &rlo; : 04/11/29 03:44:34 ID:kJ6CAmnp
The earthquake in Hokkaido was caused by Molester giving himself a rubdown with a dry cloth of sadness.

99 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:44:36 ID:KVORh+vg
I'm in Tokyo.
I can see the lost continent Mu when I look out the window.

100 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:44:39 ID:wrw/IBb/
Who did the announcement on NHK?ww

101 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:44:53 ID:VqVtLcim
Like I keep saying, Loli must have gotten Kansai's consent.
It should be obvious from Molester's past reports
that Kansai and the girls have a sense of honor and decency though.

There are more women, who got their shit together, than you think.

102 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:45:04 ID:pHg4/a0F
Oh shit... My wife got up...
Guys, I'll be going ahead. ノシ

103 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:45:30 ID:65b7Pziu
Fuji TV is only showing Hokkaido...w

104 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:45:30 ID:KVORh+vg
One thing's for sure, it wasn't Mr. Satouwwwwwww

105 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:45:52 ID:nnbAYHWX
Good luck with real seicross.

106 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:46:17 ID:7EbNMO4k
Who cares about Honshu... It's only the largest and most populous island of Japan.

107 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:46:36 ID:YT0aIUKG
Say hi to your wife from me.
Say hi to your wife from me.

108 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:46:44 ID:nnbAYHWX
Good thing it was only a small tsunami.

109 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:46:45 ID:rVNKYbfB
>1     I'm a bit late, but crabs for starting the thread.
>Molester  It's going to be tough if Kansai already knows about the Loli incident or finds out about it.
        But well, you know, hang in there~ノシ

110 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:46:58 ID:pYKKOP3B
So what do you want to do, Molester?w
You haven't said anything about what you think all night.

111 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:47:23 ID:QCRlcOsN

Has Molester gone to bed?

112 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:47:48 ID:KVORh+vg
They're urging everyone in Nemuro to evacuate.

On such a blistering-cold morning.

113 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:47:51 ID:TJvwh6Au
It's true that I've cheated on her, but today I left her hanging for this!
Damn you, Molester.

114 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:47:58 ID:ZpqVDNiI
I don't think Molester can make up his mind...
He did say what he thinks. He said both.

115 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:47:59 ID:oUkmD3rX
Molester, are you still watching?
No matter how long you wait, there won't be a conclusion or a consensus, you know?

116 : &rlo; : 04/11/29 03:48:30 ID:kJ6CAmnp
His report mentioned Loli e-mailing someone, but was she really e-mailing Kansai?
I think it's much more unlikely than the whole "Kansai is girl A" theory. Am I the only one?

117 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:48:53 ID:YT0aIUKG
Once Molester has made his earthshaking decision on what he wants to do next, all we can do is suggest adjustments or criticize his decision...
I guess it's business as usual at this point, huh?

118 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:49:09 ID:KVORh+vg
The consensus ITT is "Contact them asap."

119 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:49:10 ID:nnbAYHWX
That was an unexpected confession, but thanks for confiding in us.

120 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:49:21 ID:El3EUoTk
I'm going to bed now,

but Molester, just don't ask any of the girls for advice!

They'll think you're the biggest pussy ever.
Don't say a thing until Kansai asks you about it.
If she asks you why you did it,
"Because there's someone I like."
"Who is it?"
give it to her like that.

Also, make sure to apologize to Loli.
"I just can't see you in that way."
Say something like that.
Don't mention a thing about how you like Kansai.

Be careful about these things and you should be able to avoid having to spend Christmas in 2ch.

121 : &rlo; : 04/11/29 03:49:25 ID:kJ6CAmnp
Earthshaking decision... lol

122 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:49:43 ID:uAdAVsoH
In Osaka, no channel other than NHK is even reporting about the earthquake.
TBS is showing some weird music show.
TV Asahi: weather forecast.
Fuji TV: some band's concert maybe?
ytv isn't even broadcasting right now.

123 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:50:15 ID:i/rkqjAF
im gonna die earthquake i'm gonna die

124 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:50:54 ID:El3EUoTk
Hey, hey!

125 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:51:12 ID:f9S7kT+X
It's all because you masturbated.

126 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:51:29 ID:i/rkqjAF
this isn't the time to be masturbating i'm gonna die

127 : Molester Man ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/29 03:51:30 ID:OHOnsYLn
Yeah, definitely no time to be masturbating.

128 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:51:42 ID:KVORh+vg
Alright, I'll be off too.
Gotta eat, take a bath and go buy Jump. ノシ

129 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:51:45 ID:nnbAYHWX
What's wrong? You live in Hokkaido?

130 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:51:46 ID:WSltLQ5R
Do the natural vibrations feel that good or what?

131 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:52:00 ID:iWvgMLFx
I know that feelw

132 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:52:06 ID:7EbNMO4k
So, what are you going to do next?

133 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:52:27 ID:wrw/IBb/
Who knew that blowing a huge load was an omen of earthquakes.

134 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:52:34 ID:pYKKOP3B
>>114 Both of them!?
How shamelessw

135 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:52:37 ID:WuG56WEj
And I'm at a loss.

136 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:52:41 ID:r6IcnLF2
Molester is actually still here?

137 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:52:49 ID:YT0aIUKG
Eh? Do we really want him to apologize to Loli? He'd not only be pouring salt in her wounds, but even risk ruining his friendship with the family restaurant crew.
If he keeps his mouth shut, it'll just be an embarrassing anecdote between Loli and him. The Loli route would be secure too.

I doubt Loli would tell anyone about something so embarrassing like how she offered seicross to Molester and got turned down.

138 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:52:56 ID:nnbAYHWX
Put your pants back on and take refuge somewhere.

139 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:53:32 ID:VqVtLcim
Even if he tells Kansai what happened after so much time has passed,

it'll only end up confusing her because your side of the story is bound to be very different than Loli's.

But I have to say, Molester and the people in the Kansai camp are real men for taking on the much harder Kansai route.

140 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:53:34 ID:KqwZ3wkz
Ever since I started frequenting this thread, I don't feel any repulsion towards the word "Molester" anymore. Discuss.

141 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:54:09 ID:7EbNMO4k
Run away with just trunks on.

Getting told "Your legs are quite hairy."
can be the beginning of a love.

142 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:54:42 ID:YT0aIUKG
Molesting is bad.

143 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:55:03 ID:nnbAYHWX
Yeah, you can't ask the girls for advice, especially if they're friends of Loli.

144 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:55:22 ID:ZpqVDNiI
Just saying "both" was kind of misleading. My bad.
- He likes Kansai.
- But he's a virgin.
They're both reasons why he didn't do it.
I think people are getting tired of saying this, but make up your mind by tomorrow morning and e-mail one of the girls.

145 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:55:24 ID:QCRlcOsN

From the live watch board.

146 : Molester Man ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/29 03:55:44 ID:OHOnsYLn
What to do next, huh... I don't know if I should be the one contacting them... Not sure what to do.
For now, I think I'll just take a bath and go to bed...

147 : &rlo; : 04/11/29 03:56:31 ID:kJ6CAmnp
I don't think they will contact you if you don't.

148 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:56:58 ID:ZpqVDNiI
It's just like you to choose to run away, Molester.
That might be the end of the line though. Thanks for everything so far.

149 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:57:12 ID:QCRlcOsN
I feel like it'll be the end if you don't do something...
Women can be scary when they band togetherw

150 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:57:13 ID:oUkmD3rX
I bet we've posted about every possible way of going about it.
There's no right or wrong when it comes to the love game.
We've all asked people out and been turned down, and found our own way.
It only makes sense that we can't agree on one way.
So don't think too hard about it.

151 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:57:14 ID:VqVtLcim
Contact them asap!

............is what everyone's been saying, right?

But until he's decided which girl to go for, he can't send an e-mail!!

Too bad!!!!

The order is: Select girl → Come up with what to write → Send e-mail

You just got owned!

152 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:57:18 ID:YT0aIUKG
Who are you going to contact?

153 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:57:35 ID:7EbNMO4k
That might be okay for today,
but the longer you wait the harder it will be to contact any of them, don't you think?

154 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:57:59 ID:i/rkqjAF
I was masturbating when the earthquake started, so I woke up my little sister, put on a pair of pants, threw away the tissue, headed out, ran to the convenience store I work at, called a colleague who's like my mentor and got told "You're so dumb. You must feel really dumb now.", but I'm scared of the tsunami.

155 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:58:36 ID:i/rkqjAF
Ahh, sorry for going off-topic again. Just ignore my post ahhhhh

156 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:58:44 ID:pYKKOP3B
Are we talking about masturbating again?
In that case, I will go to bed after having fun with Jessica.

157 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:59:13 ID:KqwZ3wkz
>>91 Weren't we all pretty much OK with this one?

158 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 03:59:23 ID:QCRlcOsN
Calm downw
Also, post pics of your little sister.

159 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:00:20 ID:WuG56WEj
>>91 has my approval too.

160 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:00:20 ID:i/rkqjAF
I'm calling my sister right now. Help me.

161 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:00:31 ID:RIe6Lw7b
Just sent a link to the summary site to London Hearts.

162 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:00:39 ID:oDyI5CRT
Your post has too much QUALITY to ignoreww

163 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:00:41 ID:FruZj7Rl
At last, I have caught up with you guys.
I, for one, was so glad that he didn't do it, so I'm going to masturbate now.

164 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:01:42 ID:7EbNMO4k
>Kansai: "Seriously!? So, how do you feel about her?"

I don't think she will reply like this.

165 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:03:01 ID:i/rkqjAF
uaww slvgyuhf anohter earthqugghjk━━━(゚∀゚)━( ゚∀)━(  ゚)━(  )━(  )━(゚  )━(∀゚ )━(゚∀゚)━━━!!!!!
fjasdhboasj another aonthre eathrqukaaeee

166 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:03:15 ID:i/rkqjAF
its another eartthtquaaek hellllpppppppppp

167 : &rlo; : 04/11/29 04:03:35 ID:kJ6CAmnp
We don't know what to do because we can't tell what kind of connection Loli and Kansai have.

I wonder if we'll get another unexpected twist tomorrow.

168 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:03:52 ID:oUkmD3rX
Are you alrihgt?

169 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:03:55 ID:r6IcnLF2
You didn't have SEX with Loli because you like Kansai, alright?
You didn't say it at the time because you were too perplexed or something.
There's no need to say anything to Kansai for now. This is something you should only talk to Loli about.
Once you tell Loli that you like Kansai, you have no choice but to confess your love to Kansai.

We don't know if Kansai likes you or not, but now that it's come to this, you can't just wait and do nothing.

170 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:04:02 ID:KqwZ3wkz
Why not? It's true that she might not sound as uninvolved when talking about her BFF Loli,
but if you're going to be a naysayer, you'll have to post a better idea, no?
I'm completely out of ideas...

171 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:04:05 ID:WuG56WEj
I won't be able to go to school again tomorrow because of this thread.

172 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:04:48 ID:Rgqitkfv
Whether it goes like >>91 or not, Molester will gain a lot of experience points from this, so we should just let him do whatever he thinks is right!

Though there is the possibility that he will never have another encounter for the rest of his life, not even with a slime.

173 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:04:59 ID:KqwZ3wkz
Get off the internet and go get yourself as many crabs as you can.
Also, stay away from buildings.

174 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:06:00 ID:i/rkqjAF
I'm putting back the pile of light novels that fell out of my bookshelf in tears right now.
Molester, hang in there. You have to hang in there.
If you die in an earthquake, you'll regret it forever. Do something with your life before it's too late.
I haven't read the archive, but hang in there, man, hang in there.

175 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:06:20 ID:oUkmD3rX
Am I a naysayer...?

I just don't want him to use Loli as an excuse when confessing his love to Kansaiw

176 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:06:50 ID:oDyI5CRT
I'm worried, but then again you're posting in this thread, so it can't be too bad, right?

177 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:06:59 ID:KqwZ3wkz
More importantly, the expected highest temperature for Osaka has dropped below 20 degrees. Discuss.

Are you trying to kill me?

178 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:08:13 ID:nnbAYHWX
Let me tell you what I'd do if I was you, Molester.

Ask Loli indirectly how she really feels and tell her indirectly that there's someone you like. (Don't reveal that it's Kansai.)
Treat Kansai the same way as before. If she asks you about what happened, say "Sorry, I can't talk about it. It only concerns Loli and me."

I don't think I can agree with >>91. When you think about Kansai and Loli's feelings,
you can't be completely honest with either of them.

179 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:08:54 ID:wrw/IBb/
It's not enough to just call or e-mail Loli.
If you're going to apologize, it has to be in personw
Tell her in person "It's not that I didn't do anything. I couldn't do anything. I'm sorry for embarrassing you like that."
and it should be fine. Also, tell her you're not gayw
It's not like you did something bad and ruined your friendship with Loli,
so I don't think you need to worry so much about losing Loli.

Btw, what if she was just trying to make up for puking on your bed with seicross?

180 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:09:03 ID:i/rkqjAF
I'm fine, I think. I'm still scared though.
I've experienced both the great hanshin earthquake and the one in Tokachi last year, so I'm scared shitless.

181 : &rlo; : 04/11/29 04:09:13 ID:kJ6CAmnp
He might be able to buy some time by apologizing to Loli.

That is, if he doesn't get stabbed by Loli before that.

182 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:10:11 ID:wrw/IBb/
Whoawww What about aftershocks?ww
Be safe!

183 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:10:27 ID:oDyI5CRT
All we can do is wait.
Molester has to make up his mind first.

184 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:10:55 ID:7EbNMO4k
Here's why I don't agree with >>91
I don't like the thought of Molester talking to Kansai about what happened between him and Loli. It's tactless.
There's no need to talk to Kansai about it at all.
No, as a man, he shouldn't talk to her about it, don't you think?

185 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:11:08 ID:i/rkqjAF
I heard there'll be aftershocks with a seismic intensity of 4.
I'll stop going off-topic and go to the earthquake board now.

186 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:11:36 ID:oDyI5CRT
I'm sorry.
My parents had a rough time too during the earthquake in Niigata earlier this year. I should have been more thoughtful.

187 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:11:58 ID:5yPVodKI
There is the option to wait, of course.
Loli made the first step, so it's hard to imagine that this will be over without her contacting him again.
It's true that you can minimize the risk of making mistakes by waiting for the other party to move first and reacting to it appropriately.
But there's the risk of losing the Kansai route while you're waiting. Also, it's impossible to predict what Loli might do next, so we can't prepare for it at all.

At least, when you move first, you won't have to worry about those things, is what I think.

188 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:12:10 ID:wrw/IBb/
Just stay here. There are only a few people left right now anyway, no one will mindw
At least, keep this thread open in a separate window plz.

189 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:13:18 ID:oDyI5CRT
I too think that >>91 is out of the question, both as a man and as a person.

190 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:13:47 ID:wrw/IBb/
Yeah, right?
If you don't do anything at a time like this,
they'll just be like "I don't know what that guy is thinking!!" and think you're creepy.

I recommend doing something.

191 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:13:55 ID:i/rkqjAF
Thanks for the kind comment.
I was masturbating just a few minutes ago. I feel so stupid now.
My little sister is so shaken up she's using polite speech on me, it's kind of moe.
She sent 6 e-mails in total.

192 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:14:42 ID:wrw/IBb/
How old is your little sister?wwwwww Whoawwwww That sounded sowwww inappropriatewwwww

193 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:14:59 ID:7EbNMO4k
The problem is that if you decide to wait,
it becomes hard to find the right timing to act again.
It's not like you have anything in particular to contact them about.

Instead of talking to Kansai about it,
I wonder if Molester can't feel out Miss Understanding or Butler for information first.

194 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:14:59 ID:nnbAYHWX
Looks like you've calmed down.
Make sure to check if you really put on underwear.

195 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:16:03 ID:i/rkqjAF
She's 18.
The tip of my penis is wet for some reason, but I feel like I have more important things to worry about rigth now.

196 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:16:06 ID:oDyI5CRT
Polite speech → "Stop using polite speech." → Whoawwwww
I feel like I've seen this turn of events a few hours ago......

197 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:16:26 ID:KqwZ3wkz
You better not go talking to any girls in your underwear.

198 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:17:00 ID:i/rkqjAF
I put on pants, but my fly was open.
I can't believe I went to the convenience store like that.
So embarrassing.

199 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:17:30 ID:wrw/IBb/
There's no need for a consensus on this board. Plus, the earth is shaking.

Just keep throwing your opinions out there.

200 : &rlo; : 04/11/29 04:18:18 ID:kJ6CAmnp
The anal fuck onanist from Hokkaido (and his little sister) has overtaken the threadwwwwww

201 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:18:52 ID:65b7Pziu
I mostly agree with >>91,
but when he talks to Kansai, he should be ready to confess his love
and it should be in person at the bare minimum.

I think, instead of probing the other girls for info,
he should just focus on how to deal with Kansai and Loli.

202 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:19:06 ID:r6IcnLF2
Tomorrow is not too late.
Just say you needed a day to think about everything. Either way, doing nothing and waiting is not an option.
But if you still want to get with Loli after all that,
you can forget about going out with either of them.

203 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:19:53 ID:wrw/IBb/

You should be fine as long as you still have electricity.
Whenever a big earthquake hit in the past, a power outage followed right away.
For now, just hold out until the sun rises. You're sure to calm down when it gets bright out.

204 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:20:14 ID:vFXnLHrJ
Well, I think he should save his virginity for Kansai and if he ends up getting turned down by both Loli and Kansai, then that's just how it is.
It'd be a lot like Molester, sincere and faithful. As a man, he'd be the taking an L though.

I was totally fine this time because I fastened my bookshelf to the wall after the Tokachi-Oki earthquake.
In the 19 years I've been living in Kushiro, I've experienced about 5 or 6 huge earthquakes and I'm so used to them now. ( ^ω^)
Should we go check out the tsunami? Or is it too late?

205 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:21:32 ID:i/rkqjAF
I'll do my best.
I feel like I know you from somewhere.

206 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:21:50 ID:oUkmD3rX
This is assuming you want to confess your love to Kansai,
but I think you should simply ask her to go out with you.
If she asks where that suddenly came from,
you could just tell her you wanted to make things clear.
If Kansai already heard about it from Loli, she'll know what you mean, and if she hasn't, there's no need to tell her.
And whether you get to go out with her or get turned down, Loli will eventually hear about it,
so that's how she'll find out why you turned her down, right?

I just think a love confession should only be about how much you love someone and that's it.

207 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:22:22 ID:KqwZ3wkz
Whatever the reason, I was impressed by how manly you were when you told her you won't do anything.
If you see it through to the end and manage to go out with Kansai,
I will cry.

208 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:22:52 ID:vFXnLHrJ
Whoawwwwwwwwww I've been found outwwwwwww

209 : &rlo; : 04/11/29 04:23:13 ID:kJ6CAmnp
You guys are being surprisingly hard on Molester.

By the way, Molester doesn't seem as down as he was after that trip to Akihabara. I guess it hits different when it's Loli vs. when it's Kansai.

210 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:24:29 ID:wrw/IBb/
I would confess my love to Kansai like
"I almost had a thing with Loli,
but I didn't do anything because I'd rather have seicross with you, Kansai, the one I love."

211 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:25:45 ID:wrw/IBb/
He'll start to regret it later, he just doesn't know it yet.
"Oh, man, why did I not hit that..."
he'll sayw

212 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:27:04 ID:vFXnLHrJ
I wish I could go back to when I was in junior high... I was such a brat...
I want to lose my virginity...

213 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:27:09 ID:oDyI5CRT
On various occasions so far, I have shared my opinion on when to send an e-mail and what to write, most of which Molester ignored,
but I believe that my opinion should not matter when it comes to whether he should go for Loli or Kansai.
Even if Molester declared that Kansai is the one he likes, I still don't think I should chime in.

That's why I will wait until Molester himself makes it clear who he picked.

214 : &rlo; : 04/11/29 04:27:36 ID:kJ6CAmnp
I see.
I guess he will regret not doing it with Loli when he gets turned down by Kansai...

215 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:27:58 ID:KqwZ3wkz
vFXnLHrJ suddenly revealing a weak side is so moe.

216 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:28:58 ID:KqwZ3wkz
And Molester has really gone to sleep now. Discuss.

217 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:29:47 ID:oUkmD3rX

When we regret not having done something (not just seicross), for some reason, we're always so sure that it would have worked outw

218 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:29:55 ID:wrw/IBb/
www Rightww That or when he gets dumped by Kansaiwww

219 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:30:18 ID:wrw/IBb/
The fish that got away is always the biggest.

220 : Molester Man ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/29 04:30:18 ID:OHOnsYLn
At last, I'm off to sleep. Discuss.

Good night.

221 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:30:42 ID:wrw/IBb/

222 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:31:06 ID:KqwZ3wkz

223 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:31:36 ID:i/rkqjAF
Molester, bye-bye.

224 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:31:38 ID:5yPVodKI
Now that he has turned down Loli, it might be the best timing to confess his love to Kansai.
Even if he gets turned down, he theoretically still has a chance with Loli.
It is only a very theoretical chance though.

225 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:33:07 ID:oUkmD3rX
Whatever you decide, Molester,
I will most likely troll the shit out of you and make fun of it in the thread,
but I will not deny it.
Good night.

226 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:34:05 ID:BwDIAGWu
5 crabs that he will regret not doing Loli whether he ends up with Kansai or not.

227 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:34:29 ID:br78LLsg
Loli is gradually turning into Priscilla in my head. Discuss.

228 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:34:47 ID:KqwZ3wkz
It will sting just a little for a long, long time.

229 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:35:17 ID:i/rkqjAF
I can't get over how my little sister is still using polite speech here and there, but other than that, she seems to be okay now.
Brb preparing for evacuation.
You could easily freeze to death at this time of the year.

230 : &rlo; : 04/11/29 04:35:31 ID:kJ6CAmnp
Good night.

231 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:35:57 ID:oUkmD3rX
Take care not to catch a cold.

232 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:36:27 ID:KqwZ3wkz
I checked the weather forecast just now and it said it'll be like 2 degrees out tonight.
Don't die, man. Night.

233 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:36:34 ID:6JlxFTt5
Crabs. ノシ

In any case, you need to make a decision, Molester.
Kansai or Loli, I think you still have a chance with either of them. It's not too late yet.
Make your decision first and then we'll think about how to go about it.

234 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:37:12 ID:nnbAYHWX
Crabs for staying up till early morning.
I'm going to bed too. It's dangerous to be on VIP past 4 am.

235 : &rlo; : 04/11/29 04:38:21 ID:kJ6CAmnp
Somehow I feel like he'll be able to decide by himself this time regardless of what the VIPPERs think.

But wait... that's exactly the kind of character growth the thread starter usually goes through at the end!

...I feel like the only thing that's growing is Molester's little Molester though.

236 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:38:42 ID:oUkmD3rX
I think he could try going for the friends forever route too.
Now, this may seem like a safe choice, but it's just as unpredictable as the other routes.

With that said, I'm gonna go to bed too.

237 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:39:05 ID:nnbAYHWX
Oh yeah, let me say one thing before I go.
It's not rare at all to fall for someone because they fell in love with you first.
I'm neither in the Kansai camp or the Loli camp, but I do think that you did the right thing in today's report.
I'm off, this time for real. Crabs.

238 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:39:51 ID:r6IcnLF2
Good night.

239 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:40:17 ID:KqwZ3wkz
I'm going off too.

I hope Molester can take pride in what he did this time.
Also, Kansai for life. ノシ

240 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 04:43:21 ID:5yPVodKI
I like how that still leaves the grande finale open.

Think about it hard and make a decision by yourself.
Whatever you choose, it'll be a good life experience for you.

241 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 05:17:07 ID:oDyI5CRT
Since the thread's empty right now, let me use this opportunity to leave a message for Molester.

We still have some time left till Christmas, but it's time to make a decision.
For starters, I want you to reminisce on all the good shit that happened, like Kansai's smile and the conversations you had with her including the ones by e-mail,
or what happened in Loli's room and her jugs peeking out of her bathtowel, and how you went shopping with both of them, and so on.
While you're remembering everything, I'm sure you'll reach a conclusion.

This kind of thing isn't something you figure out using your brain or by listening to other people's opinions.

242 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 05:30:28 ID:i54TpUn1
I slept through the whole thingwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
What's more, the moment the party in this thread ended, Crotch Guy is saying he's going to sleep toowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Whoa, I have so much to share but no place to go towwwwwwwwwwwwww

243 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 05:31:06 ID:i/rkqjAF
Be it Kansai or Loli, one thing I learned today is that you have to be careful when you're masturbating.

I'm going to sleep! I don't care if I die in my sleep!

244 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 05:36:43 ID:VFs+BWqf
Then let me share what I think too.

I think it's better if you don't tell Kansai about what happened with Loli.
You're probably not the type to tell on somebody anyway,
but I bet Kansai can't stand it when friends talk behind each other's backs.
Remember how Kansai didn't want to talk about Miss Undie's relationship with her parents when you asked her way back?
Plus, it's not like it's something she could give you advice about.
I guess it could trigger the Kansai flag if she likes you, but if she doesn't,
she'll just think you're bragging to her, which would be very out-of-character for you.
Don't you accidentally let it slip to Kansai! You'll lose her trust.

After what happened with Loli, you should just completely give up on her.
Maybe she was just testing you or maybe all she wanted was a fling, right?
After all, you're the one who'll end up getting hurt, Molester.
Besides, a girl who suddenly invites you into her room and lets you have seicross with her?
Not doing it was the right decision without the shadow of a doubt!

Winter is sprinkled with events,
so for now, I think you should just hang out and go drinking with the family restaurant gang.
I'm sure, when you see them the next time, Loli will be acting surprisingly normal. Don't worry about it too much.

Hey, let me tell you one last thing!!!
I'm not sad... I'm not envious of you at all...

245 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 05:36:52 ID:0E9/ecbe
Don't die.

246 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 05:47:41 ID:6JlxFTt5
    ________| ノ      ヽ Zzz・・・
   γ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄/  ─   ─ |
   / ※ ※ ※ ※  /|    ( _●_) ミ__
  ./ ※ ※ ※ ※  / 彡   ,,__(,,..)__ /__)

247 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 05:50:49 ID:VFs+BWqf
Hang in there, AF.

248 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 06:09:00 ID:VFs+BWqf
Good night, bear.
Let's hope that tomorrow will be a happy day for all of us.

249 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 06:54:04 ID:OdguGOO7
Hurry up and move the thread to the loser men board already.
This thread is so out of place on VIP it's fucking annoying.

250 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 07:00:57 ID:tHCDh01u
The thread would be out of place on the loser men board too imo.

251 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 07:19:04 ID:ElGw6Pk/
This spring, I started my first job at a company and made the first step to becoming a full-fledged member of society.
Working full-time was tough and lonely, so I quickly developed a light form of depression as a result,
but I kept completing the tasks I was assigned.
As I got gradually used to work, I slowly started to feel like work was actually fun.
After work, I would go drinking with my co-workers and quickly became friends with them.
Life was pretty fulfilling everyday.

Meanwhile, I had developed a crush on someone from my company.
It was a woman, who had joined the company last year and was a year older than me.
She had pretty long hair and a slender figure.
She was totally my type, so I wanted to get to know her better.

One day, she asked me out for drinks.
We had gone drinking before, but it was the first time it was just the two of us.
At first, I was nervous about what we'd talk about,
but we had fun talking about work and our co-workers over drinks.
Just when I was starting to feel slightly tipsy,
her face went stiff all of a sudden.
I asked "What's wrong?" and with a look of terror on her face,
she screamed "...be-behind you!!!!"

Surprised, I turned around and that's when I woke up.
Good morning, you guys.

252 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 07:19:50 ID:VFs+BWqf
Good morning.
Morning has come.
Now, what's going to happen today?!

253 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 07:20:36 ID:zAzGWmOH
Who is it going to be tomorrow!?

Morning, guys.

254 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 07:42:15 ID:XJHf61n1
I overslept and missed it, but did Molester pick the Kansai route at the end or not?
At least, I think it was the right decision to not do it with Loli.

Good morning, you guys.

255 : 今頃ロリは・・・ : 04/11/29 07:46:07 ID:uiUWsocs
Adventure Log 1
 Hero: Molester Lv5

Delete adventure log?


256 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 08:00:36 ID:Zni7Xtws
This is so sad━━━━━━━━\(`Д´)ノ━━━━━━━━━!!!!!!!!!!!

257 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 08:07:22 ID:rW6a+kH0
Molester, you better do something today.

258 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 08:18:18 ID:GXWrP7aT
If I'm going to have a boner anyway, I want to have a boner reading about having seicross with Kansai.
Molester, hang in there.

259 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 08:25:28 ID:N6B2GnsZ
Loli getting her heart broken has only made lolita girls with huge breasts more moe for me.
Good morning. ノシ

260 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 08:27:36 ID:T6qeJ3mX
When Loli was talking about women who are into cute guys, she was really talking about herself.
But Molester did really good. Well, it could be that he just didn't have the balls, but he still did good.

Also, I wish a good morning to you guys.

261 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 08:30:27 ID:N6B2GnsZ
Maybe it's not that he didn't have the balls but that she had breastsw

262 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 08:36:41 ID:Yz3G4v2C
Whew, I've finally read up to this point.
That was a huge opportunity he let slip by.
I don't think he'll get another opportunity like that.

You guys, good morning. ノシ

263 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 08:42:36 ID:oXOAK6tD
Here are my two cents after less than four hours of sleep.

First of all, I think you should wait for the girls to contact you first.

In case Kansai contacts you (after hearing about everything from Loli) and you confess your love to Kansai:
- Kansai end
- Extinction of all routes (back to your normal life you go)
These two outcomes are the most likely.

In case Loli contacts you (and she hasn't talked to anyone about what happened):
- Loli end
- Kansai end
- Extinction of all routes (back to your normal life you go)
Any of these are possible.

As you can see, you have to tread very carefully now, Molester.

264 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 08:51:53 ID:tojCJ2DM
Morning, guys.
It was so frustrating to watch Molester's incompetence from my cell phone.

265 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 09:12:20 ID:omdI/g7G
Does Loli resemble Ichii Shizuka?

266 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 09:13:10 ID:KJU96rlq
I will take care of Loli instead.

267 : You_can_easily_tell_a_VIPER_when_you_see_one ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/29 09:21:53 ID:FMY9mPti
So he didn't do it after all...

268 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 09:27:02 ID:r6IcnLF2
I only had 4.5 hours of sleep too.

Good morning, you guys.

269 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 09:37:11 ID:wVObSooT
It's just weird to go to a girl's place if you don't have any interest in doing her.
Molester, you probably think friends go to each other's places all the time, but that's just the delusions of a virgin.
If you don't have any interest in doing her, don't go to her place. No, it's weird that you don't have any interest in doing her in the first place.
I think it was a mistake that he went to Loli's place at all. What about you guys?

270 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 09:41:33 ID:eem4RMqW
If you get a bad end, all you have to do is try again.

271 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 09:44:33 ID:r6IcnLF2
Well, I know what you mean, but I don't think it's that simple.

272 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 09:54:22 ID:r6IcnLF2
I'm extremely curious about if the girls contacted each other
and if yes, what they told each other just before and after the incident.

And why do the chicks all have the hots for Molester?
What makes him so attractive?
Is it his talk skills or is he actually good-looking?

At the same time, I'm starting to have doubts about
if Kansai, Loli, and Miss Undie are really as cute
as Molester always makes them out to be.

273 : (・ω・ ミ 3 )∋ : 04/11/29 10:01:18 ID:Sutuge0B
+   +
  ∩_∩  +
 (0゚・(ェ)・) ba-dump ba-dump bear bear
 (0゚つ旦O +
 と__)__) +

274 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 10:01:40 ID:FH8lvIiG
Sigh... It's morning... That was a long night...
I'll be off to work now.

Good morning, guys.

275 : You_can_easily_tell_a_VIPER_when_you_see_one ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/29 10:02:52 ID:FMY9mPti
Good morning. Please do your best at work.

276 : Molester Man ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/29 10:05:09 ID:OHOnsYLn
Oh boy... I'll never make it to second period on time.

Also, the curry I made three days ago tastes kind of different now. I wonder if it's still okay.
It stinks a little too.
I've been repeating the reheating it → eating it → putting it in the fridge → reheating it cycle............ but yesterday, I accidentally left it out all day...
I mean, I've already had it this morning, but I'm asking because there's still two meals' worth left.

277 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 10:05:57 ID:KJU96rlq
He's here.

278 : You_can_easily_tell_a_VIPER_when_you_see_one ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/29 10:07:14 ID:FMY9mPti
The curry roux should still be fine,
but the vegetables, the meat and the rest has probably long gone bad. You have to put it in the freezer.

279 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 10:07:28 ID:9wRJj83/
Just because he's an otaku doesn't mean he's like the losers in the single men board.
Molester is actually Kousaka from Genshiken. You heard it here first.

280 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 10:07:44 ID:r6IcnLF2
It should be okay if you reheat it properly every time.
Plus, it's winter.

281 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 10:09:15 ID:tojCJ2DM
Do you guys think the Loli flag has disappeared?

282 : You_can_easily_tell_a_VIPER_when_you_see_one ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/29 10:10:08 ID:FMY9mPti
She should have a better opinion of him now because he didn't do anything. That is, if she was trying to seduce him.

283 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 10:10:28 ID:Yz3G4v2C
I'm sure it's disappeared.

284 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 10:10:34 ID:r6IcnLF2
>>281 Let's say, it hasn't disappeared completely.

285 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 10:11:20 ID:oV6YV8gd
This isn't an eroge.
There are no flags that can be activated and deactivated.
Too bad.

286 : Molester Man ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/29 10:12:18 ID:OHOnsYLn
I usually eat it three times a day until it's gone though... I'd rather not put it in the freezer.
One thing's for sure. I'm not handsome.
The thing is, I always sucked at sports, so it's no wonder that I wasn't a popular kid in grade school and junior high.
Oh well, I guess I don't have a choice but to eat it... Man, how I wish I hit the lottery.

287 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 10:14:59 ID:9I+//tJi
Molester-tan, good morning! (・∀・)ノシ
Have you had breakfast like a good boy? What are your plans today?

Anyhow, good morning to you guys too! (・∀・)ノジ

288 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 10:16:00 ID:tojCJ2DM
Yeah, that's what I thought.
The best thing would be probably to keep both the Kansai route and the Loli route alive,
but I don't think Molester could pull it off...

289 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 10:18:54 ID:r6IcnLF2
It's not just Molester. No one could pull that off.
Kansai and Loli are too close for that.

290 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 10:20:50 ID:khfSbwRw
After spending the night at my wife's parents' place, I'm going on a business trip straight from there, so I'm posting this from my cell phone.
By the way, what did I miss while I was gone? (・∀・)

291 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 10:22:11 ID:tojCJ2DM
No, I mean, he can obviously only date one of them in the end, but it should be possible to keep both flags raised for a while, right?

292 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 10:22:51 ID:9wRJj83/
Molester didn't know what to do with his yakui curry.
Conclusion: "I guess I don't have a choice but to eat it..."

The end. That's all you missed.

293 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 10:23:35 ID:iL0iXAHZ
Good morning to you guys.

If it smells different than usual, it's yabai.
Better take anti-diarrhea medicine with you when you go out.

Sleep-deprived gang rise up.
Whoawwwwwwwww So much work to dowwwwwwwwwww

294 : You_can_easily_tell_a_VIPER_when_you_see_one ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/29 10:24:04 ID:FMY9mPti
Earn points with Kansai → Loli pulls back for Kansai's sake (You lose points with Loli)
Earn points with Loli → Kansai pulls back for Kansai's sake (You lose points with Kansai)

295 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 10:24:14 ID:riQTvSY0
Molester has so few votes he doesn't even show up in the popularity poll on the summary site anymore. Discuss.

Good morning, guys.

296 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 10:24:17 ID:1Laaepyi
If he gets stomachache from the curry, he can just get Kansai to nurse him.

297 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 10:24:27 ID:iL0iXAHZ

× yabai

298 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 10:24:49 ID:LffyHX2Y
Whoawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I'm sleepy as hell at workwwwwwwwwwwwwww
I wish I could take the afternoon offwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

299 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 10:24:52 ID:FH8lvIiG
I bet you're not alone. Anyone, who couldn't be here last night for some reason,
will have a hard time catching up today.

My wife doesn't let me use the PC, so I was afraid I'd miss it,
but luckily I could join in from my cell phone.

Good luck catching upw

300 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 10:25:20 ID:khfSbwRw

301 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 10:25:31 ID:w0rhJOmO
This thread is still around!?

So, when will this thing end?

302 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 10:25:53 ID:tojCJ2DM
Same here. I could only lurk from my cell phone on Saturday.

303 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 10:26:23 ID:r6IcnLF2
Oh, you want him to just keep going like until now...
It's not impossible, but I it's probably really difficult.
Like people have been saying since yesterday, depending on the timing,
he could easily lose all routes at once.

304 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 10:27:30 ID:w0rhJOmO
So, what's fun about this like this?

305 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 10:28:46 ID:oV6YV8gd
Everything about it is extremely fun except for you.

306 : You_can_easily_tell_a_VIPER_when_you_see_one ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/29 10:29:42 ID:FMY9mPti
Why does this thread always attract so many trolls?

307 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 10:30:08 ID:w0rhJOmO
I see. So this is a thread for nutjobs.

308 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 10:30:35 ID:9wRJj83/
Dude, don't thank me... Now I feel bad for my reply...
What really happened is, Molester went to Loli's place, Loli went to take a shower,
and came out wearing boxers.
Loli: "Aren't you going to do something?"
Molester: "I won't."
So Molester fled from Loli's place. That's how we got to the curry problem.

309 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 10:32:53 ID:6pSHHkE5
What are you guys doing in the Molester thread on a workday morning!?wwwwwwwww
You guys should be working!!wwwwwwwwwwwwww
Whoawwww I'm at work right now too thoughww Okkwwwwwww

Good morning to you guys. (・∀・)ノシ

310 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 10:33:37 ID:iL0iXAHZ
Aren't they just virgins who are envious of Molester?

311 : (・ω・ ミ 3 )∋ : 04/11/29 10:34:33 ID:lLaH46vN
That's because everyone ITT is at work right now. <3

312 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 10:37:50 ID:w0rhJOmO
It's guys who spend all their time in a thread like this versus a guy who likes trolling them.
Which one is objectively more likely to be a virgin?www

Seems like when you're a virgin, even your insults reek of virgin.

313 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 10:38:13 ID:FH8lvIiG
Whoawwwwwwwwwwww I can't get any work donewwwwwwww OKwwwwwwwwww

314 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 10:40:23 ID:tojCJ2DM
ID:w0rhJOmO is so desperatew

315 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 10:41:00 ID:w0rhJOmO
What's so funny about that?

316 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 10:43:10 ID:eem4RMqW
Molester is a nice guy and apparently cute too,
so he's just easy to like, I guess?

317 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 10:45:29 ID:iL0iXAHZ
When you're buried under a mountain of work, it just makes you laugh, but you're the only one who's laughing.
Besides, if you don't laugh, you won't be able to make it through the day.
I know it seems creepy as hell from the sidelines.

318 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 10:48:18 ID:FH8lvIiG
I'm seriously sorry.
I'm so overloaded with work right now, I don't have any time to deal with you.
Sorry, I can't play with you right now, okay?

319 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 10:51:02 ID:fGF+fl5E
Good morning, guys.

The thread has grown so much since I went to bed at 3am.
You guys need to calm downw

Thanks to you guys, I'm not depressed like I'd normally be on a Monday morningw

320 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 10:51:25 ID:Oz2VlD70
Molester, you got your hopes up a little bit for this year's Christmas, aren't you?

321 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 10:53:08 ID:tJGpPYWI
I'm back after working a night shift.
Molester, you're a real man for what you did.
I cried a little when I read it.

322 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 10:54:57 ID:khfSbwRw
To 308:
No need to feel bad, man. I thanked you for replying to me in the first place.

323 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 10:59:27 ID:fGF+fl5E
After sleeping and taking care of work, I have finally calmed down and here's what I think.
For now, I think you should focus on not ruining your friendship with the girls when dealing with them.
I'm obviously talking about Loli, but also about Kansai and Miss Undie.

Now that you've turned down Loli's advances, Loli must be thinking
"Could it be that I'm not attractive...? Oh no, he probably feels contempt for me now."
right now.

It's not like you have the balls to confess your love to Kansai or Loli right now anyway, right?

324 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 11:22:53 ID:sbKQE7sp
So you really want him to confess your love to Kansai or Loli?

It would be different if Loli came onto him again, but the way things are now, he doesn't have a reason to confess to Loli.

325 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 11:25:19 ID:fGF+fl5E
And here's what I would do next if I was Molester.
"I forgot to take my shirt with me, so I might drop by again when you have time."
I would send a simple e-mail like this and see how she reacts.

If Loli doesn't seem interested anymore, I would give up on Loli for the time being.

If Loli seems to be acting awkward and quiet around you, then you'll have to break the silence, Molester.
"Look, the other day was just so sudden and I was honestly so surprised that I didn't know what to do. I'm not very experienced, you know?"
You should say something like this and make it seem like you just pussied out and that it wasn't because Loli wasn't attractive enough.
But if you do that, you might have to decide right there and then if you want to go out with her or not.

However, if Loli acts like nothing has happened when you meet her...
Well, in that case... you've been friendzoned and that's probably it for the Loli route.

326 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 11:30:12 ID:fGF+fl5E
No, I don't think he should confess to Loli under normal circumstances.
The same goes for Kansai too. I don't think he should confess to her for now either.

327 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 11:32:57 ID:fGF+fl5E
So, like I wrote earlier, I honestly don't think you have to say anything to Loli and can just keep treating her the same way you have been until now.

328 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 11:35:46 ID:FH8lvIiG

It's not enough that I'm overloaded with work, my superior and a woman from administration saw me reading this thread in a 2ch browser!
I want to curl up and become a heated snail too............ orz

But props to me for not letting it discourage me and making a post like this.

329 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 11:40:21 ID:9wRJj83/
My boss just called me into his office and told me

"You don't seem to be making much headway today."

330 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 11:41:13 ID:T6qeJ3mX
I think I just figured out who you are...

331 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 11:44:08 ID:9wRJj83/
Whoawwwwwww I've been found outwwwwwwwwwwwww
Wait, are you my boss?wwwwwwwww

332 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 11:45:29 ID:RFKMHANF
Yakui, it's been a day and I still can't get over the fact that he didn't do it.
I feel like I could write a whole book on what would have been if he had done it with Loli. orz
I can't focus on work...

333 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 11:47:18 ID:ZpqVDNiI
Damn, my mind was so preoccupied with this thread I barely got any sleep.
And I'm not even Molester. Why does this bother me so much?

334 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 11:49:57 ID:YT0aIUKG
You know, I think it'd be best to just show Kansai that you like her without using Miss Understanding or Loli as an excuse.
You don't need a reason. Just call her and ask her out on a date.

At least, that's what I think. Hi, everyone.

335 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 11:50:49 ID:P5qNE6Y2
I'm convinced that he did the right thing at Loli's place.
If he'd done it, he would have undoubtedly regretted it afterwards because of Kansai. Even more than he does now.

And as for what to do next, I don't think there's really anything Molester can do that would help his situation.
This is not only true for apologizing to Loli but also for confessing his love to Kansai.
I'm, of course, not saying that he shouldn't apologize to Loli. If there's an opportunity to talk to Loli one on one, he should simply apologize to her like everyone has been saying.

That's why I would recommend just waiting for now.
If you want to do something, just have some silly banter with Kansai via e-mail or phone again or something.

But it is kind of sad though......

336 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 11:52:28 ID:FH8lvIiG
I guess I deserve even more props for working several times faster even though I'm lurking in this thread!
I'm making progress three times faster than usually.

Did ID:9wRJj83/ get called into his boss's office again?

337 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 11:53:46 ID:i54TpUn1
I saw posts earlier that were telling Molester to keep the Loli route alive,
but I don't think it's a good idea.

I don't think I'll be able to explain it well even if I make a long post, but let me just say this.
The longer you're friends or lovers with someone,
the more it hurts when you lose them.

338 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 11:57:30 ID:fGF+fl5E
According to yesterday's ABC story, Kansai must be in love with Molester too.
I feel like Molester could get either of the girls with just one message.

I want to be in a situation where multiple girls are in love with you and you get to choose between then......
But I already have a wife and kids, so that ship has long sailed...... orz

339 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 12:00:58 ID:FH8lvIiG
Uhh... But that story is bs anyway.

I'm sure you know already, but apparently there was a person D and a person E too.
The "If Loli is C, Kansai has to be A." reasoning doesn't work anymore.
(That goes for "B = Molester" too.)

It might be just some unrelated story from her university.

340 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 12:01:12 ID:RFKMHANF
Same here, my friend. orz

341 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 12:05:00 ID:r6IcnLF2
Hold on, what do you guys mean with waiting?

1. Don't contact anyone and wait for them to contact you.

2. Don't bring up what happened the day before yesterday until Loli brings it up herself and don't confess your love to Kansai.
Otherwise, just act like nothing happened when talking to them.

3. Don't confess your love to Loli.

Don't tell me you guys mean 1.

342 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 12:06:17 ID:fGF+fl5E
So basically, you're telling Molester to make up his mind.

Well, I sure hope that Molester can make up his mind.

343 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 12:06:54 ID:YT0aIUKG
There's no need to confess right now. What's with the hurry?

344 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 12:07:09 ID:A/3tI1hN
 Some parts of it are probably true and some aren't.
Judging from how Loli came onto Molester afterwards,
it almost feels like she told him the story as a lead-in.

 The real question is, how much of it is true?
It's possible that girl A is fictional too,
but assuming she wasn't sure if she should make advances on Molester or not
and wanted to base her decision on his reaction to the story,
the core part ABC, the love triangle, is most likely true.
She can add as much flourish to the core of the story as she wants,
but if she changes the core, there's no point telling him the story in the first place.

345 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 12:08:35 ID:GXWrP7aT
Having a wife and kids means that you married the woman you love, right?
Is it true that you still stop being attracted to her after years of marriage?

346 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 12:12:06 ID:Ru7PvnVT
First of all, not everyone marries the woman they love the most.
There's even the term Narita divorce. Some people fall out of love after a few days, let alone years.

347 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 12:13:48 ID:tojCJ2DM
It doesn't feel like you're lovers anymore.

348 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 12:15:37 ID:RFKMHANF
I married her because I loved her and I still do, but it's four years later and things just don't feel the same as back when we'd just married anymore.
I'm honestly envious of Molester right now.

349 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 12:17:47 ID:FH8lvIiG
Of course, you do............ orz

I wonder how many years has it been since the sight of my wife's naked body stopped doing anything to me......
I still love my kids though.

350 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 12:25:29 ID:fGF+fl5E
In my case, it was more a compromise out of desperation and a certainty that I'd be alone forever if I don't marry her......
But hey, it's been four years and we still have seicross. In fact, we did yesterday.

I think I'm a reasonably happy man. At least, as long as I keep telling myself that.

351 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 12:26:07 ID:6oEhmSkr
Is this the thread for sad married people?w

352 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 12:31:40 ID:TN4V1e36
The brain chemicals love releases are said to expire three years after the wedding.
After that, it gradually turns into chemicals that make you feel calm and secure instead.

353 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 12:34:53 ID:KJU96rlq
   ヽ( ,_ノ`)ノ   Ey!
  へノ   /
    ω ノ

354 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 12:37:39 ID:r6IcnLF2
Molester is off to university, huh?
Damn it, I should have never gotten married.

355 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 12:40:12 ID:tojCJ2DM
I don't feel anything anymore either when I see my wife naked......
Even if she came onto me naked, I'd just get annoyedw

356 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 12:51:49 ID:klZ4yPSk
After my boss, I got chewed out by my superior too, but I win because I'm still here posting from my cell phone. Also, I'm in a seicrossless relationship with my girlfriend, but I win because I still have masturbation.

357 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 12:52:47 ID:5qa+Xww2
I'm a student and want to open a bank account. Do I need my student card for that?

358 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 12:53:22 ID:FH8lvIiG
I'm really worried about ID:9wRJj83/ now......

That other guy wasn't really your boss, was he?
Please give us an update. If he can't, I want his boss to give us an update instead.

359 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 12:53:37 ID:0jbXd4BV
You'll need your passport.

360 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 12:54:51 ID:FH8lvIiG
Are you ID:9wRJj83/?

I should have refreshed the page before posting.

361 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 12:55:22 ID:5qa+Xww2
Thank you very much.

362 : Molester Man ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/29 12:56:37 ID:Xd6i9l2W
Man, it feels so nice to have your lunch break all to yourself!!

363 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 12:57:50 ID:P5qNE6Y2
He's here━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!!

364 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 12:59:15 ID:FH8lvIiG
I was on my cell phone and couldn't tell you this yesterday,
so let me tell you this now.

You did really well.
As a guy, it's only natural to want to do it.
But you were able to resist it.
I've fallen in love with you all over again.

365 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 13:02:31 ID:5qa+Xww2
I don't have any friends just like Molester, but I'm off to university too.

366 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 13:02:34 ID:P5qNE6Y2
How's it going, Molester? Have you calmed down a little?

Because I haven't and all I can do to maintain my sanity is to vote for Kansai in the popularity poll the admin guy put upw

367 : Molester Man ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/29 13:04:28 ID:Xd6i9l2W
Whoawwwwww I'm so popularwwwwwwwwww Pfff

368 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 13:07:00 ID:fGF+fl5E
What? You only noticed now?
Why do you think so many people frequent this thread?w

369 : Molester Man ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/29 13:09:37 ID:Xd6i9l2W
I know no one cares, but let me just throw it out there just in case. I haven't been contacted by anyone.

370 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 13:10:11 ID:klZ4yPSk
>>360 That's me. For now, I don't think my boss is a VIPPER. But either way, things are looking pretty yakui for mewwwww

371 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 13:13:44 ID:fGF+fl5E
You should probably make up your mind before you contact them in a hurry.
If this was an eroge, this would be the question that forces you to pick a route, right?

372 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 13:14:49 ID:6pSHHkE5
How about you write Kansai something like "Good morning. (smiley)" for starters?

The VIPPERs could use a dose of wholesome flirting. (´・ω・`)

373 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 13:16:10 ID:FH8lvIiG
He's not a VIPPER even though he's a boss?w

By the way, so he may not be a VIPPER, but he could still be a 2channer!?

374 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 13:16:29 ID:GXWrP7aT
I wonder if Loli still hasn't told Kansai anything yet.
Knowing Kansai's personality, I feel like she would've already shown some kind of reaction if Loli had told her.
But if Kansai had romantic feelings for Molester, there is a possibility that you haven't heard anything from her because she doesn't really know how to react right now.
For now, I just want you to do something, so could you hurry up and contact Kansai already?w

375 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 13:16:57 ID:fGF+fl5E
If only there was a way to find out if Kansai knows about what happened with Loli or not......

376 : Molester Man ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/29 13:17:01 ID:Xd6i9l2W
Nah, even if I analyze my current situation calmly, it's really hard for me to tell which route I am on right now and which route I was on before.
The thing is, once you're on somebody's route, if you make a move on another girl,
you're headed straight for the bad end route (only recommended to see all CG scenes),
but if I was on Loli's route, I'm headed for the Loli bad end now.
But if I was on the Kansai route, I must have done the right thing.

Now if I was on nobody's route in particular, all I did was waste a great opportunity.

377 : Matatabi Pokke ◆CAT//d2lZo : 04/11/29 13:21:26 ID:s7GkeK4a
I love how you always end up using a game metaphor in any situation. (´・∀・`)

378 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 13:23:19 ID:omdI/g7G
Did Loli seem used to playing DQ? Did she have any other games?

379 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 13:24:06 ID:fGF+fl5E
Right now, I think you're at the question that lets you switch from the normal route to the Loli route.
Follow through and you'll be, well, on the Loli route.
Back out and you'll stay on the normal route which branches into the Kansai, Miss Undie, Butler and Glasses routes.

380 : Molester Man ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/29 13:26:13 ID:Xd6i9l2W
There was no stereotypical "How do you play this game?" if that's what you mean.
She didn't read the manual either.
I didn't see any other games though. Maybe she has a separate shelf that I missed.
Aha! Loli must be one of those characters whose route unlocks very early!!

381 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 13:30:04 ID:FH8lvIiG
If she opened the wrapper and started playing the game without even looking at the manual,
she must be used to playing games.

I think we can discard the theory that she bought the game for you, Molester.

382 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 13:30:42 ID:br78LLsg
You say that, but your trip looks a bit like Bikke Bakkew

383 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 13:34:39 ID:YT0aIUKG
Oh no, he's lost sight of himself.

Are you really okay with this?
"Aren't you going to do something?"

384 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 13:34:52 ID:P5qNE6Y2
When you guys compare it to a game, I can't follow at all. Discuss.

385 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 13:36:34 ID:omdI/g7G
Bikke Bakke isn't a virgin, right?
Loli's story has to be about Molester and her.
When she told Molester about it, she just knew too much about it to be about a friend.
Especially the part about them only being acquaintances fits too well to be a coincidence.

386 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 13:42:16 ID:P5qNE6Y2
What can Molester even do right now?

1. Send "Umm... My shirt..." to Loli.
2. Send "How's the door lock I installed?" to Miss Undie.
3. Make a silent phone call to Kansai.

387 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 13:44:34 ID:6pSHHkE5

It'd be VIP QUALITY to do all three!!

Mr. Hara Taira! Please do your thing!

388 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 13:46:50 ID:GXWrP7aT
You always call them Kansai and Loli Jugs in this thread, right?
When you're talking to Kansai in real life, don't you accidentally say "You know, the other day Loli Jugs said..." or something?

389 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 13:46:57 ID:fGF+fl5E
To be frank, I think there's only a handful of virgins in this thread including Molester.

390 : Matatabi Pokke ◆CAT//d2lZo : 04/11/29 13:48:01 ID:s7GkeK4a
Yeah, what a chad, right? (´・∀・`)

I have no idea who Bikke Bakke is━━━━━(;´Д`)━━━━━!!!!www

391 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 13:48:40 ID:6oEhmSkr
I would first send an email to Loli and apologize (make excuses)...
I remember someone suggesting an e-mail like
"Please just ignore this if it's just my misunderstanding. If it's not, I apologize. It wasn't because Loli is not attractive, it was because I like someone else..."
This should be good enough.

There's also your shirt, so send an e-mail to start things off.

392 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 13:52:34 ID:LffyHX2Y
That's one creepy e-mailwwwwwwww Whoawwwwwwwwwww OKwwwwwwwwwwwwww

393 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 13:52:37 ID:fGF+fl5E
I don't see a problem with using the shirt as an excuse to e-mail her,
but he should definitely tell her the rest of it in person.

394 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 13:53:04 ID:br78LLsg
You're right.
But man, when I see Train Man and Molester Man,
you never know what life has in store for you.
You can take one step in a different direction and have so many people come into your life at once.

This year, News Flash has had so much good content.
As a result, my graduation thesis has gone down the drainwwwwww
Whoawwwwww This is VIP QUALITY...

395 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 13:53:25 ID:MGZyJTeN
I have finally caught up.
By the way, has he still not gotten his shirt back?

396 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 13:54:45 ID:P5qNE6Y2
I'm honestly undecided on the issue of apologizing to Loli.
But the "I like someone else..." part is guaranteed to become a trigger for a sudden twist down the road,
so I'd recommend doing it for VIP.
Well, it will send you straight to some kind of end, that's for surew

397 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 13:54:50 ID:riQTvSY0
Don't give up on your graduation thesis!
I happen to be in the exact same situation as you.

398 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 13:55:37 ID:br78LLsg
You haven't played Bahamut Lagoon, huh?
Bikke Bakke is a mushroom-loving fatty, but later in the game it's revealed that he's not a virgin.

399 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 13:55:55 ID:8/YVjTNg
Molester is a monster that feeds on other VIPPERs' happiness to grow.

400 : VIPPER : 04/11/29 13:57:21 ID:br78LLsg
It's not necessarily that I gave up, the prof just won't accept it anymore. (p_q)
You see, it's a research seminar. I haven't even started gathering data yet and it's already over. It's so fucked.

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