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I got totally mistaken for a molester part 17

1 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 16:03:20 ID:dcXgRXAP
1 Name:VIPPER Date:04/11/05 19:48:21 ID:w8ZHuVTS
     Everyone in VIP, no, in 2ch, please hear me out.
     The other day, I was totally mistaken for a molester.
     And I don't mean it as a joke, I was actually mistaken for one.

It all started with this...

Previous thread:
I got totally mistaken for a molester part 16

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[Pork] Recharger Man [Cutlet]

2 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 16:04:26 ID:UheoAzLR

3 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 16:04:28 ID:lg2Gw97h

4 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 16:06:21 ID:GuY2wfT4

5 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 16:08:02 ID:3LW8sRJD
>>1 Thanks!
Took you long enoughw

6 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 16:08:49 ID:Tu09rxpG
Thank you-

7 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 16:10:31 ID:wQ2DKpbj
Crabs, crabs, thanks.

8 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 16:10:45 ID:iHQvK13n
Damn you, crabhead! Got me worried for a minute there...

9 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 16:11:29 ID:HtlByg7j

10 : 950 of the serious thread : 04/11/24 16:27:49 ID:RxfC+Q5u
Sorry and thanks.

11 : (・ω・ ミ 3 )∋ : 04/11/24 16:31:20 ID:W+/ACtgy
+   +
  ∩_∩  +
 (0゚・(ェ)・) ba-dump ba-dump bear bear
 (0゚つ旦O +
 と__)__) +

12 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 16:37:59 ID:Sv/PO/FN
Crab you very much.

Don't sweat it.

13 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 16:40:00 ID:dcXgRXAP
                          ,. -‐==、、
             ,. ===、、 o   ○o.  i       :::ト、
           _,/      `ヾ´´`ヽ、 ゚ .l       :::ト、\  Yeeeeeehaaaaaawwww!
           //      .::::/  :::::!===l      :::|ス. ',
             /./       .::::/   ::::l    |  __ ..... _::::|} ヽ l-、  
.           ,ィク ,'..__    .::::/    ::::l    :l '´    `)'`ヽ ヾ;\
       /::{゙ ヽ、 ``丶、;/‐‐- 、::::l     `'::┬‐--<_   } ./;:::::\
     /::::::::!   ,>---‐'゙ー- ...__)イ ,. -‐‐-、ト、   |l::ヽ /;';';';';::::\    That is VIP QUALITY.
.     /|::::::;';';'\/} (ヽ、  _/|   (´    _,.ィ!::ヽ.  ヾー'´;';';';';';';';';:: /ヽ、  http://ex7.2ch.net/news4vip/
   / ,ノ:::;';';';';';';';';'/  /ヽ、二ニ-イ   ヾT ¨´ ,/;';';::`、. \';';';';';';';';';';〈::...

14 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 17:01:34 ID:2J9Voer1
>>1 Crabs.

15 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 17:01:47 ID:uQ1hy+LR

16 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 17:01:47 ID:UheoAzLR
Can the Loli card be used on Kansai too?

17 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 17:02:45 ID:2J9Voer1
I think they're already close enough to hang out regularly. Asking them out will get a lot easier after the first time too.
But whether they will say yes the first time or not is a different question.

18 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 17:03:35 ID:GuY2wfT4
I'm the guy whose place got broken into in the last thread. Just got back with some self-defense products.
I bought shatter-resistant film and auxiliary locks for the windows, some sort of vibration sensor alarm and a thumbturn cover/protector. It cost me about 8 million yen in total.
I had a little over 10,000 yen in my wallet when they broke in and stole it.
Luckily, they didn't find my savings which are hidden in the case of a scatology DVD. I'm glad they weren't into scatww

I wonder what kind of self-defense products Molester bought.
According to the old guy in the store, the most important thing is to strengthen your windows...
But maybe it's different when you're trying to keep a stalker out.

19 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 17:06:56 ID:3LW8sRJD
You spent 8 million yen on it!?w

20 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 17:09:43 ID:Sv/PO/FN
You know you're God when you spend 8 million yen just because you lost 10,000 yen.

21 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 17:10:58 ID:GuY2wfT4
Okayww This is embarrassingww

22 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 17:12:54 ID:gPsB9Exi
Hmm... The Howl's card looks like it has a pretty low success rate though.
But if it does hit, I'm sure it'll give Molester a popularity bonus.

Activate, trap card! Loli's Vomit!
All players must...

...insert something funny, guys.

23 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 17:14:57 ID:uQ1hy+LR
The Loli card
Attribute: Loli/Jugs
This card cannot be Normal Summoned.
This card cannot be Special Summoned except with "That Incident In Molester's Room".
You can Tribute this card; Special Summon 1 "Kansai" from your Deck...

24 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 17:17:58 ID:dcXgRXAP
I'm going out.


25 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 17:18:47 ID:UxAQGdXp
The crab card
Attribute: Red King Crab/Echizen
You can Special Summon all "Friends" from your Deck.
However, they only remain on the field for 3 turns.

26 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 17:20:50 ID:uQ1hy+LR
The Howl's card
Attribute: Event/Movie
Activate this card by paying 1800 yen (1500 if you are a student),
then target 1 monster in your Deck; Special Summon that target.
This effect can be negated.

27 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 17:21:02 ID:2J9Voer1
The VIPPER card
Attribute: VIP

28 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 17:21:19 ID:HtlByg7j
Sorry to disappoint you, Yuugi!
You've triggered my trap card!!!!
It destroys everything on the field and I draw three cards!

29 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 17:26:19 ID:UxAQGdXp
_______________ _______________ _______________
|Miss Understanding dead| |Kansai dead| |Loli dead|

30 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 17:26:22 ID:2MT8dhTg
The sleep vomit card:
Attribute: Loli/Jugs
You can summon Loli Jugs or Kansai with a very low probability.

31 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 17:26:50 ID:UxAQGdXp
Pfffwwww The lines didn't come out rightwwwww

32 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 17:34:17 ID:gPsB9Exi
Hey, we could do this with Dragon Quest too since VIII is coming out in a few daysw
What's this? Glasses gets up and looks over as if it wants to join the party!
Glasses drops a crab.

What would Molester's equipment look like? He would definitely have snakes in his party.

33 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 17:36:25 ID:UheoAzLR
Is it just me or is there suddenly so much space between the lines?

34 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 17:41:17 ID:UxAQGdXp
Level 5
Head: Kansai < Anime
Hands: Shadow Seicross
Upper body: Sukajan
Lower body: Vegeta's son
Bracelet: Skillful cornering

35 : 33 : 04/11/24 17:41:50 ID:UheoAzLR
Oh, it's back to normal. Sorry.

36 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 17:52:02 ID:HtlByg7j
Skillfull cornering turned out to be a cursed item!

37 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 18:20:40 ID:wVUiaWQB
Kansai attacks!
Kansai sends a difficult e-mail!
Molester is confused!
Molester summons VIPPERs for help!
VIPPERs give helpful advice!
Molester is disobedient!
Molester sends a weak reply!
Kansai is exasperated!
Molester is defeated...

38 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 18:24:46 ID:UheoAzLR
Thread is dead as can be.

39 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 18:25:19 ID:m9eR7fuS
That makes it seem like Molester lost because of the VIPPERs' advice.

40 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 18:30:43 ID:lVzTUGt9
It'll explode when Molester starts his report later today.

41 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 18:31:47 ID:3LW8sRJD
It better not be too late because I can't stay up long tonight...

Molester, please hurry up.

42 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 18:32:05 ID:wVUiaWQB
Molester must be enjoying himself with the girls right now... Shit.

43 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 18:33:12 ID:+uSp4Fqq
No, Molester's desperately struggling against the odds right now.

44 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 18:36:06 ID:UheoAzLR
I hope he comes back before I have to switch to lurking with my cell phone.

45 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 18:47:00 ID:UxAQGdXp
You're the guy with the orthopedic clinic, aren't you?

46 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 18:47:03 ID:dcXgRXAP
We're finally entering the final chapter, huh?
        |:|       , ヽ|
         |ノ  ━    ━   ||
      (|  -=・-, -・=- .lノ
       |    (,,,_,,,)ヽ  |  / ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
         |  /::: ll :: :ヽ | < Posting in the main thread...
         \  ー===- /   \____________
            |丶 ::::::::::: ノ|ヽ
        /|   ̄ ̄ . |:::::\
      /\丶     / |:::::::ヽ
    /::::::  | \ o/ / 人:::::::::ゝ

47 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 18:51:15 ID:gPsB9Exi
I guess if this was Dragon Quest, we'd be the nameless NPCs in the village
that give advice to the main character, huh? (´・ω・`)

Even though, deep inside, we all want to save the heroine ourselves.

...from the Demon Lord Molester, that is.

Miss Understanding
Special skill: Can summon the police anytime
Deals about as much damage as Magic Burst.

48 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 18:54:41 ID:UWb6ibcu
Is Molester still not back?

49 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 18:58:46 ID:DH9p63IP
I was hoping OP would post something from his cell phone...

But well, I guess the only times he could use his cell phone are when they take a break and have lunch or dinner together.
If he headed out around noon, he should be back soon, shouldn't he?

50 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 18:59:59 ID:I9diPyo7
Wait, don't tell me he's... ((;゚Д゚))) shake shake

51 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 19:05:49 ID:UxAQGdXp
659 : Molester Man ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/24 23:11:53 ID:CasE9K5f
Miss Understanding has been penetrated.

52 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 19:10:19 ID:UheoAzLR
They're having dinner now, aren't they...

53 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 19:12:06 ID:3LW8sRJD
Well, it'd be great if it's just dinner...

54 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 19:12:53 ID:tF9OiC7C
For now, let's just post
  _   ∩
( ゚∀゚)彡  Tits! Tits!

55 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 19:13:26 ID:oH2wjh1D
In b4 they got lost.

56 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 19:13:51 ID:uQ1hy+LR
So Molester is treating them to ramen since he knows so much about it, huh?

...or is he going asdfghjkl; right now?

57 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 19:14:54 ID:oH2wjh1D
There'd be more hype if he posted something suggestive from his cell phone every few hours like he did last time.

58 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 19:15:37 ID:dcXgRXAP
Here you go~~~♪


59 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 19:16:15 ID:/8r/bME6
Her areola are a bit too big. It's hard to tell though because they're so light.

60 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 19:18:02 ID:OC1qv4Xa
Why do I suddenly feel like eating a Montblanc after a long time...

61 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 19:18:26 ID:3LW8sRJD
Not the kind I like, but saved it anyway.

62 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 19:29:44 ID:1EJeilSV

63 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 19:30:55 ID:1EJeilSV



64 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 19:33:44 ID:FzqHg4ly
When I start wondering about how Molester is overcoming obstacles in his path with his skillful cornering, I can't even sleep at night.

65 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 19:33:59 ID:GuY2wfT4
What if they're actually meeting up tomorrow?

66 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 19:37:56 ID:+uSp4Fqq
When I start wondering about how Molester is embarrassing himself with his skillful cornering, I can't even sleep at night.

67 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 19:46:45 ID:dcXgRXAP
Molester is doing this right about now, huh?


68 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 19:51:55 ID:3LW8sRJD
It's the EroTerrorist━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!

For some reason, I just can't get myself to like her.

69 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 20:10:34 ID:04H6Hww+

70 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 20:25:27 ID:c3owsucj
Molester's late.

71 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 20:25:59 ID:v7Xwig4Q
Is Molester still not back?゙ー(・∀・ )っ/凵⌒☆ ting ting

72 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 20:31:21 ID:Wx9Z+pbX
Wow... I'm sure it's a famous picture, but this is the first time I see it.
She's... not exactly pretty... but she's just wow...

73 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 20:31:33 ID:CJ7ThZ8D
Leave it to me!!

Molester, I summon thee!!!


74 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 20:33:02 ID:dcXgRXAP
        |:|       , ヽ|
         |ノ  ━    ━   ||
      (|  -=・-, -・=- .lノ
       |    (,,,_,,,)ヽ  |  / ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
         |  /::: ll :: :ヽ | < I'm going home before Tele Houdai starts...
         \  ー===- /   \____________
            |丶 ::::::::::: ノ|ヽ
        /|   ̄ ̄ . |:::::\
      /\丶     / |:::::::ヽ
    /::::::  | \ o/ / 人:::::::::ゝ

Koshiki Wakaba > Yuuka!! Yuuka-chan!! (04/01 02:38:21)

75 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 20:33:32 ID:UheoAzLR
What's taking you so long, Molester?

76 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 20:34:27 ID:kf8ZawG4
The hell is he doing!?
I hope he didn't end up buying some fancy painting or so.

77 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 20:35:47 ID:1kRmxoab
The summary site hasn't been updated yet...
If the admin is reading this, I'm sure you're busy, but please try to update it asap.
Because there's probably going to be a big party tonight!!

78 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 20:36:44 ID:v7Xwig4Q
I remember how I used to tell OP to take care of religious cults...
Wait, wasn't that when he met Kansai the first time?

79 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 20:38:01 ID:3LW8sRJD
Just finished watching "Char's Counterattack" at work to kill time until Molester comes back.

I'd already watched it a dozen, no, a few dozen times, but it still moves me to tears.
I mean, Amuro stops a freaking asteroid from falling on earth.
In a mobile suit!

How cool is that?

80 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 20:41:21 ID:v7Xwig4Q
I used to hate Quess but fapped to her anyway. (;´Д`) pant pant

81 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 20:42:49 ID:7xF2tNE3
Just finished reading "The Molester Man thread" at work to kill time until Molester comes back.

I'd already watched it a dozen, no, a few dozen times, but Glasses still moves me to tears.
I mean, he stops freaking Molester from falling for Miss Undie.
With a crab!

How cool is that?

82 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 20:43:03 ID:Wx9Z+pbX
Char's Counterattack is great.
IIRC, I was in elementary school when I watched it for the first time. But I didn't understand a thing back thenw
It was a screening at some sort of MSG F91 anniversary event, so I asked my mom to take me all the way to Takadanobaba.
I think I even got a signature from the legendary Mr. Okawara Kunio himself.

83 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 20:43:40 ID:gf7Ru2Mz
Just stumbled on a rape manga with characters that resemble Miss Undie, Kansai, and Loli Jugs.

84 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 20:43:51 ID:v7Xwig4Q
I used to hate crab but ate it anyway. (;´Д`) pant pant

85 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 20:45:03 ID:m9eR7fuS
That reminds me, the first time OP was asked out, we were all saying he's going to get tricked into buying a weird pot...

86 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 20:48:21 ID:3LW8sRJD
Please elaborate.

...is what I'd normally say, but my time is up.
I have to go home now... orz

Time to switch to my cell phone and go back to lurking.

87 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 20:57:12 ID:ImxwkRiI
482 : Molester Man ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/24 22:10:49 ID:CasE9K5f
The crab route is over.

88 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:00:18 ID:HvMg9bwQ
OP's taking so long this time, I think we can expect great things.

89 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:00:28 ID:Wx9Z+pbX
_| ̄|○

90 : On my way home @ my cell phone : 04/11/24 21:06:17 ID:/qzZ7NiA
Please don't start a party when I'm on my cell phone... orz

91 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:09:29 ID:+uSp4Fqq
I bet 890000 null pointers that >>90 will miss out on everything.

92 : Molester Man ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/24 21:10:29 ID:CasE9K5f
A sword in my heart A shining courage I know it’s inside me The only miraculous trump card I have is myself

93 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:11:41 ID:ShB7P5Uh
He's here━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━ッ!!

94 : Molester Man ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/24 21:11:58 ID:CasE9K5f

95 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:12:11 ID:/qzZ7NiA
There he is.

96 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:12:17 ID:kf8ZawG4
Wow, you came back the moment I stepped out of the bath. How considerate of you.

97 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:12:23 ID:+uSp4Fqq

He suddenly showed up singing ELEMENTS!!!!!!

98 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:15:49 ID:Tu09rxpG
I don't know what happened, but it looks like he can already laugh about it. (´д`)

99 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:16:02 ID:YkXrAvIr
Well... You know what they say... There are plenty more fish in the sea.

100 : Molester Man ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/24 21:16:27 ID:CasE9K5f
You're damn right.
Even this lame trivia show seems funny as hell to me right now!!

101 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:16:31 ID:sLGWT7AP
This guy's still on the way, huh...

102 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:16:45 ID:PcIpHcm5
So you really did go to Akiba?w

103 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:17:42 ID:+uSp4Fqq
Akiba is full of otaku

Otaku are creepy

Molester is an otaku

Molester is creepy

104 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:18:20 ID:dcXgRXAP
They must have looked so out of place there.

105 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:19:07 ID:UWb6ibcu
That's why I told you so many times not to take them to Akiba...

106 : Molester Man ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/24 21:19:15 ID:CasE9K5f
It was the worst thing ever!!
What do I do now? What do I do now!? What am I supposed to do now!?

107 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:19:26 ID:ffejf46x
>>104 Have you ever been to Akiba?

108 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:20:10 ID:UWb6ibcu
Give us a detailed report first.

109 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:20:20 ID:Tu09rxpG
Sorry to make you relive that nightmare, but please elaborate.

110 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:20:56 ID:sLGWT7AP
All you have to do is go back to how your life used to be before this whole thingwwwwww
Pfffwwwwwwww What's the problem?wwwwwwww

111 : Molester Man ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/24 21:21:05 ID:CasE9K5f
I was waiting for you guys to say that!! I was just itching to tell you guys all about it!!

112 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:21:05 ID:+uSp4Fqq

Well, what did you expect would happen when you dragged them to Akiba!?

Dumb fuckerーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー Kill yourself.

113 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:21:10 ID:PcIpHcm5
It's a sad thing that Molester's adventures have ended here!!

114 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:21:26 ID:1kRmxoab
I read in some other thread that Akihabara is swarming with cops now.

115 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:22:47 ID:dcXgRXAP
Ever since I got an amateur radio operator license, I've been frequenting Akiba a lot. I could almost work as a tour guide there.
But personally, I don't really visit the anime otaku zone. I'm more of a T-ZONE Minami and Sofmap Reuse General Store guy.

116 : Molester Man ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/24 21:23:05 ID:CasE9K5f
And you know what? You know what!? The whole time, they were giving off this... this strong aura!!
My brain translated that aura into words and displayed the following text in my mind!

"What the hell..."

...is what it was saying!!
Wow! Isn't that something, John!? Mm-hmm?

117 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:23:47 ID:dcXgRXAP
I knew it. Akihabara is a fucking miracle zone.

118 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:25:20 ID:bKAaKHht
Mm-hmm. lol

119 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:25:51 ID:KwJs3s0f
Did OP get broken?

120 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:25:54 ID:SEO3fIF4
Whoawww So few people herewww Pfffwwwww

121 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:25:59 ID:YkXrAvIr
Is it just me or are OP's posts are unusually poetic today?

122 : Molester Man ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/24 21:26:02 ID:CasE9K5f
Lions are so amazing.
No wonder we needed to live in groups to survive in the wild.

Therefore, it's only natural that someone like me, who's never been able to fit in anywhere,
not even in this big community called university, doesn't have what it takes to survive.

123 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:26:14 ID:+uSp4Fqq
He was already broken when he was born. ^^

124 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:26:33 ID:UWb6ibcu
OP probably went to Akiba because there were lots of posts saying that he must be lying about itw

125 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:27:03 ID:7xF2tNE3
I've never been to Akiba. What would be the Kansai equivalent of it??

126 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:27:52 ID:HtlByg7j
I wonder what kind of face Molester is making in front of his monitor right now.

127 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:27:55 ID:kf8ZawG4
The Animate store in Osaka Nihonbashi.

128 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:28:24 ID:1kRmxoab
Something about this report feels off.
Could you start over from when you met up with Kansai & co.
and give us a full report like you normally do?

129 : Molester Man ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/24 21:28:26 ID:CasE9K5f
It was so much fun at first though.
But the moment we entered the electric town was the moment it was all over for me.

130 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:29:09 ID:/qzZ7NiA
I'm home now.
Taking a bath.
Posting this while soaking in the bath.

131 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:29:34 ID:ImxwkRiI
Ahh... This is exactly what I'd feared would happen...



The crab route is over.

132 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:30:23 ID:dcXgRXAP
It might have been a better idea to enter Akihabara from Showa-dori and then go to the electric town from there.
Otherwise, there's just too much stuff on the way that is better viewed alone...

133 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:32:24 ID:+uSp4Fqq
The very thought of taking a girl to Akihabara is...

                 fucking crazy.

134 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:32:42 ID:HvMg9bwQ
Weren't there any good moments?
Were they in a bad mood until the end?

135 : Molester Man ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/24 21:32:54 ID:CasE9K5f
It wasn't supposed to be like this...

136 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:34:12 ID:kf8ZawG4
Eh? Didn't you take them there knowing this was going to happen? I thought you were getting a kick out of this.

137 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:34:57 ID:dcXgRXAP
Picked this up from Occhannel.


138 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:35:06 ID:1kRmxoab
Here's how this thread works:
The moment OP's report mentions how something didn't go as planned,
you suddenly get all sorts of posts saying
"Why would you do that? Everyone knows you don't do that.",
even though no one told him that before thatww

But that's what's good about this thread.

139 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:37:07 ID:/8r/bME6
What is this I don't even

140 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:37:24 ID:+uSp4Fqq
I told him not to go to Akihabara.

But Molester decided to do it anyway.

He's just not the type to listen to others.

141 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:37:36 ID:UWb6ibcu
We were all against him going to Akiba though.
Molester must have had a very good reason to go against our advicew

142 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:38:03 ID:kf8ZawG4

115 Name:VIPPER[] : 04/11/11(Th) 18:27:19 ID:iQo29BBa
Forget about going to Akihabara, seriously.

143 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:38:36 ID:ImxwkRiI
Shimura Ken and a naked woman's ass...

144 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:39:33 ID:c3owsucj
I was waiting for something like this to happen to Molesterw

145 : Molester Man ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/24 21:39:45 ID:CasE9K5f
Let me start my detailed report then...

This morning, I decided on what to talk about with the girls, took a bath, brushed myself up and headed out in a pretty good mood.
I wasn't sure what to wear at first, but then I put together an outfit mainly made up of clothes they picked out for me in the last shopping trip.
We had agreed to meet up in the family restaurant the girls work at.
As it turns out, they work until afternoon on Thursdays.
I went inside directly since I didn't want to make them work longer like last time.
That's when I saw someone who looked a lot like Loli.
Deep down, I thought
"Oh shit."
It's not that I didn't expect her to be there, but I wanted to avoid running into her if possible.

146 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:42:12 ID:+uSp4Fqq
And then something completely unexpected happened!!!

                          To be continued...

147 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:45:03 ID:dcXgRXAP
What happened then?


148 : Molester Man ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/24 21:45:09 ID:CasE9K5f
I decided to wait in the corner where they sell toys for children and stuff
until Loli returns to the kitchen.
To kill time, I took a closer look at the toys.
Most of them were Deka Ranger, Kamen Rider Blade and Pretty Cure toys.
To be honest, I wanted some of them.
Until a lighter called "Twin Turbo Lighter" caught my eye.
I picked it up and lit it!


Holy shit!! Two flames!! It's totally pointless if you think about it calmly,
but holy shit!!

However, the future had another amazing surprise in store for me.

149 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:46:13 ID:dcXgRXAP
(=゚ω゚)ノ Yo, Molester.

150 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:48:49 ID:c7Z4BMrv
Is this delusional thread still going?w

151 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:49:17 ID:m9eR7fuS
Now that we're nearing the end, I'm not sure I want to see it.

152 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:49:30 ID:+uSp4Fqq
With so few people around, I know there's no need to hurry.

153 : Molester Man ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/24 21:49:43 ID:CasE9K5f
Next to the "Twin Turbo Lighter" was something called

"Triple Turbo Lighter"

on the shelf!!

I picked it up with hesitation and pushed the button... Click!

The three flames were so weak they simply fused into one big boring flame.

154 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:50:33 ID:1kRmxoab
Oh yeah, you did say you like to catch up on the thread before you start your report. Sorry.

155 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:51:04 ID:+uSp4Fqq
If the number of this post is even, OP skips the unnecessary exposition.
If it's odd, he can drag it out as much as he wants.

156 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:52:29 ID:XVj5sNJU
This isn't unnecessary exposition. It's some kind of foreshadowing... I think.

157 : Molester Man ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/24 21:53:00 ID:CasE9K5f
But I didn't want to end it like that. So I picked up a new "Triple Turbo Lighter" and ignited it!


Holy shit!!
Three flames!! A lighter with three flames!! So pointless!!
But so cool!!

I got totally absorbed in playing with the lighters.
I'm sure my lips had curled in an ugly smirk, but I was having so much fun I didn't care.
I even started playing with two of them at once and yelling
"Six flames!!".
That's how much I was enjoying myself.

I wonder which is creepier. A grown-up man playing with lighters or a grown-up man staring at Pretty Cure toys.
I wouldn't know.
What I do know is that it's creepy either way.

158 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:53:47 ID:/qzZ7NiA
Jesus Christ, the introduction is long this time!

It just keeps going and going!

But that's what's good about OP.

159 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:54:59 ID:Tu09rxpG
The lighter with flames must be a metaphor for something!!

160 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:55:28 ID:KwJs3s0f
Something really bad must have happened. I bet.

161 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:56:11 ID:+uSp4Fqq
To be honest, if it's Molester, I'd be happy about any end, happy or bad.

162 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:56:17 ID:PcIpHcm5
Foreshadowing, huh? OP playing with fire................................................ Wax play?

163 : Molester Man ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/24 21:56:35 ID:CasE9K5f
"Mr. Molester?"


I jumped like a house mouse going stiff due to a sudden noise.
When I turned around like a whirlwind, Loli Jugs was standing behind me!!
"Yes? Yes, yes, yes."
"One 'yes' is enough."

Oh shit.
To think I'd get attacked from behind while I was busy appreciating the latest technology from high-tech country Japan.
But to my surprise, Loli didn't seem to feel bad about the puking incident at all.
Because of her, I had to sleep without my favorite futon for a whole week!
The dry cleaning service fees were pretty damn hefty too, goddammit!

164 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:56:54 ID:dcXgRXAP
I knew OP would drag it out, so I've been waiting for his posts with VIP, NEWS FLASH, the Pachinko board, an image gallery, and a foreign porn site open at the same time. Am I genius or what...?

165 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:57:30 ID:/8r/bME6
Is it just me or does Molester seems kind of confident today?

166 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:57:37 ID:jQpnrTAX
Looks like something broke OP again...

What kind of mess have you made this time?w

167 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:58:55 ID:+uSp4Fqq
She probably doesn't have any recollection of it.

168 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:59:04 ID:c3owsucj
Maybe he suddenly said something like "Maybe I'll get myself a Mint Blancmanche figure.".

169 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 21:59:40 ID:jQpnrTAX
Just finished catching up.

I was so busy today I couldn't check the thread at work.
The thread doesn't seem to have grown as much as I'd expected though.

170 : Molester Man ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/24 22:00:50 ID:CasE9K5f
But then, Loli interrupted my internal rant.
"Do you want them?"
"Huh? What?"
"I'm asking because you seem to be having a lot of fun with themw"
"Eh? What are you talking about?"

I had no clue what she was talking about.

I must have made a face like a speech bubble with a question mark was coming out of my mouth because Loli looked at me with upturned eyes and went

"point point"

at my right hand.
It was then that I realized

I was trying to light three "Triple Turbo Lighters" at the same time.

171 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:02:10 ID:dcXgRXAP
Molester came back at about 6pm, but it took him hours to type out his report and proofread it before he could start posting it.

172 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:02:17 ID:UWb6ibcu
Damn, she's cute.

173 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:02:27 ID:KwJs3s0f
Wasn't it two lighters a few posts ago?

174 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:02:31 ID:c3owsucj
>Loli looked at me with upturned eyes
CUTE Σ(〃▽〃;)

175 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:02:34 ID:jQpnrTAX
Loli can't feel bad for something she doesn't remember...

"Why am I wearing different clothes...? Did I change into this when I was drunk yesterday?"
is probably all she thought when she woke up...

176 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:03:58 ID:jQpnrTAX

177 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:04:25 ID:xd8Gkyex
Whew, can't believe I've made it in time!!
I'd lost track of time playing SFIII...

178 : Molester Man ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/24 22:04:26 ID:CasE9K5f
"T-This isn't what it looks like!!"

is what I wanted to say, but there was no way of talking myself out of this one.
When I checked my watch later, I'd been playing with the "Triple Turbo Lighters" for almost ten minutes.
"It's cute when a man is still a boy at heart." "I fell for him because he never gives up on his dream."
are stereotypical phrases you hear all the time, but
"I love guys who are fascinated by lighters in the toys corner of family restaurants."
is one no woman will ever say. That much I know.

"Ah, yeah, aren't these amazing? They can make three flames instead of one!"

What am I saying........................OTL
But Loli just smiled and said

"Hahahaw Do you smoke, Mr. Molester?"
"No, I don't. I mean, I can't. I can't afford it."

The real reason is because I'm still clinging on to the false hope that I might still grow a bit taller.

179 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:06:23 ID:1kRmxoab
If you woke up with a hangover and didn't have a recollection of what happened,
wouldn't you try to find out?

"Huh? What happened yesterday after that?"
I'm sure she asked Kansai and heard about everything.
It's hard to imagine that she doesn't know yet...

180 : Molester Man ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/24 22:08:33 ID:CasE9K5f
"Huh. Then why are you checking out lighters?"
"Well, because these are great. They must be new, right? I've never seen them before."
"..............................we've been selling them for years now..."


I had no idea. No idea at all. Must have completely missed it.
To think my half shut-in lifestyle would bite me in the ass here.
I guess it makes sense. I've been living alone for the past two years. When I eat out, it's usually at Yoshinoya or at some ramen place.
If I ever go to a restaurant, be it a family restaurant or a normal one, it's usually with my family when I'm at my parents' place.
I'd never set foot in the kind of lively stores that sell fun products like that anyway.
Stores that sell party goods are abominable institutions that only exist to remind me of my loneliness.

181 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:08:35 ID:dcXgRXAP
There's my OTP.
(=゚ω゚)ノ (=゚ω゚)ノ Yo, Molester.

182 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:11:42 ID:c3owsucj
Where is everyone?
Why are there so few people here today!?
Is there another party going on somewhere?

183 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:13:28 ID:dcXgRXAP
A prospective government official called the private sector worthless Part2
■The Kouhaku appearance list is up■

184 : Molester Man ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/24 22:13:53 ID:CasE9K5f
"With these Magic Goods, you can be a Super Magician too!!"
Product description: Place a handkerchief on a coin and WOW!! The coin turns into a stick!!
             These Magic Goods are guaranteed to turn you into a Super Magician!!"

If you could become a magician that easily, no one in the world would pay to see a professional magician anymore.
I thought the product description was sad enough, but the family restaurant's original ad slogan pushed me over the edge.
The following was written in a cute girly font:
"Show these off at mixers and impress all the girls!!"

What if you don't have any girls to show them off to in the first place!?

But since ranting in my head wasn't going to get me anywhere, I gave her the most ordinary answer I could come up with.
"Seriously? I've never seen them."
"Hahaha. They've been here forever."
"Interesting. I don't go to family restaurants often, so maybe that's why!!"

I must have looked super cheerful on the outside.

185 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:14:08 ID:oH2wjh1D
OP hasn't posted anything worth making a fuss over yet.
I was going to lurk until the party kicks off too.

186 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:16:41 ID:+uSp4Fqq
OP's report is starting out so normal this time.
Simply normal.

Neither good nor bad.
Simply normal.

187 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:16:55 ID:Tu09rxpG
It's like OP doesn't want to get to the Akihabara part of his report.

188 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:17:10 ID:CJ7ThZ8D
Hmm... Yeah, the thread is kinda slow right now.
Is everyone lurking or what?

189 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:17:29 ID:c3owsucj
Let's just keep bumping the thread.

190 : Molester Man ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/24 22:17:38 ID:CasE9K5f
I kept thinking to myself "When is she going to mention the puking incident...",
but she didn't bring it up at all.
Maybe she really forgot about it.
In that case, it'd be a dick move to remind her, right?

"Ah, Miss Understanding and the others are already finished with their shift, so please wait for them in the back of the parking lot."
"You haven't finished yours yet, Loli?"
"No, I'm working the evening shift today."
"Oh, okay..."
"You're going shopping, right? Sounds fun. I wish I could join you guys."

Sounds fun? Didn't they tell Loli we're going to look for self-defense products?
She wouldn't say this if she knew, would she...?

191 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:17:40 ID:1kRmxoab
Loli's gone back to formal speech, huh?
When did that happen?

192 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:21:20 ID:dcXgRXAP
Behind the parking lot? Does she mean in the parking lot behind the family restaurant?

I know I'm nitpicking.

193 : Molester Man ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/24 22:21:35 ID:CasE9K5f
"Did I surprise you?"
"You sure did."

After exchanging greetings in a hurry, we walked towards the station.
On the way, we talked about this and that. But for some reason, we were walking in a

Kansai Me Miss Understanding

formation. I was flanked by two beautiful women.
It was the same feeling I had when I first put Tifa and Yuffie in my party in FFVII. But I digress.

Then we got to the station and got in a train to Akihabara.
It wasn't a long trip, but I managed to keep the conversation going.
After changing trains a few times, we finally arrived.

........................it was fun up to this point. But only up to this point.

194 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:22:05 ID:Tu09rxpG
And here we go.

195 : Molester Man ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/24 22:22:24 ID:CasE9K5f
Sorry, >>193 was supposed to come after this one.
Don't worry, this isn't going to happen again because that was the last one I'd typed out.

In any case, Loli was busy serving customers, so I headed to the parking lot in the back as I was told.
After a few minutes, my phone started ringing.


It was some random song by Mozart. I'd changed my cell phone ringtone and wallpaper to something normal beforehand.
You're probably asking yourself why classic. I actually would have liked to make it a song that's popular right now, but I'm too out of the loop.
I figured I'd just embarrass myself and went for the safe option instead.
By the way, I'm not going to delete the tons of anime song ringtones and wallpapers in my cell phone. I couldn't.

I picked up the call and heard

It came from my cell phone speakers and from behind me at the same time.
It confused the shit out of me. When I quickly looked behind me, Kansai and Miss Understanding were standing behind me.

196 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:22:36 ID:ImxwkRiI
Did you skip something?

197 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:23:19 ID:c3owsucj
You actually typed it all out?w

198 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:23:33 ID:dcXgRXAP
Hey, you copypasted the wrong one.

199 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:23:51 ID:/AQKzXdj
Up to this point, huh?

So it's all downhill from here?
Just when I thought I finally get to take part in a party, it seems like it's going to be a depressing one this time.

200 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:24:26 ID:+uSp4Fqq
Wait, you typed it all outーーーーーー!?

Then why are you taking so long to dump itーーーーーーーーーーーーー!?

201 : You can tell a VIPPER by their behaviour ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/24 22:24:30 ID:1dfp2kvu
This is gonna be great.

202 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:24:39 ID:c3owsucj
Oh shit, it's starting to get interestingwwww

203 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:25:34 ID:1kRmxoab
The fun part sure ended quickly.

204 : Molester Man ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/24 22:25:37 ID:CasE9K5f
Continuation of >>193:

By the way, we talked about Akihabara a bit in the train.
"Akihabara's full of otaku, right?"
"I told you, it's not like that. There are normal people too."
"I heard it's not as bad as it's made out to be on TV."
"Well, the TV features on otaku need good viewership ratings,
so they show the creepiest otaku they can find on purpose.

Anyways, I don't think there's anything to worry about."

I wonder what was going through their heads when I told them this.

And then we got off at JR Akihabara station.

205 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:25:45 ID:gf7Ru2Mz
I'm so envious... It's one awesome event after another...!!

206 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:26:13 ID:sLGWT7AP
It's JR Akihabara station━━━(((((゚(゚(゚(((゚゚∀∀゚゚)))゚)゚)゚)))))━━━!!!!

207 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:27:43 ID:dcXgRXAP
  |        /\ |  /|/|/|  THUD THUD THUD THUD THUD THUD!!
  |      /  / |// / /| - OP's going to fuck it up soon!!
  |   /  / |_|/|/|/|/|     (´⌒(´⌒`)⌒`)
  |  /  /  |文|/ // / (´⌒(´IT'S PARTY TIME!!`)⌒`)
  |/  /.  _.| ̄|/|/|/    (´⌒(´∧ ∧⌒`)`)`)⌒`)
/|\/  / /  |/ /     (´⌒(´(,゚Д゚ )つ `)`)
/|    / /  /ヽ  (´⌒(´⌒  (´⌒( つ |〕 /⌒`)⌒`)
  |   | ̄|  | |ヽ/|  Hurry, guys!!   ( |  (⌒)`)⌒`)
  |   |  |/| |__|/.   ∧_∧ ⌒`).D゙し'⌒^ミ `)⌒`)
  |   |/|  |/  (´⌒(´( ´∀` )つ  A   ∧_∧⌒`)
  |   |  |/    (´⌒(´( つ/] /    Aと( ・∀・ ) Charge――!!
  |   |/        ( |  (⌒)`)  S ヽ[|⊂[] )`)
  |  /         (´ ´し'⌒^ミ `)`)H (⌒)  |
  |/                     .   ̄ (_)`)`)

208 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:28:01 ID:c3owsucj
Too bad we couldn't find OP today, but fuck it!
He's here━━━( ´∀`)・ω・) ゚Д゚)・∀・) ̄ー ̄)´_ゝ`)━━━!!!! OP's here━━━━(°Д°)━━━━!!!!

209 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:28:03 ID:+uSp4Fqq

But you only ran into creepy otaku in Akihabara today, huh?

210 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:28:09 ID:PcIpHcm5
Otaku you find in Akihabara at around noon on a weekday...?
Must be the real hardcore ones.

211 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:28:39 ID:c3owsucj
Must be the ones with rolled-up posters looking out from their backpacks like beam saberswwwwwwwww

212 : Molester Man ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/24 22:28:48 ID:CasE9K5f
"It was in Radio Kaikan, I think..."

Relying on my vague memories, we headed to Radio Kaikan first.
I may be an otaku, but I don't go to Akihabara that often. Not only is it quite a ways from where I live, but even if it's the land of otaku,
they don't really sell anything special in Akihabara that I couldn't get somewhere closer to my place.
Of course, there's all kinds of limited-edition merchandise like posters that you can only get in Akihabara,
but the actual games, for example, can be purchased anywhere nowadays, even in small game stores on the outskirts of town.
That's why I'm not as familiar with Akihabara as you'd think.
Anyways, my plan was to stroll around Akihabara and look for stores selling self-defense products.

It turned out to be a very bad idea.

213 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:29:53 ID:+uSp4Fqq
You really thought it'd be a good idea to drag them all around Akiba?www Retardw

214 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:30:13 ID:kf8ZawG4
Wait, you took them to Akiba even though you're not familiar with the current state of Akiba!? Damn, you got balls of steel.
There are so many weird stores in Akiba now that you don't where to look when you're walking through the streets.

215 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:30:26 ID:c3owsucj
Oh shitwwwwwwwwwww
Store windows with anime characters plastered all over themwwwwwwwww
Lines of fat creepy otaku everywherewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

216 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:30:47 ID:Tu09rxpG
Welcome to the wonderful world of wotaku!
Pfffww Oh boyww They must have been disgustedwwww Okaywwwww

217 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:31:24 ID:dcXgRXAP
............excuse me, Mr. Molester, I think you dropped this.


  It was lying on the ground right behind you.

218 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:31:26 ID:+uSp4Fqq
The otaku in Akiba get so much hate on TV all the time for a reason, you know?

Strolling around Akiba with two girls can only end in a


219 : You can tell a VIPPER by their behaviour ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/24 22:31:30 ID:1dfp2kvu
Aren't there any self-defense products in Loft....?

220 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:32:19 ID:kf8ZawG4
This is why I told you so many times to go to Tokyuu Hands in Ikebukuro.

221 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:32:55 ID:/AQKzXdj
Oh boy, it's all over...... (´・д・`)

222 : Molester Man ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/24 22:33:10 ID:CasE9K5f
―――――As soon as we got out of Electric Town, we were in the land of otaku―――――
It was a scenery I was all too familiar with. The Gamers main store and Radio Kaikan. Crowds of otaku and salarymen.
Women in skimpy cosplay holding advertising signs. The Sex Tower. Good old Akihabara.

"It's this way."
Without a clue in the world, the young man (20 years old) starts walking, in order to grasp the truth waiting for him―――――

By the way, at this point, I still found myself in absolute bliss.
I was still enjoying myself as much as during the train ride.
I would be lying if I said I wasn't worried at all. IIRC, I was thinking to myself
"What if we directly run into a beam saber user wearing an anime shirt and leather gloves as soon as we leave the station...",
but that was about it.

I was simply too carefree.
Earthquakes can occur anytime. Don't be careless, take precautions.

223 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:33:26 ID:a6uH+ABV
I haven't been to Akihabara for about 3 years now. Has it changed that much for the worse?

224 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:34:57 ID:+uSp4Fqq
Thanks for the warning, but you're the only one here who doesn't seem to know shit about Akiba!!

Too bad.

225 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:35:06 ID:sLGWT7AP
What the hell is a beam saber user?
is what I thought, but then I realized it's an otaku with...... posters?

226 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:35:10 ID:PcIpHcm5
There's no way a normal woman would go to Akihabara
just because she needs self-defense products.
You can get them pretty much everywhere...

227 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:35:47 ID:dcXgRXAP
Did you guys already check out Nochiura Natsumi?

(*´Д`) pant pant

228 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:35:46 ID:c6Q+X2iw
They got rid of the Pedestrian Paradise weekends, didn't they?
I've stopped visiting Akihabara ever since.

229 : Molester Man ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/24 22:36:05 ID:CasE9K5f
At Radio Kaikan.

I would have loved to check out some of the doujin stores too while I was there, but decided against it.
Checking out otaku goods with the girls in tow would be the dumbest thing ever!! (If dragging them to Akihabara wasn't already the dumbest thing ever, that is.)
For the time being, I thought
"The self-defense products section was near the one for plastic models, wasn't it?"
and hurried up the stairs.
I only wished I had realized it at this point in time.
Our walking formation had changed to

 Miss Understanding Kansai

little by little.

230 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:36:01 ID:c3owsucj
OP should have just ordered some self-defense products for them online.

231 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:36:03 ID:UWb6ibcu
Wait, you dragged them into Radio Kaikan?????

232 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:36:57 ID:+uSp4Fqq
Come on, get a fucking clue.

233 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:37:00 ID:c3owsucj
Didn't you have any conversation with them after getting off the train?

234 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:37:36 ID:PcIpHcm5
It's the spearhead formationw

235 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:38:08 ID:ZNzvyb/k
Just as expected of our Molester! The most insensitive guy on VIP!
It's because he's like this that I can't quit following this thread.

236 : Molester Man ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/24 22:38:18 ID:CasE9K5f
And so, without any noteworthy problems, we arrived at the corner where they sell all kinds of surveillance cameras and stuff.

I said as I turned around.
Expecting to see the cheerful smiles from before.
What the clueless young man (20 years old) saw when he looked back was―――――――――――――――

two beautiful girls with a look on their faces as if to say


237 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:38:41 ID:dcXgRXAP
Finally found her.
    She's mine and mine only.
     ( ノo o ) )  My (Get)
      )ヽ ◎/(.    Dutch (A)
    (/.(・)(・)\ . Wife (Clue)
    (/| x |\)   .  _
   . (/   \)  

238 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:39:21 ID:sLGWT7AP
While I was reading your post, I caught myself exhaling "Ugh..." in my mind toowwww

239 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:39:29 ID:UWb6ibcu
They sell stuff like that on the first floor too... Why'd you drag them all the way up the stairs?

240 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:39:26 ID:Tu09rxpG
OP should have just warned them beforehand that he's about to give them a tour through Akihabara and that it's going to get creepy as fuck. Or would that have been too simple?

241 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:39:29 ID:+uSp4Fqq
This reminds me of how Kansai said something like

"It doesn't matter if you're an otaku or not, Molester!",

but now that she's seen the real deal... even Kansai will have to change her mind...

242 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:40:18 ID:dcXgRXAP

NO FUCKING゙━━━━━━(OwO)━━━━━━WAY!!!

243 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:40:22 ID:CMH+9HBl
Pfffwwwwwww Okaywwwwwwwww First time seeing OP's report in real-timewwwwww

244 : Molester Man ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/24 22:41:28 ID:CasE9K5f
For a moment, I didn't understand what was going on.
"Maybe they're tired from climbing all those stairs?"
was my first guess.
But it didn't take me long to realize it.
They were too scared of their surroundings to check out self-defense products.
They kept looking around nervously, checking the walls for suspicious stuff.

This corner of the store was pretty normal though.
Surveillance cameras to the right. Expandable batons to the left.
A normal corner surrounded by more or less normal(?) self-defense products.
I admit it was a bit eerie with all those self-defense products, but at least there wasn't anything otaku-ish to be found.

But as soon as you stepped out of the store, you found yourself in the dazzling and fantastic world of otaku.
Disney Sea is nothing compared to this!

245 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:42:13 ID:CMH+9HBl
See? This is why I told you over and over again to go to Tokyuu Hands instead...

246 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:42:27 ID:yjzGfG60
( Д ) Wha?

247 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:42:38 ID:+uSp4Fqq
In the end, Molester was still Molester, huh? ^^

248 : You can tell a VIPPER by their behaviour ◆QKO2OCjVyc : 04/11/24 22:42:52 ID:1dfp2kvu
What were you thinking?w

249 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:42:59 ID:dcXgRXAP
      ,,;;-― 、__
     ノ      "⌒ヽ
    ζ          )  I can't take this anymore.
    /   ,ノ> ′   く
    i   y'  /^"ヽ、 \
   |      /      \ \
   ゝ、  _ノ .        ヽ `ヽ、__

250 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:43:38 ID:+uSp4Fqq

OP will never get an e-mail or call from Kansai & Miss Understanding againーーーーーー

251 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:43:54 ID:1kRmxoab
There's so few people here today.
I guess most people stopped coming to this thread because they can't bear to watch OP fall to his ruin anymore.

252 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:44:16 ID:168F6Txm
Caught up.

253 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:44:20 ID:ujd5kryg
This thread is about to end, isn't it?

254 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:44:44 ID:c3owsucj
Finally this thread is going to endwwwwwwwwwwwwww

255 : Molester Man ◆FYqCtG1B42 : 04/11/24 22:45:05 ID:CasE9K5f
From that point on, they were too distracted to have an actual conversation with me.
All I got was absent-minded answers.
Just as I'd already explained to them before, I suggested buying anti-lockpicking products
and self-defense products made for women, but the girls just blinked at me in surprise,
and whispered something to each other.
It was the most awkward mood ever.

If I were to compare it with something, it'd be when a family member of one of your classmates dies the day before the gradiation trip you've been planning together since summer.
It's too late to cancel it and that classmate obviously can't come along, so you go on that trip without him.
You can't fully enjoy it, but you don't want to let it all go to waste either, so you end up spending the whole trip in this really awkward mood.
Something like that.

256 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:47:31 ID:c7Z4BMrv
I'd say most people stopped coming to this thread because they got bored.
But don't worry, this is all just build up for an inevitable Loli Jugs arc.
When it begins, more people will start coming here again.

257 : VIPPER : 04/11/24 22:47:37 ID:sLGWT7AP
Ugh... All my dreams crushed.

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